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Marriage By H. G. Wells
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A monoplane falling out of the sky on a hot afternoon can shatter the leisurely peace of a croquet game below. And an injured aviator like Geoffrey Trafford can quite disrupt the calm of a girl like... More > Marjorie Pope. All obstacles - her modern views, her socialism, her cool engagement to the worldly Mr Magnet - are swept away; and, as in every misguided fairy tale, 'the poor dears haven't the shadow of a doubt they will live happily ever after'. Written when Wells himself was caught in the entanglements of home and sex, this funny, utterly engrossing novel, shows him grappling with a perennial question; how can a marriage survive, when conventions stifle, when men and women want different things, when passions fade? Ironically, the answer he came to led to his meeting with an enraged young reviewer, Rebecca West - a collision as devastating as the plane crash in the rectory garden.< Less
Love, Sex and Marriage By Havelock Ellis, Henry Stanton
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Love, sex and marriage... The true mission of sex The true love The ideal marriage
On Same Sex Marriage By fr. HG Potter
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short homily on same sex marriage proposal for the societ and for the church after the Supreme Court Ruling
Love Marriage Sex Murder By Monique Malone
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Take a wild ride with Dina and Charles Waters. They are a young couple who fell in love and all they wanted was to start a family and be happy. But when Dina finds out Charles is having several... More > affairs she doesn't know what to do. When she does react it will be in a way you would never imagine. Sometimes in life we have to make choices. Sometimes those choices can be good. Sometimes they can lead to murder...< Less
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Sex By Henry Stanton
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AVOIDED SUBJECTS DISCUSSED IN PLAIN ENGLISH (1922), is an unusual treatise on sex education, in America. Abstinence, virginity, the vicious of masturbation, sex in marriage, are subjects treated in... More > this book. a very interesting perspective of sex in 1922.< Less
Sex After Marriage for Christian Women By Sean Mosley
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One of the most important things a Christian couple can do is to stay sexually pure for each other, for themselves, and for God. However, there isn't a lot of practical information out there on what... More > can be done to make sure you don't go too far. Temptation can be really strong, because, after all, the person you're engaged to is the person you plan to have sex with for the rest of your lives.< Less
Sex before Marriage. What's the harm? By Daniele Luciano Moskal
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God is a holy God who feels very strongly about SEX before marriage and has listed it in the Holy Bible as one of His most serious offenses we can commit. He has made a strong moral statement on how... More > He feels about unmarried people and sex relations which is found in the Book of 1 Corinthians, chapter 6, verses 9-10. "Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind, nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God." Many people know that in marriage adultery is wrong, but don't realize that God considers pre-marital sex (fornication) just as serious. God definitely says "NO" to any sex before marriage. In this book the author tackles this everyday question using the very Word of God to teach the reader in an easy-to-comprehend style the reasons why, ‘Sex before Marriage is very harmful!!’< Less
The Constitution and Same-Sex Marriage: The Original Understanding By William D. ("Bill") Graves
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A district judge shows that the original intent of the United States Constitution cannot be construed to permit same-sex “marriage.” The Founders operated within a Christian worldview and... More > created a nation that demanded marriage defined as it had always been defined in every nation: between one man and one woman.< Less
Just The Basics Please! Book 2: Marriage and Sex By Debra Avara
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Are you ready for a serious, intimate relationship? Whether you are still in high school, fresh out of high school, or in college, this book was written for you. Just The Basics Please! Book 2:... More > Marriage and Sex, is a guide for everyone who wants to understand their new lives! Read basic suggestions for a good marriage. What is it like to go through and survive a divorce? Ready to remarry? How do you survive a blended family? Your love is changing – that’s OK! Do you want a great sex life? Of course you do - Learn how! Marriage is tough. Make it better from the start!< Less