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The Writings of Maria Russell By Barbara Anderson
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The Writings of Maria Russell e-document contains Mrs. Russell’s last work, a hand-written 600-page unpublished manuscript and hand-drawn end-times chart, meant for a book titled, The Eternal... More > Purpose, which outlines her later theological beliefs. To help understand the development of a schism between Maria and her husband, Pastor Charles Taze Russell, and her separation from the religious organization they founded, an enlightening INTRODUCTION is included as well as a scan of her 1890 ninety-six page poem, The Wonderful Story; two books, This Gospel of the Kingdom and The Twain One, both published in 1906; eleven of her Zion’s Watch Tower articles—all meant for excellent comparative study. This e-document contains nearly 1150 pages for serious C. T. and Maria Russell researchers to review.< Less
Charles Russell: 126 Paintings and Drawings By Maria Tsaneva
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Charles Marion Russell was an artist of the Wild American West. He created more than 2,000 paintings of cowboys, Indians. Recognized as 'the cowboy artist', Russell was also a storyteller. His works... More > comprised a wide range of topics, including major historical events and everyday life in the West. He was noted for the frequency with which he portrayed well-known events from the point of view of Native American people instead of the non-Native viewpoint. Russell used as much color as a painter could on his mountain landscapes. As artist he arrived on the cultural scene at a time when the "wild west" was being chronicled and sold back to the public in many forms. Russell was fond of these popular art forms and made many friends among the well-off collectors of his works, including actors and film makers such as Will Rogers and Douglas Fairbanks.< Less
Kiss me aqui; I want a sip By Joseph Russell, Jr.
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West Sacramento's summer zest begins with an hard wrought victory. They say as if I matter “Victory is mine” and then say get behind me. I.E. my friends will agree its hard to stop and... More > clean up an in-active mind. Baptist say this more succinctly. A de Maria has a melody of truth and seats my soul. Its an absorbing reasoning and righteous living; your matter able heart. I am sure you be evinced its sensibility and your strength. It's not so hard to remain an infidel for the mental. Take me for sure; I'm living my life and like Our own Green Eyes say;I did it my way. The Hilltop news is now laughing. I remember nothing out of style. Open tow shoes made us laugh and forgiving we won “her”. Look at us now; old dogs and blacks. This is were we got started. And I became a millionaire after you. But its internal and I did it with and without her indecision. I was only 35 when I knew I was a success and the rest is My fathers story. When I was 17; I was just as good looking as I am today. Kellie smile.< Less
Poetry Life and Times August 2006 By Amparo Perez Gutierrez et al.
eBook (PDF): $2.50
Welcome to the August 2006 issue of Poetry Life & Times. This month we feature an interview with Michael Burch, editor of The Hyper Texts. We are also including a friendly-link section, to be... More > built up with your help and we have updated all links to the portal. Featured Poets include: Guy Kettelhack, Paul Williams, Kristine Ong Muslim, RS Petranek, Alexandra* (Maria Alexandra Oliveira) Joseph Sherman* and Joe Ruggier. Resident poets and The Perils of Norris feature Robin Ouzman Hislop, Michael Burch, Helga Ross and Sara L. Russell.< Less
Lord Erlistoun By Dinah Maria Mulock
eBook (PDF): $2.24
Lord Erlistoun est un roman de la romancière britannique Dinah Maria Mulock (1826 – 1887). Extrait : — Jeanne, dis-je, lord Erlistoun va venir. — Vraiment ? dit ma... More > cousine Jeanne, qui n’était pas ma cousine, mais que nous appellerons ainsi, parce qu’il est plus commode de ne pas avoir à raconter son histoire et celle de son pauvre père. — Jeanne, ma chère, ce piano est-il d’accord ? Regardez-y. Et il faut faire découvrir aujourd’hui les meubles de velours, lord Erlistoun doit venir. — Oui, mistress Browne, je n’oublierai pas. — Jeanne, cousine Jeanne, Russell et moi nous manquerons la chasse aux corbeaux ; elle est remise à lundi. Lord Erlistoun va venir. Cette dernière interruption coupa court à l’insistance de Jeanne. Elle aimait les deux jeunes gens qui le lui rendaient bien. — Ne vous en désolez pas, Algernon. Les jeunes corbeaux auront quatre jours de plus de ce beau mois de mai, et, après tout, j’aime mieux les voir tuer par quelqu’un qui ne vous vaille pas...< Less
Stories of Inventors: The Adventures of Inventors and Engineers By A. de Ville d'Avray
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Hint: You can preview this book by clicking on "Preview" which is located under the cover of this book. About the author: Russell Doubleday (May 26, 1872 in Brooklyn – June 14, 1949... More > at Glen Cove, Long Island) was an American author, editor and publisher, the brother of Frank Nelson Doubleday and son of William Edwards Doubleday and Ellen Maria "Ella" Dickinson.He served in the naval militia in the Spanish–American War. From 1909 to 1912, he was the advertising manager for his father's publishing firm, Doubleday, Page & Company. Later, he was its vice-president, secretary and a director. For much of his career, he was director of the editorial department. For a time after 1928, he edited the magazine, World's Work. Excerpt from:< Less
Frederic Amory in Memoriam: Old Norse-Icelandic Studies By John Lindow, George Clark
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With this volume, twelve distinguished scholars from Europe, Iceland, and North America honor the memory of Frederic Amory with contributions to the field of Old Norse-Icelandic studies. Topics... More > treated include, inter alia, several in which Amory did important work, such as skaldic poetics, the locutions of poetry, and saga narrative techniques. CONTRIBUTIONS BY RICHARD PERKINS; RUSSELL POOLE; JOHN LINDOW; MARVIN TAYLOR; ÁSDÍS EGILSDÓTTIR; THEODORE M. ANDERSSON; GEORGE CLARK; MARIA BONNER; RORY MCTURK; ÞORLEIFUR HAUKSSON;HANS FIX; and ANATOLY LIBERMAN< Less
Martial Arts PULSE June 2012 Edition By Martial Arts PULSE
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The June 2012 Edition of one of Worlds top Martial Arts Magazines in full colour paperback. This is something to add to your collection. How could you refuse with articles from: Dave J Lomas Steve... More > Rowe Andrew Banks Silvio Simac Andrew Banks sensei John Burke sensei Liam Trott sensei Maria Macklin Alex An-los Brian Fernie Craig Collins Master Monua Cary Master Mark Haines Grandmaster Ted Gambordella Master Kevin Rigby AJ Perry Grant Cooke sensei Eamon Lawlor Leigh Simms sensei Stuart Anslow Soke John Sharpe R.H. Russell Includes an interview with Hollywood Legend Loren Avedon and more. Get your copy NOW!!!< Less
Courts and Criminals By Arthur Cheney Train
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Hint: You can preview this book by clicking on "Preview" which is located under the cover of this book. About the author: Arthur Cheney Train (6 September 1875 – 22 December 1945),... More > also called Arthur Chesney Train, was an American lawyer and writer of legal thrillers, particularly known for his novels of courtroom intrigue and the creation of the fictional lawyer Mr. Ephraim Tutt.Train was born in Boston, Massachusetts. His father was lawyer Charles Russell Train, who served for many years as attorney general of Massachusetts, and his mother was Sara Maria Cheney. Train graduated with a BA from Harvard University in 1896 and LLB from Harvard Law School in 1899.In 1897, Train married Ethel Kissam. They had four children. Ethel died in 1923 and Train married Helen Coster Gerard, with whom he had one child, John Train.In January 1901, Train became assistant in the office of the New York County District Attorney. Excerpt from:< Less