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Hude (A Robin Hood Original) By Kevin McDaniel & K.L. McCowan
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Robin Hood, from a different point of view. Hude (Mine is working) is the tale of a widow in the 11th century. Her character, once the reader has committed to the read, is a delightful surprise. It... More > is a microscopic look at widow turned bandit in a land where the templar rule is dominant, everyone wants power, and war is rotting away the core of land she and her small army of widows have had to adapt to. It is sad, gruesome, but generous. A terrific story. 1st Edition; Writer will republish with edits, was advised to release early with raw material. Have fun! Note: This is an unedited-raw version of this story; for true Robin Hood fans only!< Less
Bradley Associates Madrid Local and International News By Bryan Hilmington
eBook (PDF): $8.99
Essential Sales and Marketing Ideas for New Entrepreneurs Sales and marketing are two distinct yet closely related functions business companies utilize to promote their services and products. Yet,... More > there are many individuals or firms which separate the two as if they were totally independent of each other; thus, failing to maximize the potential of either and the benefits that they produce when integrated as one seamless and continuous process. Essentially, marketing involves the macroscopic strategies for pushing one’s product to the prospective consumers while sales involves the microscopic steps done in making the consumer buy the product, that is, closing the sale or signing the contract, for that matter.< Less
To tell or not to tell ... Part 1. By MESSAN OYASSAN
eBook (PDF): $12.99
Brandley Wilson is having a hard time to make a connection between the dictatorial regime of Kenya and one of its brilliant citizens who graduated from Texas University . The fact Baidoa was caught... More > on the archives room of the C.I.A with the files of some agents on him got everybody talking . To tell or not to tell ... is a suspense that put dictatorial regimes of Africa under microscope and at the same time tell what the people of these countries have been going through . It is a must read book . You will not put it down until you read all the pages ...< Less
Beyond Reason By James McCafferty
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The western world is filled with practices and principles that encourage a materialistic mindset in its citizens. Slowly, we are moving towards a machine-like existence, in which our worth, our goals... More > and our dreams are fueled by the need to acquire physical objects. But, the complexity of our universe, or our reality, is far more profound than that which may be studied beneath the optically-enhancing powers of a microscope. Philosophy and abstract thought are losing their place in a society driven by needs and desires. Beyond Reason explores eight philosophical mysteries (Free Will, Society, The Self, Truth, Beauty, God, Morality, and Love) through poetry, photography and short stories.< Less
Something Old; Something New By Calvin Turnage, Ph. D.
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We should consider ourselves fortunate to be graced with such a wonderful piece of literature as Hebrews that presents so much in our favor. If ever there was written a dynamic treatise on the... More > philosophy of religion that demonstrated both practical and biblical thought, this letter is it. Through the voice of the Holy Spirit and the pen of Paul, we see the biology of religion and that of faith. We find their DNA strands are not the same. This epistle features religion and the New Testament faith in the spotlight of the Holy Spirit‘s microscope. Throughout its chapters religion is brought to her knees before the New Testament faith as it should be.< Less
The Wobbies Ride a Rainbow By Julie A
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CAN WOBBIES ACTUALLY RIDE A RAINBOW? I know my cute little Wobbies are delightful, cute and clever. They are able to make the most of the tiny microscopic world that surrounds them. But, to... More > actually RIDE A RAINBOW? Yes, that pretty, softly coloured arc in the sky that fades all too quickly? We have all seen a rainbow at some time. Only recently I watched as the Wobbies actually used their magimats and rode a rainbow. The delicate, fragile mesh of coloured water droplets was the perfect playground for them. Follow the pages through my world of enchantment, and you too can see the magic happen.< Less
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Lecture Notes In General Histology By Ali H Altimimi
eBook (PDF): $55.99
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Histology is the study of cells via microscope. It is very important subject because all the pathology is bases on it which is called histopathology. This subject is studied under or a part of human... More > anatomy. Or you can say that it is a branch of anatomy. Normally histology is studied in the first and second year of MBBS. It is part of curriculum of all the medical fields. And if you want to be a doctor, you must know the basics of human histology. There are four basic types of animal tissues: muscle tissue, nervous tissue, connective tissue, and epithelial tissue. All tissue types are subtypes of these four basic tissue types (for example, blood is classified as connective tissue, since the blood cells are suspended in an extracellular matrix, the plasma).< Less
OPENING By Jean Lyford
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Jean Lyford left this world in 2014. With this fourth and final collection of poetry, we are welcomed into new ways of understanding the many cycles of opening and closing that move throughout nature... More > and human lives, especially the seminal ones that bookend each individual life. As she strives to make sense of the progression of her cancer, Jean takes us into the microscopic world of cells, the richness of memory, the life force of plants and animals, and even the swirling mysteries of black holes. We travel with her as she discovers that questioning may be more important than finding answers, that searching for meaning nourishes the human spirit, and that curiosity and hope can carry us though the sacred metamorphosis we call death.< Less
Culturally Constructed: Paintings by Chris Valle By chris valle
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This book contains selected paintings from the Culturally Constructed series. Conceptually, the work explores how the affect of entertainment content depicting sexual norms, stereotypes, and sexual... More > roles have a profound influence on our perceptions about sex and body image. The work is a social commentary about our media-manipulated society which has constructed a culture of sexual exploitation and commodification that leads figuratively and literally to death by a thousand diseases. These paintings are centered by a realistically depicted nude figure standing amidst a cosmos-like scene—which you learn from the titles, is not constellated by stars and nova, but by enlarged images of microscopic viruses: Chlamydia, Herpes Simplex Virus, and HIV.< Less

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API Security API Security By Lee Brandt et al.
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