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Telos VII By Fondation de Malte
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Food (in)Security in the Mediterranean. Since 2007, the conjunction of the financial crisis and price hikes in animal feed, has led to corresponding increases in staple food products. Food security... More > has come to the forefront of discussions in many fora. The Mediterranean, once a breadbasket for many countries, has now become a consumer of new products, as modern tastes change, and, ironically, the Mediterranean Diet features less in its birthplace. Witnessing the Arab Spring, reminiscent of the French Revolution, reminds us starkly that technological progress notwithstanding, without basic access to food and amenities, we cannot really advance. How will food supplies be secured for current and future generations? And at what cost? And for how long? With a Foreword by Minister George Pullicino and articles by E.U. Commissioner John Dalli, Paolo De Castro, Cosimo Lacirignola,Sébastien Abis, Salvino Busuttil, Jean-Louis Rastoin, Justin Zahra and Vincent Dollé.< Less
Telos Volume VI: Perspectives on Political Change in the Mediterranean By Fondation de Malte
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in the North African Arab world, democracy has been trying to sprout serenely through real parliaments. Some, if not all of them, have been working first and foremost as constituent assemblies,... More > formulating constitutions where, in theory laced by hope, the absolutist conditions enjoyed only by the dictators would be forever abolished.In such a setting, the Mediterranean Parliamentary Assembly holds a privileged, if highly responsible, position both as a model of democratic governance as well as a gathering place where states are encouraged to emulate the more ‘democratic’ among them. Speakers/Presidents of the nascent and the older Parliaments could galvanise this institution to take a major role in the Union for the Mediterranean, so that parliamentary democracy is seen as a real dialogic instrument for peace. To that goal this TELOS is dedicated.< Less
Tribute to Alain Blondy By Fondation de Malte
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Tribute to Professor Alain Blondy, Professor Emeritus at the Sorbonne University, historian specialized in the history of the Mediterranean Basin, Malta and the Barbary States. Author of many... More > volumes, he has also dedicated time to publish and edit unpublished material. Contributors:John Azzopardi,Evelyn Baluci,Konrad Buhagiar,Mario Buhagiar,Salvino Busuttil,Caroline Chaplain,Frans Ciappara Cynthia de Giorgio,Stephen Degiorgio,Carmen Depasquale,Thomas Freller,Henry Frendo,Sante Guido,Xavier Labat Saint Vincent,Jacques Lamas,Anthony Luttrell,Simon Mercieca,Ugo Mifsud Bonnici,François Moreau,Anthony Pace,Jean-Pierre Poussou,Ismet Touati,Jean-Bernard de Vaivre,Charlene Vella,Michel Vergé-Franceschi,Charles Xuereb,Grégory Woimbêe. This is the colour version of the publication.< Less
Dialogue in the Med: Exploring Identity through Networks By Fondation de Malte
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Conference proceedings of the First Annual Valletta 2018 Conference held in Malta in 2014, in the build up to Valletta as European Capital of Culture. Contributions by: Jason Micallef, Evarist... More > Bartolo, Owen Bonnici, Mostafa Hassani-Idrissi , Henry Frendo, Khadija El Bennaoui, Lluis Bonet, Christine M. Merkel, Karel Bartak, Carlo Testini, Ferdinand Richard, Nadia von Maltzahn, Enric Olivé Serret, Roger Tropeano, Giacomo Sferlazzo, Hatto Fischer, George Cassar, Anna Steinkamp, France Irmann, Jason Dittmer, Karsten Xuereb.< Less
Telos VIII - Monasticism in the Mediterranean. Now and Tomorrow By Fondation de Malte
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Monasticism in the Mediterranean: Now and Tomorrow In this edition of Telos, the contributors were asked to offer readers their views and their personal stories in monasticism in its present form in... More > in the Mediterranean. The continuing existence of monasticism in the twenty-first century may seem anachronistic to some and a quaint continuity to others. As the contributors to this edition of Telos demonstrate, the monastic call answers a deeper spiritual manifestation in the individual, transcending history. From the Mediterranean origins of this form of monasticism to today’s Mediterranean reality, the monk is a comforting reference point, living a labour of love to God’s eternal promise With articles by Aldo CAVALLI, Grigorios D. PAPATHOMAS, , Salvino BUSUTTIL, Edward G. FARRUGIA, Henri TEISSIER, Robert FOUQUEZ, Frère MARIE PÂQUES.< Less
The Tale of Captain Jack Two Sugars and the 'King's Malt' By Steve Halsey
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The future success of the once famous and prestigious Glen Graham distillery depends on finding the lost 50 bottles of the King's Malt, but will a gang of bungling smugglers, villains and... More > black-marketeers get away with the biggest job of their lives? From cliff top car chases to secret meetings in dark shady pub cellars,to a tense final confrontation in a sunken cave, Captain Jack will be facing his ultimate challenge. Who will be the one to hold their nerve best and confront their worst fears when the tide is creeping ever nearer and the rocks are closing in? The 4th new adventure in the Captain Two Sugars series. Suitable for Junior readers 8-12< Less
fotouch By malte schmidt
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fotobuch By malte schmidt
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Start samtalen med pigerne idag By Malte Lange
eBook (PDF): $26.03
Dette er bogen for dig som gerne vil være bedre til at åbne samtaler! Start samtalen med piger idag - er en e-bog, lavet til at læse på din computer eller mobil! En god... More > guide til: * Hvordan du skal åbne * Hvad du skal sige - og hvordan * Pigernes kropssprog * Stemmeføring og maskulin kommunikation Bogen er baseret på adskillige tusinde interaktioner og samtaleåbninger. Alt er afprøvet og blevet brugt med succes til at få gang i samtaler Indhold Her er hovedoverskrifterne fra Start samtalen med pigerne idag: 1.Start samtalen - en kort introduktion 2.Hvad vil det sige at åbne? 3.Formålet med at åbne 4.Læs hende - Kropssprogets kode og brug 5.Mænds typiske fejltagelser 6.Sådan får du kontakt med pigen 7.Ready. Set. Open! 8.Åbningsreplikker 9.Videre udvikling af dine evner 10.Om forfatteren Læs mere:< Less
Deep in the Blackberry Bushes By Malt Dragoon & D. B. Elderberry
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Deep in the blackberry bushes, Sean C. Reeves watches One-Eye hit an old bum square in the face. After a narrow escape, Sean and his brothers decide to find out who this strange new occupant of the... More > Nunan House is and what he's up to; they create a Super Snooper to observe the mean giant and almost become dog food along the way. Then Sean meets Audrey, with her golden hair and kittenlike eyes, and he finds himself and Audrey, to his dismay, in constsant near-death situations. A bike fight with skinheads. A brawl with the school bully. And a Halloween party that ends in the old mining tunnels under Jacksonville--as Sean searches for an escape.< Less

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Our World Our World By Deleah Payne
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