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Mars Hill: A Living Legacy By Michael W. Lemberger, LeAnn Lemberger
Hardcover: $72.35
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The oldest log-cabin church still in use in the United States, Mars Hill was built in 1857 and serves today as a non-denominational chapel. Heavily damaged in an arson fire in 2006, the church has... More > been rebuilt.< Less
An Alien from Mars By Gemma Hill
Paperback: $8.50
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An alien called Slimetastic comes to earth to freeze the population and rob the banks but the next time he returns to earth he finds an unpleasant surprise.
The House of Mars By Orrin Grey
eBook (ePub): $1.50
Police find three bodies in an abandoned house in the Hollywood Hills. One wakes up. Straddling the boundary between dream and nightmare, fantasy and reality, "The House of Mars" tells... More > the story of one burned-out detective's investigation into a mystery that transcends time and space. Police find three bodies in an abandoned house in the Hollywood Hills. One wakes up. That's just the beginning.< Less
Horsemen of Mars By Codex Regius
eBook (ePub): $5.53
The award-winning science novel The Horsemen of Mars come with the solar wind. The sparks beneath their invisible hoofs illuminate the nights of the red planet. A marvellous sight from the safety... More > of your base on Mars. But when you are lost in the red planet's desert, the Horsemen of Mars show their fatal facet as their wild hunt is tracking down your fragile body. Join our Mars crew in the most critical time of their mission! Follow them into the struggle for their lives on the hostile plains and hills of the red planet. An illustrated science novel for young and adult armchair astronomers. Including two double-page maps and many real images from Mars' surface.< Less
A Harris (Hill & Park) Clan in California By Robert Z. Callaham
Paperback: $17.95
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Joseph Harris (Sr.) was born July 1848 to Rosalie Brady, of John Francis Harris, in Baltimore, Md. In Mar 1869 he became Dr. of Medicine, Univ. of Md., School of Medicine. The likely but undocumented... More > mother of the illegitimate child of Dr. Joseph Harris was Eliza ‘Lizzie’ F. Petrie, M.D. She received her degree, Mar 1869, Women’s Med. Col. of PA in Philadelphia. Their only child Joseph Harris (Jr.) was b. Kansas City, Mo., 7 Jul 1882. His father died in KC (1885). He was left in KC with a nanny and (likely Hill) families. At age 16, Joe Jr. biked 1700 miles over mountains and deserts to Fresno and on to a Hill Family in Lemoore, CA. There he met Maude Buttercup Hill and married her in Fresno, 21 Oct 1902. After Birdie was born in Fresno, Joe and Maude migrated northward to Washington. There their three other children were born: Alma Evelyn, James Joseph, and Robert William. Eight chapters of text tell stories of these principals, illustrated with 36 figures. Three appendices complete the book.< Less
American Idols: Reaching the Starbucks Generation By mark mason
Paperback: $14.95
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The 'Starbucks Generation' is our generation. A people steeped in idolatry and materialism yet suffering from epic levels of depression and low self esteem; a generation starving for the... More > supernatural and searching for truth. Drawing from the Apostle Paul's effectiveness on Mars Hill, this book will help pastors, church leaders and all Christians take the fear and complexity out of "witnessing" our faith. Many more lives can be changed if we will follow the Holy Spirit and stop trying to legislate morality. It is time to quit spending kingdom dollars litigating over crosses standing in public parks when we should be wearing them on our backs. It is time to 'challenge the system on every front' and return to true Christianity- loving God, loving people and loving life.< Less
Adolescent Imaginations: The Magic Within By Suomynona Cigam
Paperback: $12.00
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Magical Realism stories by English II Honors students at MECHS in Mars Hill, NC.
Adolescent Imaginations: The Magic Within By Suomynona Cigam
Hardcover: $20.55
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Hard back version of Magical Realism compilation of stories by students from Madison Early College High School in Mars Hill, NC
Schlock Bi-Monthly: Volume 2, Issue 2 By Rogue Planet Press
Paperback: $10.47
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A HAUNTING on the hill leads to the disintegration of a local teacher’s personality in Abingdon’s Calling by MS Swift. Another voice from beyond the grave can be heard in social media in... More > Gary Murphy’s The Online Dead. The narrator of our next story is also haunted, this time by The Woman on the Sidewalk, in a story by Gregory KH Bryant, whose serial The Caves of Mars reached Part Eleven elsewhere in this issue. Moving on from ghosts to the occult, we are cordially invited to a Wizard Con in Walter G Esselman’s comic fantasy tale, and also we encounter Merita King’s Witch of Pleasford Dale. —Gavin Chappell< Less
The Sons and Daughters of Sams By Beck Sams
eBook (PDF): $1.25
"The Sons and Daughters of Sams" book is based on Dr. Crawford F. Sams' book, “Sams Family of Virginia” and his book served as the foundation in the writing of this book. As... More > each new discovery was unearthed through corresponding citations, speculation from Dr. Sams' research has developed into scores of new branches. This book is a collaborated effort by scores of genealogists. There are hundreds of "Courtesy of..." sources as well as census files corresponding to the individuals and families of each generation. "The first male Sams to immigrate to the 'New World' was William Sams born 10 Feb 1621 on Fleet Street in London, England. . .” “Based on all available records, it is considered most likely that William Sams is the progenitor of the Sams family line in Colonial Virginia." Sams Family Reunions are held semi-annually; in the spring in Mars Hill, NC and in the fall in Flag Pond, TN. Details of upcoming reunions can be obtained through Everyone is welcome.< Less