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Paranthropology Vol. 8 No. 1 By Mark A. Schroll
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Revisiting Cultural Evolution and Technological Evolution in Consciousness Studies - Mark A. Schroll A Quest for a Temple to Sleep In - Sarah Janes The Big Dream and... More > Archaeo-Geo-Neuro-Pharmaco-Parapsychological Theories - David Luke Odin: Wandering Shaman Seeking Truth - Mark A. Schroll Dreams, Drugs and the Engines of Creativity - Ryan Hurd Nature Awareness and Psychedelics: Report and Commentary on a Presentation by Ralph Metzner and Kathleen Harrison - Heather Walker And more...< Less
Ecology, Cosmos and Consciousness By Mark A. Schroll
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“Ecology, Cosmos, and Consciousness is a pioneering work that attempts to shift current paradigms. Its editor and lead author, Mark A. Schroll, incisively identifies the problems humanity faces... More > as a result of philosophies, sciences, and religious movements that ignore the importance of an earth-based focus of humanistic and transpersonal inquiry...The result is a transpersonal, post-modern, systems-oriented approach to cultural theory that is both provocative and well-argued, both visionary and practical, both scholarly and whimsical.” 
--Stanley Krippner, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology, 
Saybrook University, Oakland, California.< Less
Transpersonal Ecosophy, Vol. 1: Theory, Methods and Clinical Assessments By Mark A. Schroll
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The image on the cover of this book represents the idea that brain state alterations at sacred sites allow us to re-experience memories that are woven into the morphogenetic fields of that place, an... More > idea that originates with Paul Devereux’s empirical enquiry into dreams at sacred sites in Wales and England. This books examines how this investigation provides us with a new way of understanding consciousness, and a new direction toward a reconciliation of the divorce between matter and spirit. We explore the work of David Lukoff, and Stanislav and Christina Grof, the connections between the varieties of transformative experience in dream studies, ecopsychology, transpesonal psychology, and the anthropology of consciousness, as well as the overlap between David Bohm’s interpretation of quantum theory and Rupert Sheldrake’s hypothesis of formative causation.< Less
Restoration Earth, Vol 2(I), May 2012 By Katherine Batten MacDowell & Mark A. Schroll
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This is the second issue of the peer-reviewed journal Restoration Earth. In this issue researchers and artists have focused around the topic of ecofeminism, women's spirituality, and... More > transpersonal/dream studies. Contributing authors: Mark A Schroll, Sharon Mijares, Laurel Vogel, Lorraine Fish, Sondra Slade, Karen Vogel, Molly Remer, Judy Gardiner, Diane Greig Rickards, Hope Davis, Katherine Batten MacDowell. Artwork & poetry by Lin Neiswender, Anne Westlund, Deanne Quarrie, Raymonde Savoie, Laura Atkinson, Don Eulert.< Less
Restoration Earth, Vol 1(1), November 2011 By Katherine Batten MacDowell & Mark A. Schroll
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In the debut issue of the peer-reviewed academic journal Restoration Earth, readers are given an overview of the topics and goals of the journal. RE Issue 1 contains articles on environmental... More > philosophy, environmental education, ecopsychology, ecotherapy, evolution, shamanism, as well as short fiction, photography, and poetry exploring the relationship between human civilization and the natural world. Contributors included in this journal: Arne Naess, Alan Drengson, Florence Shepard, Michael Caley, Jorge Conesa-Sevilla, Vidya Sarveswaran, Mark Glasgow, Meredith Ball, Lynne Elson, Anne Westlund, Evin Okçuoğlu, Molly Remer, Tanya Collings, Simon Robinson, Christopher Westlund, Katherine Batten MacDowell, and Mark A. Schroll.< Less
Paranthropology: Anthropological Approaches to the Paranormal By Edited by Jack Hunter
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We are living in a complicated period in relation to our understanding of 'extraordinary' phenomena. Naive materialist approaches are more assertive than ever, in anthropology and in the world more... More > generally. At the same time, the taboos against admitting to the reality of the paranormal are weakening. There is a growing body of writing which takes the paranormal and extraordinary seriously, while bringing to it the same academic standards that any other subject matter would require. This is a valuable and important development, and it helps open the way to new modes of understanding in the sciences and social sciences that will not reject scientific rationality, but expand that rationality so as to include more of the world of human experience. The articles in this Paranthropology reader provide important clues and suggestions, along with rigorous argument, to help us in exploring what is likely to be a major area of anthropological engagement in coming years. Dr.Geoffrey Samuel, Cardiff University.< Less

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