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Salford Trenches 2014 By Mike Scantlebury
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Melia is asked to work undercover. It's uncomfortable. For one thing, she has to live in a tent, in the middle of the windswept and desolate Barton Moss, an area of countryside unexpectedly found in... More > the middle of the City of Salford. Gratifyingly for her, her on-off boyfriend Mickey has been ordered into the same operation - but, unfortunately for both of them, he is on the opposite side, with the Police! Their relationship becomes as tense as the stand-off between the demonstrators and the drilling operation that faces them, each one unwilling to give an inch in their battle either for or against the new source of gas and oil in Britain - made available through 'fracking'. It's a controversial move, but the UK government is determined to catch up with their US counterparts, and they are happy to support the new technology. Meanwhile, Melia is distraught, losing all faith in her new bosses at the Unit; struggling to support her failing cousin; and determined to hold on to Mickey, one way or the other.< Less
Salford World War By Mike Scantlebury
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People all over Britain are thinking about the First World War, the peril and the sacrifice, and how it started in 1914. The story was all about how a very important person from a very important... More > country came to visit a small, unimportant place and got themselves killed. His homeland wanted revenge against the assassins that did the crime, and called on their friends to back them up. Other countries came running to the aid of the little place, and soon there were two sides, lined up against each other, and spoiling for a fight. Some people say the world now looks a lot like 1914, with our present treaty obligations, allies and foes, arms races and deals, shortages and economic recessions, unequal prosperity and huge riches for some. So what would it take for all that mayhem to happen again? Could history repeat itself? Luckily, we're talking about Salford, and this city has Amelia Hartliss to defend it. She might not know all that's going on, but she won't let anything bad happen.< Less
Secret Garden Festival (Salford 2012) By Mike Scantlebury
eBook (ePub): $3.27
The city of Salford is transfixed by the prospect of a huge Festival, of arts, music, dance and poetry. The residents are coming together to celebrate the life of Frances Hodgson Burnett, who wrote... More > the superb children's story, 'The Secret Garden'. So who needs a Secret Agent? Melia finds herself called in when things start getting ugly. In particular, her cousin Liv has been threatened. Someone is trying to kill the poor girl. Could it be something to do with her ex-husband, now languishing in a Polish prison? Or is it more to do with the Albanians, criminals with a savage line in reprisals? Strangely, the threats and violence only serve to do what the Festival was intended to do in the first place - bring people together. Only in this case, it's more about huddling together for survival, rather than joining in for sunshine and celebration. Someone should have warned those Albanians - if Melia is on the case, then there's only one way this problem is going to end. Her way.< Less
Panoramic IV° By Hannibal Height
Paperback: $26.47
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Panoramic photos of European cities interpreting urban space. Dresden, kiev, Manchester, Napoli, Paris, Prague, Tokyo, London, Santander, Leipzig...
Dirty Politics - Hard Times - A Trilogy of Chartism By Malc Cowle
Paperback: $18.07
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When Cotton was King, labour was cheap. Less than three men in a hundred had the vote and the few women who'd enjoyed that right had the franchise taken off them. Toil, trouble and degradation for... More > the many, produced vast riches and leisure for a few. Ordinary, and sometimes extraordinary, people refused to accept their servile position in society. They defied Church and State to fight against corruption, for universal suffrage and the basic rights we take for granted in a Parliamentary democracy. These are the tales of just a few. The author skilfully weaves his work of fiction into the historical tapestry of the Industrial Revolution, bringing his characters to life in the world's first industrial city - Manchester - the town of Long Chimneys. PUBLISHED IN SUPPORT OF THE WORKING CLASS MOVEMENT LIBRARY IN MANCHESTER'S TWIN CITY OF SALFORD.< Less
Dirty Politics - Famine Times - A Trilogy of Blasphemies By Malc Cowle
Paperback: $17.96
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Cotton was no longer King and Manchester’s mills remained idle. The Etherow-O’Donnell and Akroyd families find themselves battling against a new enemy – a lack of work and... More > widespread starvation. Famine stalked the land as the forces of the Confederacy and the Union battled it out in a war between Americans – brother against brother – father against son. The outcome of the Civil War would determine the future of the U.S. – whether democracy and liberty would triumph, or a new Confederate States of America emerge – a separate country with a government based on chattel-slavery and despotism. Just as Americans found themselves divided, so too did the antagonistic classes in the cotton-manufacturing region of England. Once again the author skilfully weaves his weft of fiction into the warp of historical reality. An exciting read from start to finish. PUBLISHED IN SUPPORT OF THE WORKING CLASS MOVEMENT LIBRARY IN MANCHESTER'S TWIN CITY OF SALFORD.< Less
2020 Monthly Calendar "Libraries Around the World" By BethBirdBooks
Calendar: List Price: $15.99 $15.19 | You Save: 5%
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From before the time of the Celsus Library of Ephesus, Turkey, mankind has collected and shared books. Although that tradition looks a little different today than it did in Ephesus, lending books not... More > only continues, but has spread worldwide. This calendar is a tribute to libraries all over the world, and to the love of learning and reading that will perpetuate the exchange of the written word. Thank you to each of the PIXABAY users who contributed their photographs, free for commercial use. I have credited them on the page where their photograph appears.< Less
Railways By Hannibal Height
Paperback: $34.28
Prints in 3-5 business days
Interpretation of railways in European cities. Hamburg, Amsterdam, Athens, Avignon, Berlin, Bilbao, Bruxelles, Budapest, Dresden, Eindhoven, Frankfurt, Girona, Kiev, Leipzig, London, Lubeck,... More > Manchester, Mantova, Marseille, Milano, Prague, Riga, Santander, Saragozza, Saint Petersburg, Stockholm, Toulon, Valencia...< Less
Changing Urban Environments By st lukes art project walking project
eBook (PDF): $1.97
Here is a collection of images that were taken during our city walks in and around Ardwick Manchester. Most of our walks concentrated within the Parish boundaries of St Lukes Church and we documented... More > the changing scenes as we went.< Less
A Memoir of Robert Blincoe By John Brown
eBook (ePub): $4.63
This little book, the biography of a pauper boy taken from the Saint Pancras workhouse in London to labour as an unpaid indentured apprentice for fourteen years in the textile-industry played a... More > remarkable role in the historic fight to end child labour and for the implementation of the Ten Hours Bill. Its publication also had an important impact on Victorian literature, for it provided the inspiration which led the novelist, Frances Trollope to write Michael Armstrong - the Factory Boy, and Charles Dickens to author one of his best known novels, namely Oliver Twist. An incredible and thought-provoking read from start to finish, providing an insight into the life of all too-many children during the years of the Industrial Revolution. Published in support of the Working Class Movement Library in Manchester's twin city - Salford.< Less

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Birth Log Book Birth Log Book By Emily Rumsey
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