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THE BIG BLUE SLIDE (hard cover) By Michael Verrett
Hardcover: $21.95
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What is a Rainey-Estelle kind of day? It is the type of day when anything can happen, especially if your name is Rainey -Estelle and you are under the age of eleven. At Rainey-Estelle's school (dear... More > old PBS) sits the Big Blue Slide. Rainey-Estelle wants to go onto the gi-normous slide, but there is a problem. She is not tall enough and there are vigilant Height Inspectors determined to keep her off of the dangerous slide. Rainey-Estelle will not be denied. She comes up with a clever plan to get onto the gigantic slide - and she will do it today at recess. ~The Big Blue Slide is the first in a series based upon the indomitable Rainey-Estelle.< Less
The Big Blue Slide By Michael Verrett
Paperback: $17.95
Ships in 3-5 business days.
Rainey-Estelle is a fashion conscious little girl who has all sorts of adventures. At her school is the Big Blue Slide. Only children of the right height can go on the slide and Rainey-Estelle is... More > too short. This does not discourage her as she comes up with a clever plan to get past the very-thorough Height Inspectors. On then can she challenge the monstrous Big Blue Slide. She will go faster than a race car, faster that a plane, and faster than a rocket ship and she will do it today at recess.< Less