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The-Raphaelite Art of John Melhuish Strudwick By Steven Kolsteren
eBook (PDF): $5.09
A survey of the Pre-Raphaelite art of John Melhuish Strudwick and his connections to Rossetti and Burne-Jones
Fit for Business - Discover the nine key mistakes costing your business time, money & customers, and learn how to overcome them By Emma Melhuish
Paperback: $11.37
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Business owners everywhere are working longer hours, doing the wrong things in the wrong way, and getting inadequate results for their efforts.The thing is it is not their fault. So many start in... More > business because they are great at what they do, not great at running a business. Served up in a simple, straight talking fashion this book delivers instant solutions for your business.You will discover: • Why the way you think impacts massively on your results • The number one reason why most people fail • The key reason that money is tight • Why time is always short • The importance of planning • Why business is a team game • How to be seen by more of the right kind of people • The secret reason why customers are not coming back • Why the phone is not ringing This book offers an open and honest account of a number of the most common mistakes made, and provides simple solutions and strategies that can be immediately applied. A catalyst to open your mind and realise that success lies in your hands.< Less
APRIL FOOLS' DAY By Robin Melhuish
Paperback: $16.85
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Finding a letter written more than half a century ago to a lover is nothing unusual. Finding the reply is. The Third Reich is falling apart the allies are invading and still there is a group trying... More > to salvage something from the ruins. Who for? What for? How do provisional postage stamps and love letters alter the course of the history of postwar Europe. Did Martin Bormann really die in Berlin? Did Hans Frank's plunder go totally missing? We know about the forged British currency, but what about the Dollars. Terry Watts wants to find out. Some discrepancies in reporting between the military records and the newspapers, a dead American in a German war grave and a lorry full of stolen Polish Art treasures, not to mention 11 tonnes of gold and just maybe a billion forged banknotes are all parts of a puzzle that keep Terry and his accomplices on their toes. Finders keepers? You have to find it first.< Less
THE QUIET WAY By Robin Melhuish
Paperback: $21.02
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A novel about the discovery of a plan to detonate 30 tons of ether in Britain, the search for a suspected Al Qaida sleeper in Chester and a big explosion. No one knows where or when though. A... More > break-in at a research facility in North West England complicates the scene. DCI Hanks is sorely tried in the race against the odds and time to prevent the unthinkable. The conflicts of modern Britain under the spotlight, racism, political correctness and the laughable pampering to idiocy, all hindering the investigators' progress and leading to a final conflict of conscience. The question of Justice or revenge, or are they the same thing? A taut analysis of current virology and the defence of nations, which will leave you wondering where the next flu epidemic really came from. ‘Rebuilding America's Defences’ In that paper it states ‘the art of warfare will be vastly different, transforming biological warfare from the realm of terror to a politically useful tool’.< Less
Untimely Harvest By John Melhuish
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Here we have two interwoven stories set in the Sheffield suburb of Darnall between November 1935 and March 1936.
Fish in a Wheelbarrow By Stella Royal
Paperback: $8.36
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This debut novella from Stella Rose Royal has been constructed from words placed in order to form sentences, resulting in a collection of paragraphs which form a sequential narrative. Titles and... More > chapter numbers are included. Fish in a Wheelbarrow is served with a bonus package of short works ABSOLUTELY FREE! for a small fee (integrated in price), including four escapades of Humboldt Brecht in which his friend Fatty Melhuish also appears. This book is ideal for anyone who enjoys reading this book. ["It's quite good" - Gingerblokeone]< Less