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The Mangoro Mangrove - 2002 By Gareth Clubb
eBook (PDF): $0.00
A description of the Mangoro mangrove in Madagascar
Rough Drafts: Short Stories By Soamiely Andriamananjara
Paperback: $15.00
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A collection of short stories by malagasy author and poet Soamiely Andriamananjara. "Professor Dieudonné Nomenjanahary’s thoughts were elsewhere a fraction of a second before the... More > would-be assassin pulled the trigger. It had just occurred to him that he might have finally figured out the remaining missing piece to the puzzle that he had been working on for the last twenty years. The date was October 18, 2310. The time was 11:56 PM, right before midnight. The Professor looked the gunman straight into the eye. He did not feel fear, only excitement. He even smiled, something between a triumphant and a defiant smile. A lot of things went through the Professor’s mind during the next two nanosecond, the next blink of an eye, that took the .25-caliber bullet to enter his forehead and come out from the back of his neck." (from The Ratsima Conjecture)< Less
Takelaka Tsara Soratra By Laharana 003 Novambra 2018
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Ny Takelaka Tsara Soratra dia Ambatonamelankafatra mirakitra sy mitahiry lahatsoratra voakaly, na sombintantara na tantara foronina na tononkalo na lahatsoratra fanadihadiana hafa. Ny Tsara Soratra... More > koa dia Ambohipihaonana ho an’ny mpanoratra sy ny mpamaky. Eto no ahafahan’ireo mpanoratra Malagasy, na ireo vao manomboka, na ireo vao misandratra, na ireo efa kalaza, mizara sy mampiranty ny asasorany amin’ireo mpankafy izany. Ny Takelaka sy ny Takelaka Tsara Soratra dia orinezaky ny RanjaSoa Publishing.< Less
HAZOfahARoa: Ilay Boky By Iriana Mpisorona
Paperback: $10.38
Prints in 3-5 business days
10 Mouse Lemurs in a Baobab Tree By Jake Hastings
Hardcover: $16.47
Prints in 3-5 business days
Follow the daily routine of ten mouse lemurs living in the same Baobab tree on the island of Madagascar.
The Great Laoka Exchange By Joshua Poole
Paperback: $19.95
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Always wanted to join the Peace Corps? Now you can follow the tale of one volunteer in the far off lands of Madagascar. Experience the culture shock and live the adventure. After this book, you... More > just may sign up after all. Plus, all book proceeds will be used to fund projects to benefit the children of Madagascar.< Less
Vakio Milamina By Soamiely Andriamananjara
Paperback: List Price: $20.00 $14.00 | You Save: 30%
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Take a nice journey and try to make sense of the wonderful puzzle that is Madagascar through a series of short essays and stories. There is no need to rush to get to the final destination: take your... More > time and enjoy discovering more puzzles along the way. You will probably find Madagascar and the Malagasy even more intriguing, more puzzling, and more enigmatic after you put the book down.< Less
Fellowship of the Ringtails By Angela Oliver
Hardcover: $39.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
The kingdom of Madigaska is in turmoil. The King has died under suspicious circumstances and now his Queen has usurped the throne. The only remnant of the last ruler is an illegitimate orphan. Born... More > many miles away, and raised by a peaceable fishing tribe, she knows little of her heritage, her destiny. But with the fierce Hunter, Noir, on her trail, what hope does she have? Set in an alternate world Madagascar, where the dominant life forms are lemurs with a level of technology equal to primitive tribes, "Lemurs: A Saga" contains true elements of Malagasy history and culture, intermingled with a heavy dose of pure fantasy. It is, indeed, epic fantasy, with lemurs.< Less
The Weird Journey of Razamba By Soamiely Andriamananjara & Tovo Rakotovao
Paperback: $10.00
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It had been an unusually brutal and rainy fahavaratra season in the highlands. Flooded properties and farm fields over here; destroyed crops and collapsed houses and fences over there. Destruction... More > everywhere. Kivah and Loks considered the landscape nervously. “What a disaster!” Kivah said. “Have all the other villagers left already?” “I think they all left earlier today. I heard the village chief calling everyone and organizing their evacuation.” “Why didn’t we go with them?” “Nobody called us.” Razamba casually responded.< Less
Razamba sy ny Tariny By Soamiely Andriamananjara & Tovo Rakotovao
Paperback: $10.00
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Manaraka ny moron’iny renirano iny ny lalana nizoran-dry lerony. Hitany teny rehetra teny ny faharavána sy fahasimbána nateraky ny orana. Iry misy trano nirodana, itsy misy... More > tanim-boly sy vala-parihy dibo-drano, iroa misy hazo nidaraboka, ito misy fefy simba. Tena mba nanimba zavatra kosa ny andon’ny lanitra tamin’ity indray mitoraka ity. Sady variana no nitebiteby ireto namantsika handia làlana. “Fa orana io sa asidra e? Ary mba lasa aiza daholo, bain’a, ny pokona tao an-tanàna a?” Manomboka mikorapaka i Loks. “Efa lasa aninkeo maraina daholo rizareo. Henoko ny sefo-fokotany niantso ny olona ka nandamina ny fiondranana ho any Ambohitrambinina.” “Ary fa maninona isika no tsy nandeha niaraka taminy?” “Tsy nantsoin-drizareo isika.” Hoy ny vali-tenin’i Razambà. Vali-teny maina.< Less

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