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Mass By scavinold
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An exemplified moment of the severe effects of government induced social repression.
The mass effect guide By Epikarysa Bookstore
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This guide is the perfect tool for those who want to know more or discover the amazing universe of Mass Effect. To learn all about Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2, Mass Effect 3 and Mass Effect Andromeda,... More > do not miss this chance. The game takes place in the year 2183, with the player controlling an elite human soldier named Commander Shepard and setting out to explore the Galaxy on a starship, the SSV Normandy. The eponymous "mass effect" is a form of mass-negating technology, allowing faster-than-light travel.< Less
Anadrol: Highly Effective Gains In Body Mass By Dallas Compton
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Oxymetholone is a potent oral anabolic steroid that first appeared in the 1960’s under the trade names Anadrol 50 and Androyd. To this day the Oxymetholone hormone is normally referred to as... More > Anadrol in most circles. When the steroid was first released it was touted as holding numerous therapeutic benefits. The range of benefits included the treatment gastrointestinal disease, osteoporosis and anemia, as well as treating chronic underweight issues and combating any catabolic disease or condition. Over the years Anadrol has fallen under heavy scrutiny from the U.S. FDA as have most anabolic steroids. Currently, the Oxymetholone hormone is only approved in the U.S. for the treatment of anemia, as well as muscle wasting diseases like HIV and AIDS.< Less
Le guide de Mass Effect By Epikarysa Bookstore
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Ce guide est l'outil parfait pour ceux qui veulent en savoir plus ou découvrir l'univers incroyable de Mass effect. Pour tout savoir sur Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2, Mass Effect 3 et Mass... More > Effect Andromeda, ne manquez cette chance. Le jeu se déroule en 2183, dans un univers où l'humanité est désormais capable de se déplacer dans la galaxie grâce à l'effet cosmodésique, connu des autres espèces sous le nom de « Mass Effect », à la suite de découvertes technologiques d'origine extra-terrestre sur la planète Mars.< Less
Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough Guide - Now Also Contains Cheats & Tips By CheatsUnlimited
eBook (ePub): $3.87
If you are struggling in the midst of battle against the Husks, Cerberus or even Phantoms in Mass Effect 3, then this is the right place to be. The EZ Guides Mass Effect 3 walkthrough guide will get... More > you through the single player campaign mode. We'll tell you how to fight the enemies, where to direct the Normandy and even where to find weapons. Following this guide, you can successfully shoot your way to the end of the game. Consoles covered: Xbox 360, PS3, PC< Less
Flash Mobs: Mobile Mass Communication and Its Effect on Public Space By Thomas Michael
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Project for Network Culture. Spring 2010. University of Pennsylvania. Professor Kasys Varnelis
Flash Mobs: Mobile Mass Communication and Its Effect on Public Space By Thomas Michael
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Project for Network Culture. Spring 2010. University of Pennsylvania. Professor Kasys Varnelis
Get That Mass Muscle By Derrick Howard
eBook (ePub): $9.99
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One important thing to keep in mind is that if you are new to strength and weight training, you want to start off with a lower weight initially, as you work towards conditioning your body to handle... More > more weight. One of the biggest mistakes that new bodybuilders make is in going full force into workouts, and without having a strong foundation and a system conditioned to effectively handle and manage intense weight, they end up permanently damaging tissue, hindering their ability to build strong muscle mass.< Less
Mass Media and social Problem By Ashok Sharanappa
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The media provide access to and construct social problems for large numbers of audiences throughout the world and in turn themselves have become a social problem in view of their multiple and complex... More > effects, many negative. The media have been blamed by a wide spectrum of theorists and critics for promoting violence and sexism, racism, homophobia, ageism, and other oppressive social phenomena. Social problems connected with the media also involve allegedly harmful media influence on children and youth; pornography and the degradation of women and sexuality; advertising manipulation; and the promotion of excessive consumerism and materialism.< Less
28 Days of MASS By David Kirschen & Vinny Que
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In an era when “functional” training is all the rage, there is nothing more functional for gaining mass than heavy weights and hard work. What happens when a world class bodybuilder and... More > elite powerlifter combine the lessons they’ve learned from training and competing with the best? You get a simple but brutally effective program for building both muscle mass and strength at an alarming rate. Based on 28 day training cycles, this manual outlines contest proven methods for gaining size and strength faster than you've ever thought possible. Included are sample programs, illustrated exercise list, and eating plan.< Less

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