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The Writings of Maximus the Confessor By Saint Maximus
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Maximus the Confessor also known as Maximus the Theologian and Maximus of Constantinople (c. 580 – 13 August 662) was a Christian monk, theologian, and scholar.When one of his friends began... More > espousing the Christological position known as Monothelitism, Maximus was drawn into the controversy, in which he supported an interpretation of the Chalcedonian formula on the basis of which it was asserted that Jesus had both a human and a divine will. Maximus is venerated in both Eastern Christianity and Western Christianity. His Christological positions eventually resulted in the mutilation of his tongue and right hand, after which he was exiled and died on August 13, 662 in Tsageri, Georgia.< Less
Poetica Maximus By Kenneth Molyneaux
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Poetry of the New Dawn.
Poetica Maximus By Kenneth Molyneaux
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Poetry of the New Dawn.
Hortus Maximus By Christopher Becker
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A collection of photographs taken during the summer and fall of 2010. Not attempting to capture a plant in it's entirety, these photos focus in on parts that captured the eye. Flower, leaf,... More > pattern, texture, color...< Less
Spiritus Maximus Issue #1 By Kat Klockow
Paperback: $5.00
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Legendary creatures are now the main population on Earth, with vampires, werewolves, mermaids, and others out in the open around the world. Humans, however, have become a thing of legend themselves.... More > Spritus, or their ghosts, are the only remaining fragment of human life. A popular past time for young Monstrum is to go seeking such spirits. Sawyer (a vampire) and Munny (a werewolf) particularly love going spirit hunting. On one outing however, in an abandoned hospital, they come across the most mythical of beings- a human girl.< Less
Doc Osmium: Synchronius Maximus By James 'Grim' Desborough
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Twelve digits, the best genetics science can buy, a PHD from the University of Life and a roaring muscle car. Almost everything a Science Hero could need to put the world to rights and to explore its... More > mysteries but, perhaps, something remains that he could put to good use. A partner and - perhaps - a little humility. Doc Osmium is the short, neo-pulp tale of a two-fisted scientist unravelling a chain of uncanny coincidence that leads him back to... well, you'll just have to read to find out.< Less
Soul Damage By Maximus Wright
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The story follows this wildly attractive yet very mysterious character named “Sirius”. Sirius is perceived as the typical ladies’ man, but has a dark past that is ever present.... More > Sirius is incredibly charismatic and has an almost magical gift with people, but his past prevents him from creating friendships or meaningful relationships. This story addresses some issues that have been too taboo to even mention. Sirius has a very complicated relationship with God and border line hatred for organized religion. As a child, he and his mother were thrown out of the church after it came to light his mother was having an affair with the pastor. The result of this leads to a life filled with drugs, prostitution, molestation, and violence. He is envied by the character “Gary” and obsessed by the character “Cynthia”, both are his co-workers. They make it their mission to find out who he really is.< Less
The Shearin Group Leadership Training By Maximus Gardner
eBook (PDF): $8.99
10 tips for passing practical assessments when applying for a senior teaching job Your CV has made the cut, now it’s time for presentations, demonstration lessons and psychometric tests.... More > Here’s how to prepare for success Interviews for teaching jobs used to involve a half-hour chat to a panel of well-meaning governors. But these days, they are more like physical and psychological assault courses with presentations, demonstration lessons, psychometric tests, observations and in-tray exercises. And if you’re applying for a senior teaching job, you need to prepare yourself for the practical tests as well as the formal interview.< Less
Delight! By Yoshimus Maximus
eBook (PDF): $1.00
Delight! is a story about a young girl who has blossomed into a vivacious, sexy, and confident woman. Now she's a confident teenage woman who wants to have sex with her father.
Growing up In a Vile of Cocaine By Maximus Granada
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Max could be considered your typical American guy, except his parents were part of one of the biggest Colombian Cartels in Chicago History. With profits of over 90 million Dollars per year! 30... More > families thought they had conquered the Coca industry, they felt the World was theirs. While everyone was getting paid, everyone was happy, until a couple of people snitched, a couple of people brought more attention than necessary. With Jewelry stores worth millions and properties world wide, the majority of these people would end up with nothing. What will Max do when his parents go to prison? What choices will he make? Will he grow up to be the new Escobar himself? . "Walk with me as I show you how the kid inside the Cartel grew up"< Less

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Birth Log Book Birth Log Book By Emily Rumsey
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