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The Mediterranean Diet : Breakfast Recipes (Vol 1) By Crystal Moore
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A Mediterranean Diet consolidates the conventional solid living propensities for individuals from nations circumscribing the Mediterranean Sea, including Italy, France, Greece and Spain.... More > Mediterranean food changes by locale and has a scope of definitions, however is generally in view of vegetables, organic products, nuts, beans, oat grains, olive oil and fish. The Mediterranean Diet has been related with great wellbeing, including a more beneficial heart. A recent report found that individuals following a Mediterranean eating routine had a 30% lower danger of coronary illness and stroke. You can make your eating routine more Mediterranean-style by: eating a lot of dull nourishments, for example, bread and pasta eating a lot of foods grown from the ground eating some fish eating less meat picking items produced using vegetable and plant oils, for example, olive oil< Less
Mediterranean Diet - Super Slim Down Dishes By Ayana Stamford
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If you’re looking for fun, flavoursome and fat reducing foods, then welcome to Ayana Stamford’s “Mediterranean Diet –Super Slim Down Dishes”. She’ll show you how... More > to like what you cook and drop a few dress sizes along the way. This little book will bring to life all the wonderful mouth-watering meals you always wanted to eat... but were afraid to cook. This humorous eating guide will let you in on what to eat and how to prepare it- without a hint of superiority, (yeah right)! Really, by the time you've flicked through the succulent dinners and licked your lips over the delicious deserts, you might even feel yourself spontaneously slimming down! Scrumptious simple recipes to leave you feeling fit and healthy with a smile on your face. No more bingeing on bird seed when you’re trying to drop a few pounds. Throw out the questionable shakes and bring on the butter! Ayana Stamford’s flavoursome foods and quick wit will leave you in no doubt that the simplest things are usually the best!< Less
The Lost Recipe - Secret Dishes of Mediterranean Diet By Giuseppe Felitti
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This book was born with the intent of preserving part of the traditional recipes belonging to the Mediterranean diet, linked to Southern Italy: an undoubtedly popular cuisine, a nutritional model... More > that has demonstrated to the world its beneficial effects on health and longevity. Particularly, we will focus on the geographical area of Cilento, near the border between Campania and Basilicata regions: a fairy and unspoilt landscape characterized by small villages lurking in the hills, often surrounded by forests, secular trees, mountains, streams and rivers... This is Lucania, the ancient land of Lucani. The origins of the name remain mysterious today: according to some historical studies, it seems that the meaning can be derived from the combination of Latin words "Lucus" ("Holy Woods") and "Lux" ("Light"). "The Lost Recipes" are now finally rediscovered and made available to everyone in this book, with the hope that you too can become "Guardians of Tradition" over time.< Less
Telos VIII - Monasticism in the Mediterranean. Now and Tomorrow By Fondation de Malte
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Monasticism in the Mediterranean: Now and Tomorrow In this edition of Telos, the contributors were asked to offer readers their views and their personal stories in monasticism in its present form in... More > in the Mediterranean. The continuing existence of monasticism in the twenty-first century may seem anachronistic to some and a quaint continuity to others. As the contributors to this edition of Telos demonstrate, the monastic call answers a deeper spiritual manifestation in the individual, transcending history. From the Mediterranean origins of this form of monasticism to today’s Mediterranean reality, the monk is a comforting reference point, living a labour of love to God’s eternal promise With articles by Aldo CAVALLI, Grigorios D. PAPATHOMAS, , Salvino BUSUTTIL, Edward G. FARRUGIA, Henri TEISSIER, Robert FOUQUEZ, Frère MARIE PÂQUES.< Less
Telos Volume VI: Perspectives on Political Change in the Mediterranean By Fondation de Malte
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in the North African Arab world, democracy has been trying to sprout serenely through real parliaments. Some, if not all of them, have been working first and foremost as constituent assemblies,... More > formulating constitutions where, in theory laced by hope, the absolutist conditions enjoyed only by the dictators would be forever abolished.In such a setting, the Mediterranean Parliamentary Assembly holds a privileged, if highly responsible, position both as a model of democratic governance as well as a gathering place where states are encouraged to emulate the more ‘democratic’ among them. Speakers/Presidents of the nascent and the older Parliaments could galvanise this institution to take a major role in the Union for the Mediterranean, so that parliamentary democracy is seen as a real dialogic instrument for peace. To that goal this TELOS is dedicated.< Less
Fae Visions of the Mediterranean: An Anthology of Horrors and Wonders of the Sea By Djibril al-Ayad & Valeria Vitale
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The Mediterranean is a liquid road connecting places and people. Ships, words and stories travel on its waves. Sometimes fantastic creatures, hidden in the hold. The Mediterranean speaks many... More > languages; some of them we don’t recognize anymore. They are ancient, but never really dead. This speculative fiction anthology collects twenty-four pieces of fiction and poetry, new and old, and some things that are in between, because we don’t believe in boundaries. It gathers Mediterranean stories with a horror twist and horror stories with a Mediterranean flavour—caring sea monsters, still dripping and briny; brave mermaids, merciless ghosts and bizarre creatures—with exerpts in nine different languages and many different styles.< Less
Healthy Mediterranean Recipes with Medical Marijuana (CBD oil) By Ioanna Lazarou
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In this book, you will find the most popular traditional Mediterranean recipes with therapeutic herbs, in combination with medical cannabis (CBD Oil or Medical cannabis). I wanted people who are... More > taking medical cannabis to get to know the Greek cuisine and its therapeutic properties with the help of herbs and traditional olive oil. Medical cannabis has anti-carcinogenic effects, which are responsible for preventing or delaying cancer development. Meaning that cannabinoids offer cancer patients a therapeutic option in aggressive cancers' treatment. Some of the diseases that science has proven that cannabis can treat are arthritis, cancer, Crohn's disease, diabetes, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson's disease.< Less
Spanish-Mediterranean Cuisine: Catalonian Toast Bread By Alberto Antón & Ana Marta Pomares
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This is a popular recipe of the Spanish-Mediterranean Cuisine. Originally it comes from Catalonia, a region of the northeast of Spain. This is probably the most popular and typical plate from this... More > place. Catalonian Toast Bread, (pa amb tomaca), is a very simply way to get a genuine Mediterranean flavor, it is very easy, very fast & very cheap to make. Also this meal is very customizable as your wishes, but the most important is how healthy is to eat this meal as an appetizer or starter. Bread, olive oil and tomatoes are waiting for you... enjoy your meal!...< Less
Easy Mediterranean Recipes for Self-Catering Holidays By Paul du Bois
eBook (PDF): $5.62
Easy one-pot meals for those self-caterering in the Mediterranean with limited cooking facilities. This collection of tasty, healthy and wholesome recipes uses locally available ingredients.
Summer Cruise in the Mediterranean on board an American frigate By Nathaniel Parker Willis
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Hint: You can preview this book by clicking on "Preview" which is located under the cover of this book. About the author: Nathaniel Parker Willis (January 20, 1806 – January 20,... More > 1867), also known as N. P. Willis, was an American author, poet and editor who worked with several notable American writers including Edgar Allan Poe and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. He became the highest-paid magazine writer of his day. For a time, he was the employer of former slave and future writer Harriet Jacobs. His brother was the composer Richard Storrs Willis and his sister Sara wrote under the name Fanny Fern.Born in Portland, Maine, Willis came from a family of publishers. His grandfather Nathaniel Willis owned newspapers in Massachusetts and Virginia, and his father Nathaniel Willis was the founder of Youth's Companion, the first newspaper specifically for children. Excerpt from:< Less

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