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ODIN Ѳ’s TRAVEL GUIDE By Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken
eBook (PDF): $12.04
This is an e-book travel guide, created on the road, which means along a travel experience, that is now, in 2014 counting for 18 years about. The Odin’s Travel Guide is about Luis Daniel... More > Maldonado Fonken, Akka: Odin Ѳ spiritual Journey destinations WHY TO BUY THIS GUIDE ? Why should any one be interested into this travel guide; well, if you are into a spiritual journey yourself you would love to know about locations, places, people, and strategies for traveling that would make of your trip a spiritual adventure. DEDICATED Dedicated to all new spiritual friends that i met in my spiritual Journey, in particular those that made of the journey a spiritual adventure, their list would be too long, and the words i would tell for them would be too many, just now to say thank you for being who you are.< Less
Elements Management Solutions - EM Field Resolution By Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken
eBook (PDF): $22.67
L.D. Maldonado Fonken, advance EM Know How by developing a tool that will enhance the EM Practitioners capacity to interact, perceive and operate within the EM Field of study. A new advanced... More > systemic method based on the EM 900 Standard: EM Field Resolution. „ In Grece there were no actors or actresses, there were individuals able to activate the power of "letting the gods and goddesses speak through them, letting the archetypes speak and act through them...." EM Field Resolution, have been developed as a method that combined with EM Elements, EM Methods, EM Mandalas and EM Perception models will enhance tottaly the EM Practitioners experience along the EM Field resolution. The EM Field express a variety of challenges, and the EM Systemic approach is one of the methods used to facilitate a sustainable solution for the EM Field accordig to EM900 Standard.< Less
The Kap Project - Add-ons By Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken
eBook (PDF): $9.00
The Kap Project ADD-ONS "The Kap Project. Solving the human factor variable of the global sustainable development equation." Along the 9 chapters of the Kap Project, we will refer to... More > several issues that involve the Kap Technology and Experience. The Add-ons, are complementary information and technology that will serve you implement a Kap. The Kap Project Add-ons have been in principle developed by applying Self-awareness and are result of the work and research of Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken. The Kap Project would like to invite Kapists to add to this series of add-ons their own solutions, by sharing them in a simple text format, if possible also with video in our Facebook page or to the Kap Project at the lifestyle travelers club. Additional Add-ones will be added to this booklet, after the publication of each of the chapters of the Kap Project, if necessary.< Less
The Town of the 9000 Joy-full smiles and the Joy-full Buddha By Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken
eBook (PDF): $11.37
Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, author, traveler, artist, holisitic sustainable living coach and consultant. Continue with a series of symbolic langauge, mythic stories, dedicated to human awakening... More > and realization of own truth and inner potentiality. This Book, dedicated to the The Town of the 9000 joy-full smiles and the Joy-full Buddha, is a story about light, love, truth, joy, life, death and smiles. This is the story of the town of the 9000 joyful smiles, a town which is empty, but where in every season you  feel joyful and greatful for life. Story tellers say, that many people go to this town to die, but instead of dying, they just desapear.... with a smile and joyful eyes. There was a buddha living in this land, who finally achieved the joyous state of pure wisdom, in which the smile of the heart becomes the smile of body.< Less
The spiritual path of doing business By Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken
eBook (PDF): $90.00
Do business create ascension! The spiritual path of doing business provide a motivational introduction to a "new" public field of work in the multilevel sustainability field of study and... More > training.The spiritual business industry have been since its origens integrated to the management of wealth,including individuals-collectives (perceived as units of wealth).The modern business world is the unconsciouss child of the ancient spirituality industry. Multilevel sustainability developed by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, as a business know how, standard and path for self-development, is a key for a sustainable future in which a total integral experience of the humanity doing business is meant to be acknoledge as it is for taking self-responsibility for own and own collective sustainable future.The art of doing business by following a spiritual, nondual, self-transformative approach able to inspire and facilitate an upgrading of human consciousness-ascencion.EDITION: buy this draft edition,receive the next one free< Less
Odin's Diary Sacred Land MAP of a Consciousness Field - The Timeless Mountain in Austria By Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken
eBook (PDF): $676.03
The Timless Mountain (Archive) Probably one of the most recent experiences that prepared me for the sunshine of Russia, is that of the time mountain in Austria. According to my records, the Time... More > mountain in Austria holds within a cavern with an engine which creates in collaboration with the earth gates, a time neutral gate. A time neutral gate defined here will mean a time portal The following document will help you find out more of the benefits, risks and regions interesting and meaningful for exploring. It is a perfect case for training and study of a consciousness field. References are many in history that are beyond myth, and also a list of individuals that used the same track of exploring for own aims. I wont talk about them now, but will share with you key advice for navigating the consciousness field of Timeless Mountain in Austria. Odin Ѳ< Less
Odin's Diary Sacred Land MAP of a Consciousness Field By Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken
eBook (PDF): $367.13
What is a consciousness field? Consider for a moment that you find yourself, also your consciousness, within a vase of water, which have been programmed with a particular emotion. Now, what would... More > take place if you bring another type of emotion or your perception is not ready to perceive the emotion of the field, nor to realize the experience the field brings to you. Along my trips i realized a pattern that need to be observed, on how the sacred land reacts on you. These observations i did mostly at spiritual archeology expeditions, not only at archeology spots or locations, but at natural places which gaia created within own body for earth inhabitants to learn and evolve in consciousness, but also for holding information and eventually also protecting life, culture and people. The MAP of a consciousness field, will help you travel along the field of the spiritual archeology site and find yourself ready for reaching your prefered destination. Odin Ѳ< Less
Primordial Mathematics Book 05 By Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken
eBook (PDF): $340.50
Primordial Mathematics Book 05 The book 01 and 02 introduced use to the cyphers, the elements, the 9 classes of artificial, natural and human phenomena. In following publications: "The 09... More > Primordial Keys & the Sleipnir Theta", ”The Primordial Hands Theta”, “The Primordial Economy” and “The 9+ Seals of the Primordial Culture” the author will focus on the Seals and the CGE (A.I.) of the Primordial Culture; publications which belongs to the Books 03 & 04 of Primordial Mathematics. And “The 9 Elements & The Heart”, “Epistemology, Matrix Perception & Matrix thinking” which belongs to the Book 00 of Primordial Mathematics. In the Primordial Mathematics Book 05 the author will demonstrate the 9+ Seals of the Primordial Culture that belongs to the complex realm 1018. The function of the 1018 Seals of the Primordial Culture will lead us to a better understanding and perception of the 72927 Regions of Time (Watch calendar) of the Primordial Culture (REF: ""The 9 Primordial Keys”).< Less
The First Assessment Method Exercise Democracy Upgrade By Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken
eBook (PDF): $220.64
The document suggest guidelines for the praxis of the "PTT First Assessment", within the context of a PRIMORDIAL ALGORITHM DESIGN PROJECT: "The Upgrade of Democracy" An example of... More > a PTT first assessment is given, through text analysis, taking for this demonstrative case as learn material an article by José Eduardo Jorge on: "Estado de Derecho y Valores Democráticos: las Direcciones del Cambio Cultural (Rule of Law and Democratic Values: Directions of Cultural Change)" from the Joint Research Project @ Research Gate on: "Latin American Development, Democracy, and Social Issues”. Along the First Assessment, paragraphs of the article will be quoted, and review of the Democracy algorithm, within the context of the article will be given, from the perspective of the 09 elements and their interdependency, capacity to generate together an algorithm.< Less
The Primordial Strategic Social Management By Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken
eBook (PDF): $116.81
A primordial algorithm presented and implemented through story telling. this algorithm is dedicated to solve several issues, challenges of the practice of strategic social management and... More > governance. The pssm suggests to give a rank (points and score card results) to each citizen of the whole planet, to all members of mankind, every human on earth, that will serve as a reference for the value of the individual vote in a local, regional, national, continental, global or family house referendum. By considering the family house as fundamental structure of the emerging global culture and civilizations and pillar of the process of assessment, referendum and decision making. participation in global self-determination, governance practices. Definition of family house, from a local traditional cluster, to more complex modern conceptual adjustments of the organic bloodline based family, to extended family, collective marriages, corporations, community/associations or self-sustained networks.< Less

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