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How To Promote Yourself By Mark Denton Bevens
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How To Promote Yourself by Wallace Wattles is a Metaphysical Bombshell. It was first published in 1914, three years after Mr Wattles abruptly passed away in 1911. It contains nine AMAZING chapters.... More > It’s like having "Part Two" of The Science of Getting Rich. If you want to develop a holistic view of Wattles Teachings, then you must read and absorb this lost masterpiece. Go to this book whenever you catch your confidence ebbing, you will make a full shift of consciousness to the world of prosperity and richness of life which includes health, love, relationships, wealth, greatness, and more. If you want to rapidly expand your consciousness, digest this book and bathe in its teachings and power. If you're already a fan of The Science of Getting Rich, you'll love this book as well, because it expands on what you’ve already discovered.< Less
What Is Graves Disease By Mark Denton Bevens
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When I receive negative comments about my added weight, loss of hair, changed appearance or how much I’ve aged, I just say that it’s the joy of getting older. I NEVER tell them about the... More > double vision, painful cramps, needing the bathroom 5 minutes after drinking, constant mood swings, panic attacks, depression, the itchy swollen eyes, or of course the VERY 'Un-Manly' tender breasts! And so I wrote this book as a way of: 1) Helping other people with Graves Disease to realise that you’re not alone, even though you often feel very isolated. 2) Helping the ‘significant others’ of people with Graves Disease to realise that we love and appreciate you, no matter what we do and say when our minds are lost, confused and frightened. 3) Trying to understand exactly what this disease is. 4) Having at least one really good feel sorry for myself moment. 5) Venting a little anger and frustration. 6) Having a really cool way to respond to the finger pointers out there, E.g. ‘Read The Bloody Book.’< Less
Arka: Aliens and Angels By Mark Denton Bevens
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You Are Not Alone, You Never Were... This first book of ‘Conversations-With-Arka' is really an introduction to Myself and Arka, how we ‘met’ and how our lives and worlds have... More > become inextricably entwined. We will explore both worlds, the one we believe is real, and the one we never leave! We will look at what happens before and after life here on the earth Plane. We will look at the Law Of Creation. We will explain why you are born ‘Not’ knowing, ‘Not’ remembering just how powerful a spiritual being you truly are! You will understand that everything you have been told is just an illusion. You will learn the truth about Alien Abductions. You will learn to dance in the light to the music of you own creation… Open your eyes, wake up, it’s time… Mark is a Certified Master Hypnotist, Hypnosis Trainer, NLP Master Practitioner and Master Time Line Therapy™ Practitioner. Alien Abductee???< Less
Your Secret Ebay Wealth By Mark Denton Bevens
Paperback: $13.54
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“How to Make £600 PER WEEK on eBay By Selling Something You DON’T Own, DON’T Create and WITHOUT Doing ANY of the Work…” How would you like to know about a quick... More > and LAZY way to make money on eBay? A system that is: Super quick to set up. Incredibly simple to run. Requires ZERO experience. NO Financial investment. And has been raking in around £600 PER WEEK! Here’s how it works: STEP 1: You list a product or a service for sale on eBay. STEP 2: You sell it for £10, £20, £30, even £50. STEP 3: Only then do you pay for it – but here’s the thing, you NEVER pay more than £3.50 (usually less due to exchange rates). STEP 4: The person you pay does ALL of the hard work. STEP 5: You forward the finished item to your customer. That’s it!< Less
The Power Of Concentration By Theron Q Dumont
Paperback: $14.05
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Forward & Edit By: Mark Denton Bevens… And that was the moment my life forever changed "I have courage because I desire it, because I need it, because I use it and refuse to become... More > such a weakling as cowardice produces..." Just reading the words made me straighten my back and lift my head from my chest. "Never let another's opinion affect you, they cannot tell what you are able to do, they do not know what you can do with your forces. The truth is you do not know yourself until you put yourself to the test. therefore, how can someone else know? Never let anyone else put a valuation on you..." Theron Q Dumont's book 'The Power Of Concentration' became my sword and chalice. My journey into the Magical Kingdom of Personal Development had begun, I had entered the Secret-Wealth-Club, and I was never going to leave...< Less
The Science Of Getting Rich By Wallace D Wattles
Paperback: $14.13
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Forward and Edit By: Mark Denton Bevens... ‘WHATEVER may be said in praise of poverty, the fact remains that it is not possible to live a really complete or successful life unless one is rich.... More > No one can rise to their greatest possible height in talent or soul development unless they have plenty of money. For to unfold the soul and to develop talent we must have many things to use, and we cannot have these things unless we have money to buy them with…’ Wallace D. Wattles< Less

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