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Smoking Meat By Brayden Butler
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Smoking Meat - 15 Amazing and Delicious Barbecue Recipes - The Complete BBQ Smoking Guide For Beginners!(FREE BONUS INCLUDED) Explore the wonderful world of smoking meat, and the side dishes... More > traditionally served with smoked meats. Originally a way to preserve meat in an age before refrigeration, smoking meat has become an epicurean skill – a way to transform less than perfect cuts of meat into melt-in-your mouth delights. Explore also the side dishes that are often served with smoked meat, the sauces and other things that go with the meats. Smoking meat is not just for the backwoods person, or the back-to-the-land movement; it is also a culinary skill that can be mastered by anyone with enough time and patience to utilize the modern tools that are available. Open these pages, and begin.< Less
meat eleven By Adrian Lourie
eBook (PDF): $12.64
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meat eleven is the latest issue of the cult British gay pinup zine. 44 colour pages. This issue includes an interview with American singer/songwriter Tom Goss and a no holds barred account of... More > posing for meat by meat 10 pinup Daniel Warner.< Less
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A new collection of dark horror fiction just long enough to scare the daylights out of you!
eBook (PDF): $9.99
A new collection of dark horror fiction just long enough to scare the daylights out of you!
Meat Puppet By TG Reaper
eBook (ePub): $6.99
A new collection of dark horror fiction just long enough to scare the daylights out of you!
meat one By Adrian Lourie
eBook (PDF): $12.43
meat one was the first zine from London based photographer adrianlourie* published in august 2010 as a limited edition signed and numbered print zine meat one is now available as a digital download
Meat 7 By Adrian Lourie
eBook (PDF): $12.64
meat 7 digital version This special edition of the gay pinup pictorial 'meat' contains 85 pages of images including all those in the original print version and others unseen.
Lunch meat By Emilia Batchelor
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This book includes one short story entitled 'Story', a collection of poems written over January 2014 in Seoul, and a longer fiction piece entitled 'Veronica's Bo Bo'. Each piece is stylistically... More > different, a small exhibit of my writing interests and directions at this point. I am interested in the way insular things like perception and feeling externalize through the writer and the medium, and how chaos can compress via externalization and be quieted. I find the editing process to be a problem-solving device to induce calm in chaos. This book is dedicated to making fruit salad, ending up with tripe, and wondering where things went wrong. This book is dedicated to lunch meat and all its mystery. Some parts of this book are dedicated to Seoul, Korea, purveyor of Spam, where I recently moved. All bits and pieces are works of fiction.< Less
The Meat Mate By Strasser Phil
eBook (PDF): $6.74
Debut author and Bondi chef Phil Strasser says execution is everything when it comes to cooking red meat well. This commitment to perfect execution is the heart of his latest book, The Meat Mate:... More > Cooking Red Meat to Perfection. Regardless of the type of red meat, or whether you’re roasting or braising it, The Meat Mate lifts the lid on chefs’ secrets – how do they get that chargrill crisscross on beef steaks? How do they make goat meat fall off the bone? The Meat Mate is a culmination of Strasser’s commitment to his craft as a chef and his experiences as an educator and adventurer with food. Strasser’s recipes are simply delicious, which makes it a must have for any serious carnivorous kitchen! Make sure you check out his cracked pepper berry and wattle seed crusted veal tenderloins, and his Aussie braised goat in red wine. Yum. This book is a bound to become an Aussie meat-eaters classic!< Less
Smoking Meat By Mark Beams
eBook (ePub): $3.99
This method of cooking food is also known as grilling which is simply cooking food by applying indirect heat. Usually this is done by placing the fire at the bottom level of the container and the... More > meat at the top in a vertical setup. It can also be done in an horizontal setup, but this way is less popular. There are some rules for different kinds of meat, which essentially are different approaches to grilling. The main heat source that is used in smoking food can be charcoal, gas, wood, electric or plain steam. One of the challenges to smoking food is keeping a recommended temperature and maintaining a great smoke flow.< Less

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