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The Martial Arts, the essence - De martiale kunsten, de essentie By Mark W.J.M. Sterke
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The many still existing martial arts traditions of Japan and China shows a great variety with regard to subject matter. Every school knew a large number of effective techniques and tenets. The author... More > researched the techniques, tactics and tenets of more than 40 schools with a factor and frequency analysis. The results comprise all prototypical techniques and tenets of traditional Japanese martial arts and Chinese classical philosophies. He created nine movement-patterns (Kata) and 35 blank verses (Kuden) based on these exemplary techniques and concepts. This system of "all best techniques and concepts" could be rightly called the 'The Martial Arts'. Many practitioners of the Budo will find the Kata a desired addition. It is a complete method of self-defence. The book has hundreds of illustrations and is bilingual: English and Dutch. Includes the complete and original makimono of the Shin tai ryu.< Less
Secret scroll of Kashima ryu By Mark W.J.M. Sterke
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Secret scroll of Kashima ryu (full color limited edition) It is an unique facsimile scroll (Kashima shin ryu makimono 鹿島神流 巻物) with beautiful graphical... More > representation of the various martial arts (Kenjutsu, Sojutsu and Naginatajutsu) with 21 techniques. It dates from late 16th century. This kind of scrolls with stick figure swordsman are rarely published. This facsimile fully illustrated photo book publication (full size) is for further research into the traditional martial culture and preserving them. The original scroll has a length of more then 5 meters! This book is intended for researchers, teachers and masters in the Japanese traditional martial arts. More information:; ISBN: 978-90-71735-43-1.< Less
Ren shintan kikai seizu setsu - Kan By stephen greenfield
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A full reproduction of a hand drawn antique densho. This book contains many hand drawing of Japanese armour and weapons used by the Samurai
Takagi Oriemon budojitsu roku By Stephen Greenfield
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Takagi Oriemon was the founder of the Takagi Ryu. I came accross reference to this play when I researched by book 'Takagi ryu chogokui mokuroku'. It was first performed in the Nakamura theatre in... More > August 1848. This is a rare book , and this is a unique opportunity to own a piece of history. It will be of interest to those that practice martial arts that are related to Takagi ryu such as those practiced in the Bujinkan, Jinenkan and Genbukan organisations.< Less
Tomo-ryu Shinobijutsu Shoden-no-maki By Christa Jacobson
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Tomo-ryu Shinobijutsu Shoden no maki, is a reference book to the modern day practice of the Tomo-ryu Koka Ninjutsu tradition. This tradition at one time was said to be one of the most powerful... More > samurai shinobi clans in the Shiga prefecture of Japan. This book documents and lists all of the skills, knowledge, and philosophy that is taught on the first scroll of the Tomo-ryu; "Shoden-no-maki". Tomo-ryu Shinobijutsu Shoden no maki is not just for the current students of the school, but for future generations who are seeking the truth of the Koka Shinobi. CHAPTER 1: REKISHI CHAPTER 2: MEIYO CHAPTER 3: SHODEN GATA CHAPTER 4: KEIKO CHAPTER 5: KOBU KAKUSHIGOTO CHAPTER 6: NINKI CHAPTER 7: ZETSUMEIJUTSU CHAPTER 8: KUNOICHI CHAPTER 9: SANJUROKO-KEI CHAPTER 10: TENCHIJIN NO HO CHAPTER 11: TOMO RYU HIDENSHO CHAPTER 12: HIDEN< Less
Wortels van het Nederlandse Jiu jitsu en de Shin tai ryu By Mark W.J.M. Sterke
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Wortels van het Nederlandse Jiu jitsu en de Shin tai ryu is een boek in full color en hardcover uitgave met een aantal autentieke Japanse antieke documenten (boek en boekrollen). Het is tevens een... More > aanvulling op het boek uit 2011: Het boek van de drie cirkels. Het is volledig geïllustreerd met foto's. Uniek! ISBN 978-1-4475-0937-0;< Less

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