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Reflections of the Media By Cherry Street Publications
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Reflections of the Media archives the chronology of the media, from the first manifestations of primitive anthropogenic communication on cave walls, to the presupposed actualization of a greater than... More > human super-intelligence, realizing a technological singularity. Reflections of the Media is an archaeological investigation through the eons of human existence aimed at discovering the origins of the media and their impact on civilizations of both antiquity and modernity. Through accounts of ancient inceptions of mass media, the five major media revolutions (print, film, radio, television, and personal computing), and the controversial highlight of a technological singularity, Reflections of the Media investigates the formulation of mass media as both a truthful and deceptive force, offering a dialectical conversation in the discourse of critical media theory.< Less
Future of Media By Maximus Borough
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This book of Future of Media aims to give an insight into the future of our communication and media. It contains articles, studies, and promulgated theories regarding media. Information that included... More > are thoroughly studied and theories indicated by Maximus Borough.< Less
In Medias Res By Jen Selinsky
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"In Medias Res" is a book of short poems written by the author. The title has nothing to do with its contents, but they are similar in nature to her previous works.
Homelessness in the Media By Alivia Brown Alessi
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This analysis aims to examine homelessness in the mainstream media era by era from the Great Depression to the present day. The research and analysis compiled will take a look into the representation... More > of the homeless in each era, and the impact of that depiction in common public opinion as shown by one of the greatest indicators of public attitude: mainstream visual media. For the purposes of this research, mainstream visual media will encompass mainly television/movies, and a select number published articles with pictures or photo-essays. This study will attempt to understand in depth the extent of how homelessness was portrayed in each decade through media, in hopes to better understand the vast societal problem that seems to haunt major cities in the United States currently. The work will be divided into chapters for each era, five research-based, with an introduction and conclusion, making seven chapters (sections) total.< Less
Dictionary of Media By Carlos March
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Th e entire pattern of pronunciation typical of a particular region or social group. Accent is a feature of dialect and can be classed as an aspect of non-verbal communication. Th e use of most... More > languages is marked by differing dialects and their accompanying accents. In Britain a range of regional accents still survive and are important signs of regional identity and affiliation. Simon Elmes commenting on contemporary uses of accent found in the BBC Voices survey in his book entitled Talking for Britain: A Journey through the Nation’s Dialects (Penguin Books, 2005) notes that, ‘A striking feature of many of the … interviews has been the way in which specific accents and words are identifi ed as belonging very narrowly to a particular village or town.’< Less
Media Chemistry By Clive Shepherd
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All online communication, whether that’s published content, live online events or social media, make use of the same key media elements: text, audio, images, animation and video. The online... More > communicator needs to know when to use each of these elements, how to do so effectively within the particular constraints associated with working online, and how best to combine media elements to achieve their communications objectives. Onlignment has prepared this resource to shed some light on these issues and to encourage more rewarding online communication for all involved.< Less
Nonkilling Media By Joám Evans Pim
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The importance of rethinking media and entertainment from a nonkilling perspective is self-explanatory. In "Nonkilling Global Political Science", Glenn Paige pointed out how violence is... More > "socially learned and culturally reinforced". This social effort is by no means casual or due to some innate taste or demand for violence content historically considered repugnantbut rather, "violent media socialization is useful for a state in need of professional patriotic killers". Nonkilling creativity throuought the ages also shows how a life-enhancing media is possible. At the Center for Global Nonkilling we sincerely hope that the contributions compiled in this volume may help shape an alternative to the lethal ideology that permates media that may enhance the value of life.< Less
Media Is The Masses By Sean Stubblefield
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The title is a play on words deriving from the book's inspiration: Marshall McLuhan, the media and communications theorist who originated the phrase "The medium is the message". These... More > articles comment on the subject of interactions between Man and media. A collection of material from a weekly column during 2008, and various media related articles written between 2005 and 2008, posted at The Student Operated Press. > donations accepted through paypal:< Less
Media Law By Jane Kirtley
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Thoughtful people disagree about the proper role of the news media. Some believe that journalists should support government and supply the public only with information the government deems... More > appropriate. Some believe the press instead should be the government’s watchdog, searching out and reporting on abuses of power. Some want the press to be an advocate, to champion causes, and to take political positions. Others believe the press should be objective and nonpartisan. Some believe that the press should respect and reflect social institutions and traditions. Others believe that the press should question and challenge them. This book suggests that despite these disagreements there are standards that describe the privileges and responsibilities of a free press in a free society.< Less
Murder by Media By Scott Balson
eBook (PDF): $25.00
This 250 page paperback book looks factually at the media bias and blatant distortion of reporting by the mainstream media in Australia on the failed Pauline Hanson's One Nation party.

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