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Riding with the Wind By Betsy Hays
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Riding with the Wind is a rollicking eco-adventure for middle grade readers, the story of an unlikely friendship between Chester, a timid squirrel, and Gabby, a plucky chipmunk. Both animals share a... More > burning desire to escape their increasingly difficult city lives, where global warming and crowding threaten their very existence. As soon as Chester and Gabby head off together, they fall into a towering waterfall and nearly drown. Fate steps in as Fire Crown, king of the crows, and Omani, a mythic spirit that dwells in the huge falls that once powered the now struggling city, rescue them. Transported by the brave son of Fire Crown, a gigantic crow named Jet-Glider, the unlikely adventurers set out in search of greener pastures. Their journey spans four seasons and takes them to far-flung and wild places in the most densely populated state in the country. Along the way, they experience fantastic creatures and constant dangers as well as the richness of the area’s history and its fragile ecology.< Less
The Bow By Bill Sharrock
eBook (PDF): $1.70
James Fletcher is a yeoman farmer with an his eye on a piece of meadowland down by the Thames near Brentford. Only problem is, the Dean of St Paul's wants a fair sum for the privilege of him farming... More > it. Solution : leave young wife and leave for France where the money is. As a longbowman he can expect 6 pennies a day with extras thrown in. The problem is, the campaign he joins is the Agincourt campaign, and it's much tougher than he expected.< Less
Aakashwani - Ek Vikas Madhyam By Kailash Yadav
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'The village community consist of a group of related or unrelated persons larger than a single family occupying a large house or a number of dwelling places closed together. ... More > Some times irregularly. Sometimes in a street and cultivating orginally in common a number of arable fields dividing the available meadowland between them and pasturing their cattle upon the surrounding waste land over which the community claims rights as far as the boundaries of adjacent communities< Less
The 1988 San Francisco 49ers By Arne Christensen
eBook (PDF): $4.00
A comprehensive guide to the 1988 San Francisco 49ers, the team that ended Bill Walsh's NFL coaching career by winning the franchise's third Super Bowl. This e-book includes game summaries, quotes,... More > and full box scores for each of the 49ers' 19 games over the regular season and playoffs. Relive everything from the stunning 78-yard Jerry Rice touchdown to beat the Giants in the Meadowlands on September 11 to The Drive that beat the Bengals. A set of three closing essays discusses Coach Walsh and the Young vs. Montana quarterback controversy. Kevin Lynch, 49ers reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle, called this "a fantastic body of work. . . . ['88] was my first year covering the team and the memories came flooding back."< Less
Lush By Jenny Enochsson, Ande Enochsson
Paperback: $8.70
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Rufous Press’ latest publication Lush contains poetry by John Swain, Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal, Jennifer Lemming, Kevin Ridgeway, Rachel Kellum, Akeith Walters, Tobi Cogswell, Elvis Alves,... More > David Svenson, Ariane Lewis, Cameron Scott, prose poetry by bruno neiva and prose by Matt Galletta, Jenny Enochsson and Ande Enochsson. “Lush is an exquisite collection, brimming with the palatial richness of summer’s luster. Like watching August light reveal the veins in shady leaves, the pieces in Lush remind us that this season of warmth is also meta-palace of memory where the scent of clover can unveil a forgotten moment or shadows on water can stir a desire long hidden within. Once again, Rufous Press has produced a thoughtful and exciting compilation of new voices.” -Megan Duffy, Editor of The Meadowland Review< Less
Collage & Contradictions By Andreas Huemer
eBook (PDF): $31.13
Collage & Contradictions is a journey through two hundred years of architecture history and theory. A collection of projects and its theories. Collected, set in historical context, evaluated, and... More > concluded as a whole to describe a fictional project somewhere else. This somewhere was extracted from projects around Manhattan, an area pretty unknown for New Yorkers called the Meadowlands. Through the historical projects, a kind of language was developed to describe a site in different ways. By linking it to more than twenty very different projects, the site can be seen from various angles. This angles are not only defined by the writer, they are the ideas of some of the most remarkable architects and therefore not founded on just one subject, they are a collage of characteristics. The results are notes on the site about what kind of qualities are already visible, which ones are there but not seen by the average and advices about in what direction projects should get developed further.< Less
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