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In Harm's Way: StarCluster By clash bowley
eBook (PDF): $10.00
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Military Roleplaying in the Cluster Flying Mice's StarCluster and In Harm's Way game lines are merged in this game. You play members of the SaVaHuTa military involved in hot spots around the... More > Cluster * Play Navy, Army, marines, and Planetary Defense characters * Compete against other player characters for promotion * Cooperate with other player characters to get the job done * Use spaceships, planetary vehicles, armor, flyers, and small craft * Play Honorable or Practical Characters - Either choice can get you ahead * Create your own Cluster, Systems, and Worlds * Create your own Aliens * Create your own Spaceships and Vehicles * Two different Space Combat systems * Three different Task Resolution sub-systems In Harm's Way: StarCluster is a toolbox, filled to bursting with creative tools.< Less
Return of the Woodland Warriors RPG By Simon Washbourne
Paperback: $13.49
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WOODLAND WARRIORS is a fantasy role-playing game about epic adventures and heroic quests. It is inspired by the animal tales of Redwall, The Secret of Nimh, Mistmantle, The Deptford Mice, Mouseguard,... More > and Disney’s Robin Hood. As such, it is a great game for kids but equally importantly it’s great for adults too. The games is familiar, being derived from the original as well as various other OSR type ro;e playing games but it is simple too - only one die type is used throughout. This helps to keep the game focussed on the action and adventure rather than the rules and the system. If you like animal stories and you're fond of the original role playing game then I'm sure you'll love Woodland Warriors.< Less
George Washington's Rules of Civility and Decent Behavior By Christian Grantham & Jeff Moore
eBook (ePub): $9.99
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George Washington's Rules of Civility and Decent Behavior in Company and Conversation is a list of 110 rules copied by our nation's first President when he was a teenager in 1745. They were... More > discovered in his manuscripts partly gnawed away by mice at his Mt. Vernon home. The rules are a list of maxims that taught modesty, respect and a heightened consideration for others to young minds who later led our nation in revolution. The moral character of our country's founders helped shape a nation that strives through its leaders to protect inalienable rights of its people. These rules and the patriots they helped shape remind us that we need civility and leaders of moral character if a civil society is to avoid the consequences of having neither.< Less
Building A Better Mouse By Steve Alcorn & David Green
Hardcover: $22.99
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We were there to build castles – castles in a new empire upon which the sun would never set... mice, ducks and talking animals... a man with a mustache and a mouse with a bow tie... and Epcot,... More > the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow – Walt’s greatest dream. It was a dream for a lot of us. We had been hired to create Epcot – hundreds of mostly young, mostly bright and all embarrassingly idealistic people. We believed in the dream, the company and most of all, the ideal – that a Disney employee had one goal: to make as many other people happy as humanly possible. From pixie dusting – when new employees are indoctrinated into all things Disney – through the craziness of the engineering design process, right up until the last frantic dash to opening day, Building a Better Mouse will show you the behind the scenes madness – and fun – that went into designing Epcot.< Less
They Came from Germany, Aboard the Thistle By Rev. James R. Hawk
eBook (ePub): $8.99
Thousands of German migrants came to the New World during the 1700s. The Grindstaff’s sailed aboard the Thistle in the year 1738. They came when plundering wars and religious persecutions had... More > reduced the Lower Palatinate to a wasteland, when people ate grass and leaves, when graves were guarded, and children were kept near their mothers, when passenger ships were loaded beyond capacity, with bunk beds almost everywhere, when hundreds were buried at sea, when lengthy voyages caused rationing of bread and water, and selling of available ship rats and mice, when churning sea gales rose like mountains and tumbled over frightened migrants, when the unhealthy were unwelcome at the port in Philadelphia. The year of 1738 was the worst of sailing seasons, famously called the year of the “destroying angels”. The Grindstaff descendants are traced through battles of the Revolutionary War, the War Between the States, the War of 1812, and forays against the Cherokee Indian Nation.< Less
Fine Art by YONKO By Yonko Kuchera
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Born: 14 November 1962; Cleveland, Ohio, United States Active Years: 1981 - 1981 Nationality: American, Slovak John C. Kuchera is now living in Harlem, a downtown boy from the early 1980s is now... More > enjoying the open spaces uptown. John C. Kuchera has been painting and drawing for years, his style is refreshing and enjoyable, he uses many a medium but he likes pen and ink and oils. A Printer, Photographer a Porter at Columbia University, Farm worker, Security Guard in Maine (guarding Mice) a Janitor cleaning banks, even a copy writer, his most famous copy was, Yes, Virginia we do toilets (for a Cleaning service) ©Kuchera< Less
Cereal Soccer - Teacher's Resource By Lynn Hefele
eBook (PDF): $12.75
Grades K-3 Literature Enhanced Physical Education (LEPE) Niya, Zander and the rest of the kitchen mice teach your students soccer skills and strategies in this adorable tale of cat and mouse. ... More > Practice dribbling, trapping, changing direction, and passing skills by taking your students through cereal soccer tryouts. Introduce basic offense and defense by playing cereal soccer the game, complete with mouse hole goals, colorful cereal and angry cats. How it works: Step 1 - Teacher reads “Cereal Soccer.” Step 2 - Teacher introduces the skills, strategies and activity. Step 3 - Children use their imaginations to act out the story while practicing the skills. What is included: A fictional story. Five comprehensive and easy-to-implement lesson plans to teach soccer skills and strategies. Rubrics for dribbling and passing. What are the results: Intrinsically motivated children, enthusiastically engaged in activity, while learning to play soccer.< Less
Edexcel Certificate in English Language and English Literature Revision Guide By Mrinank Sharma
Paperback: $17.03
Prints in 3-5 business days
This revision guide is the perfect companion for the Edexcel Certificate or Edexcel International GCSE course in English Language and English Literature. It is written by those who understand the... More > exams, for those taking the exams and it focusses on what you really need to know. On the language side of things, there is a complete section of notes on every text in Section A, B and C of the anthology, including techniques and points that you can mention in the exam. On the literature side of things, there are notes on An Inspector Calls, A View from the Bridge, To Kill a Mockingbird, and Of Mice and Men. For each of these texts, there are useful reference points about the major characters, major themes and quotations to use as support to access the higher levels of marks. Put simply, this guide is immense – you will need nothing else to achieve your best grades in the exams (except maybe your pen!). It’s clear, concise and straight to the point.< Less
Bruce Storm By Frederick Keeney
Paperback: $40.50
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Frequently working en plein’air’, storm concocts locales with architecture from different environs, thus a french loire castle or a German one lands in his beloved muncy hills. Lanterns... More > from along the strand plunk down in paintings of the artists’ garden. Each piece is completely seen in the artist’s mind before he begins working. Often the dragons, rabbits, mice, dogs, cats and other symbolic animals and heroes are developed in the artist’s studio. These alter-egos add the humor, Poignancy, and philosophy that hallmarks storm’s work. When a piece is completed he spends days studying it to live with his creation. Discussing it at length with his wife, Nella, it is then that she writes the saga which serves as the key to unlock the numerous layers of meaning in each painting. After the saga is written it is fine tuned by the artist. never does the saga develop prior to the painting.< Less
God's Mandate By Fran Koble - Chase
Paperback: $29.98
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Fran tells the bible story of Noah’s ark in a new and charming fashion. She tells of God’s mandate and of His unveiling of His plans in poetry and delightful pictures. Her poem continues... More > through the construction of the ark while Noah’s neighbors think him crazy. A huge boat in the middle of dry land. She introduces us to a myriad of animals as they clamor aboard with Noah’s family. The water begins to rise. The elephants stand guard at the door as the mice slip under the door. The goats butt their way through the assortment of sheep while Ferdinand the bull bellows and roars. For forty days and forty nights the rains came and came and then the glorious sun came out. Noah and his family lead the animals into a new and better world.< Less

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