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Men's Personal Grooming Things to Do Stand Alone Etiquette Guide on Things Expected from the Male Half By Harold Almon
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Contained herein a stand alone etiquette guide on men's personal grooming. It covers things that garner acceptance and better tells what a male has to offer: things which go with his right to be.... More > Items covered Male Personal Grooming, Hair Care, A Shower or Bath, Moisturizing, Shaving Saving Face, A Teeth Review, Nail care – Paws and Claws, Shaving Down there, Smelling Too Good, Bathroom Conduct, Changes and Checkups, Grooming Supplies, and Manscaping Tips, In home training, when a son performed well academically, or athletically, all else was forgiven. However, as he will be leaving home, there are other things expected from the male half: things (a male needs) to do.< Less
The Friendly Landlady By John Derek
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Jim is down on his luck. It's bad enough to be between jobs and has to live with a friend of his sister but when he is doing some chores and falls the indignity he has while healing is something... More > else entirely! Warning this book contains graphic descriptions of spanking and an adult male being treated like a baby. If you are under 18 or easily offended please do not buy.< Less
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