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Did you read Twilight or Hunger Games? Have you read the Bible or watched any films about the Bible? Maitreya...think, Twilight & Hunger Games meet Scripture. Maitreya was written for anyone... More > feeling the need to fight, like Katniss Everdeen, for an Authentic Faith, by opening up their minds to amazing possibilities for our spiritual future. Are you seeking spiritual Truth? Maitreya will challenge you to rebuild the foundation of your Faith and introduce you to concepts that will lead to a good life for all through Justice and Sharing. Fallon Ford, a high school junior, could not resist a nearly fatal attraction to Holden Harwell, whose dark soul was almost as seductive as his mysterious appeal and intoxicating charm. Maitreya will take you on a journey from the desperate depths of spiritual Armageddon, to the soaring heights of knowing the Creator is alive and well. Maitreya is an eBook! Visit our blog:< Less
Maitreya By RL Morton
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Maitreya . . . think Hunger Games & Twilight meet Scripture.Have you read the Bible or seen any films based on the Bible? Maitreya was written for anyone with the courage to fight, like Katniss... More > Everdeen, for an Authentic Faith for Our Time. Are you seeking spiritual Truth? Maitreya is the fictional sequel to the Bible's New Testament and will challenge you to rebuild the foundation of your Faith and introduce you to concepts that will lead us into the coming Kingdom Age. Maitreya will take you on a journey from the desperate depths of spiritual Armageddon, to the soaring heights of believing the Creator is alive and well. Along the way you'll find yourself searching for the Light to establish and grow a working, enlightened faith in a world desperately in need of coming together by honoring a universal God.< Less
Maitreya By Klaudio Zic
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Palden Dorje as Messiah of the dark Age of Cetus III. Updating editorial.CORRIGE ERRATVM.
Maitreya By Klaudio Zic
eBook (PDF): $13.64
The horoscope of Palden Dorje is the happy results of our expectancy of the Messiah with Jupiter in Ophiuchus. Palden Dorje gave us a sermon with Venus in Sextans, before the Antichrist appeared with... More > Venus in Hydra. Palden Dorje as tempted at age 18. Daily updates on and< Less
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Tu archivo listo para imprimir está preparado para LA COMPASIÓN‏: Hola MAITREYA ™, Este mensaje es para confirmar que tu archivo listo para imprimir para LA... More > COMPASIÓN está completado y listo para su publicación. Asegúrate de revisar tu archivo listo para imprimir antes de proceder. Lulu Converters ( Atentamente, Lulu lunes, 15 de febrero de 2010 17:44:21< Less
Sayings by Maitreya By Freshteh
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Here is a short book with sayings by Maitreya on beautiful pictures.
The Holiest Of The Holies (THOTH), The Last Testament (Hardcover) By Maitreya (Joseph Emmanuel)
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For thousands of years humanity has longed for a truth, revelation, or knowledge that explains the unity of God behind all mystical experiences, previous revelations, and religions of the world, and... More > the truth behind the universe (science). There have been mystical explanations of God from those claiming they have experienced the truth by direct contact with Spirit. There are also those who have founded great religions of the world. However, a great confusion still reigns among spiritualists, religions of the world, and the many different branches within each religion. If you study this Book carefully, with a sincere mind and an Open Heart, it will be revealed to you that the major religions on earth are not contradictory and separated at all. In fact they are complementary and were sent to earth systematically by One God. When this is understood, the Path to Salvation (Eternal Divine Path) is known! This book is the main writing of Maitreya of the Mission of Maitreya:< Less
© • {nuevo} ¦ ¯00/2208/2545¯© ³ • ¸ ¦¯³”˜® MAITREYA ™ By ® MAITREYA ™ Ediciones
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Una instalación abre las puertas a una nueva dimensión de la conciencia (la conciencia de la conciencia). Un antiguo Sutra, resuena en nuestros oídos de una forma distinta. Tres... More > planos energéticos hacen intuir una nueva perspectiva. Este es el camino lógico a través de las ramas de inferencias que conducen a una conclusión, el procesamiento de información que sostiene un sistema experto. Con “Nuevo”, el autor comienza el conjunto de una serie de obras, de la que ésta es su primera fase. Todo ello con motivo de una conferencia, en el que MAITREYA ™ se adentra en el campo de la Parapsicología.< Less
Universal Love: The Yoga Method of Buddha Maitreya By Lama Yeshe
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This is truly a book for everyone, and probably one of the most important to have among your Buddhist book collection. By pulling together some of Lama Yeshe’s introductory teachings on... More > Buddhism, meditation, compassion and emptiness, and combining them with the definitive explanation of tantra, this one valuable volume will inspire students to go more deeply into the Yoga Method of Buddha Maitreya–a tantric practice. Lama helps us to understand all the ways we can use meditation to develop transformation and gain transcendent experiences. It’s still important to find a fully-qualified teacher like Lama or seek out a group deity yoga retreat, but this new offering from the Lama Yeshe Wisdom Archive is a very good explanation of Universal Love. Highly recommended. - Mandala Magazine< Less
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Mon cœur exprime ma profonde gratitude à Maitreya qui parle à travers mon canal. De messages en messages, sa Voix nous amène vers la réalisation, si nous savons... More > l’accueillir pour donner Vie à nos vies. Cette quête de sens en nous, nous rapproche de notre Essence. Le but de notre incarnation se dévoile ; nous sommes des Hommes Dieu venus retrouver notre royauté. Notre Divinité s’est incarnée pour que nous la manifestions à nouveau, pour que nos yeux s’ouvrent à cette réalité. La Vibration de Maitreya est puissante, vibrante d’Amour, Elle peut nous transformer. Il suffit de s’abandonner, d’accepter cette réalité pour que les voiles de l’illusion s’effacent doucement, imperceptiblement. C’est la magie de l’abandon à l’Amour qu’Il nous propose pour une fraternisation avec toutes nos facettes.< Less

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