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Messerschmitt Me 262 By Stephen Rey, André Pierre
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Le Messerschmitt Me 262 restera à jamais dans l'histoire comme le premier chasseur à réaction opérationnel. Véritable symbole d'une nouvelle ... More > ère de l'aviation, le Me 262 ne sera toutefois pas l'arme miracle tant espérée par une Luftwaffe agonisante. Apparu bien trop tard et en trop petit nombre pour réellement peser dans la balance. Cet ouvrage vous propose de découvrir la genèse et l’histoire opérationnelle de cet appareil hors du commun.< Less
Messerschmitt / Fend Kabinenroller Technik Patentsammlung By Patent Sammlung
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Technik-Kompendium für Fans und Liebhaber der Messerschmitt/Fritz Fend-Kabinenroller. In dieser Patentschriftensammlung finden Sie Entwicklungen, die mit dem berühmten Kabinenroller in... More > Verbindung stehen, sowohl von Fritz Fend persönlich angemeldete, als auch später bei Messerschmitt patentierte Erfindungen. Sie erhalten technische Beschreibungen und detailgenaue Zeichnungen von technischen Komponenten des Kabinenrollers. Sämtliche Teile werden in Wort und Bild dargestellt, wie z.B. Motoren, Getriebe, Antriebe, Bremsen, Elektrik, Karosserieteile uvm. 16 Patentschriften im PDF-Format - zusammen ca. 82 Seiten bei Papierausdruck. Zusammengestellt aus nationalen und internationalen Patentdatenbanken. Patentschriften hauptsächlich in deutscher Sprache. Die eventuelle Verwendung von Markennamen in diesem Angebot dient nur der Artikelbeschreibung und der eindeutigen Zuordnung des Produkts. Das Produkt steht in keinem direkten Zusammenhang mit den Markeninhabern oder deren Vertretungen.< Less
Me 262A-1 Flugzeug-Handbuch: Teil 3: Leitwerk By Luftwaffe
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This manual provides information and illustrations of the flight controls and surfaces on the Messerschmitt Me 262A-1 jet fighter. All the text is in German. The illustrations are photographs and... More > clear line drawings. Published in January 1944 by the Luftwaffe. 18 pages, 5 photos, 11 line drawings.< Less
Me 262A-1 Flugzeug-Handbuch: Teil 5: Tragwerk By Luftwaffe
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This manual provides information and illustrations of the wings and their construction on the Messerschmitt Me 262A-1 jet fighter. All the text is in German. The illustrations are clear line... More > drawings. Originally published in January 1944 by the Luftwaffe. 14 pages, 8 line drawings.< Less
Anschließend die Sendereihe No.2 - The Mikoyan-Gurevich I-270 By Edwin Dyer
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The second book in the Anschließend die Sendereihe series looks at the Mikoyan-Gurevich I-270 rocket interceptor. With clear influence from the Messerschmitt Me 263 (Junkers Ju 248) rocket... More > fighter that the Soviet armies had captured, the I-270 proved the design could work but was to be considered a dead end as advancements in turbojets and the commencement of surface-to-air missiles made the need for a point defense interceptor redundant. This issue features numerous color profiles and 3-view illustrations of the relevant aircraft discussed in the text.< Less
Kites, Birds & Stuff - Aircraft of GERMANY - I to M By P. D. Stemp
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The aviation history of German aircraft from the very early days to the present. Details of around five hundred and twenty four aircraft. From the 1st. World War types and the 2nd. World War... More > aircraft. Fighters, bombers, reconnaissance, trainers, civil types. Landplanes, seaplanes, airships, rockets, bombs - lots of stuff. An archive of information.Thye series of books comes in four volumes. In this volume some of the larger companies include :- Junkers - Klemm - LFG Roland - Lippisch - LVG - Messerschmitt plus many others. There are around 524 pictures & 195 plan diagrams. Details on some one thousand and fourteen individual aircraft - Enjoy.< Less
Neue Europa By Paul Kidd
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The new dark age. It is the year 1949. Across the continent of Europe, a new dark age has come. From Britain to the Russian steppes, the swastika reigns supreme. The extermination camps stain the... More > skies with ash, while in the schools the children learn the litanies of a new world order. It is the new dark age. It is the age of Neue Europa. The remnants of the Free World have gathered. European exiles, Free Russian and Commonwealth stand beside the USA as America strives to turn the tide. Democracy against fascism. Light against dark. Mankind’s last, most desperate crusade. The year is 1949 - And World War Three has finally begun. < Less
WWII Legends in Black and White By Jason Fortenbacher
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The Pacific Northwest is home to dozens of restored vintage aircraft including those which served in World War II, including American and Allied legends such as the P-51 Mustang, P-47 Thunderbolt,... More > P-40 Warhawk, Supermarine Spitfire, Hawker Hurricane, and Axis aircraft such as the Japanese Mitsubishi A6M "Zero," and German Bf 109, and Fw-190.< Less
SQUADRON 610 By Alessandro Chimenti
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Un avvincente romanzo di avventura ambientato durante la Seconda Guerra Mondiale. In quest'opera dal ritmo incalzante il lettore si troverà improvvisamente proiettato nell'estate del 1940,... More > rivivendo in prima persona gli eventi cruciali di una delle più sanguinose battaglie aeree di tutti i tempi, la "Battaglia d'Inghilterra". Scontri all'ultimo sangue ed amori proibiti si intrecciano in un'unica trama, fondendosi con la vita del protagonista principale.< Less
Battle of Britain - The Convoy attacks By Mirco Corazza
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This is the first Scenario of a series of games on the Battle of Britain. Later will came Dunkirk, the August clash and the September finale. Battle of Britain bought to fame aircraft like the... More > British Spitfire and German Messerschmitt Bf 109, but also the English airmen that fought it and the German Aces that began their rise during this bitter Battle. this Battle was an important moment in History and not only of Warfare. Hitler, seeing the failure of the attacks on British cities to bring England to peace (perhaps this was the first truly strategical campaign in Aerial Warfare), decided to not invade England and began to plan the Invasion of Russia. This is a simple game system (the map is on a A4 sheet) on these days, that, if gamed in its many scenarios, recreates the stages that brought to the failure of German air offensive and to Hitler's decision.< Less