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A guide to understanding Modern Symphonies (illustrated with musical notes). Includes: Berlioz and Liszt; Berlioz, Romeo and Juliet; A Symphony to Dante's Divina Commedia; Symphonic Poems of Liszt;... More > Symphonic Poems of Saint-Saens; Cesar Franck; D'Indy and the Followers of Franck; Debussy and the Innovators; Tschaikowsky; The Neo-Russians; Sibelius; Bohemian Symphonies; The Earlier and Later Bruckner; Hugo Wolff; Mahler; Richard Strauss; Italian Symphonies; Edward Elgar; Symphonies in America.< Less
The Impact of the 19th Century Fossil Diggings on the Church By Bernard O'Connor
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In the mid-1840s a new industry started in southeast Suffolk, that of digging fossils. Known as 'coprolites', some thought them to be fossilised dinosaur droppings. Rich in phosphate they were much... More > in demand by the nation's manure manufacturers. By the 1846s the diggings had spread to Cambridgeshire, hertfordshire, bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire. Many thousands of men and women, boys and girls, got well-paid work in the pits but there were issues of in-migration, overcrowding and drunkenness. This book investigates the impact of the diggings on the church and its attempts to alleviate the social problems.< Less
Brooklyn Historic Railway Association (BHRA) & The Discovery of the Atlantic Avenue Tunnel [A History of the Early to Mid 19th Century Urban Rail Roads] By Greg Castle, Robert Diamond
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The Atlantic Avenue Tunnel, “The Oldest Subway Tunnel in the World”, (Guinness Book of World Records) built in 1844, by Cornelius Vanderbilt and subsequently closed, by Electus... More > Litcthfield, in 1861, (A Study in Public Corruption). Rediscovered in 1980, by Robert Diamond, Founder and Chairman, of Brooklyn Historic Railway Association (BHRA) An Amateur Urban Archeologist, when he was a twenty year old, Engineering Student - Diamond later teamed up, with Greg “Castle” Castillo, President, CEO, BHRA, Chief of Design and Construction, to build “The Redhook Streetcar Line” - Both men, pioneering new engineering methodologies and design paradigms, for this unique, historical, USDOT, Federal Transportation Project - Additionally Diamond, has included in this volume, Survey Analysis Comparisons, to Light Rail Systems, Nation Wide< Less
Tell Me Tree By Rita Folse Elliott
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An illustrated historical children's book about the Abercorn Archaeology Site in Savannah, Georgia (9CH1205). It tells two stories back-to-back. One is the story of Enitan, an African American girl... More > living in a plantation village in Georgia in the mid-19th century. The other story describes Vicente, the son of an archaeologist who works with archaeologists in the early 21st century and learns about the village.< Less
A New England Cassandra By Anne-Marie Ford
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An exploration of the works of Elizabeth Stoddard, an iconoclastic writer, whose literary output in mid-nineteenth century America affirms her as a significant and controversial voice for her time.
Java Head By Mark Twain
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Classic novel of mid 19th-Century America, by Joseph Hergesheimer (newly edited and with a Foreword by Robert Raven). Two families engaged in the Far East merchant sailing trade confront challenges... More > from new technology, foreign cultures and their own passions and flaws, in the staid old town of Salem, Massachusetts. Volume 3 in the Litrix Library, a growing series of books for readers and collectors, printed in association with the Litrix Reading Room (, one of the Internet's premier free literary websites. Other volumes to appear shortly.< Less
Twelve Years a Slave By Solomon Northup
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This is a new edition of Twelve Years a Slave originally published in 1853 by Sampson Low, Son & Company, of London, England. A fascinating memoir of one man’s fight for survival and... More > freedom after being kidnapped and sold into slavery in mid-19th-century America, this book is an essential reading for all lovers of English literature. Part of the project Immortal Literature Series of classic literature, this is a new edition of the classic work published in 1853 - not a facsimile reprint. Obvious typographical errors have been carefully corrected and the entire text has been reset and redesigned by Pen House Editions to enhance readability. The eBook edition was designed in an elegant style and set to take full advantage of the readers' features.< Less
The Marble Faun: Illustrated By Nathaniel Hawthorne
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The fragility and the durability of human life and art dominate this story of American expatriates in Italy in the mid-nineteenth century. Befriended by Donatello, a young Italian with the classical... More > grace of the "Marble Faun," Miriam, Hilda, and Kenyon find their pursuit of art taking a sinister turn as Miriam's unhappy past precipitates the present into tragedy. Hawthorne dramatizes the confrontation of the Old World and the New and the uncertain relationship between the 'authentic' and the 'fake' in life as in art. The author's evocative descriptions of classic sites made The Marble Faun a favorite guidebook to Rome for Victorian tourists, but this richly ambiguous symbolic romance is also the story of a murder, and a parable of the Fall of Man. As the characters find their civilized existence disrupted by the awful consequences of impulse, Hawthorne leads his readers to question the value of Art and Culture and addresses the great evolutionary debate which was beginning to shake Victorian society.< Less
Gates Along My Path By Karen Board Moran
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Travel back to the mid-nineteenth century through the eyes of children who actually experienced the beginnings of America’s Age of Reform. Readers of all ages will discover diverse economic... More > and ethnic communities—white upper and middle class, immigrants and free blacks—through the interactions of children in Worcester, Massachusetts with real historic characters. The reader steps into orphaned Eliza McLoughlin’s childhood at a moment of crisis to discover her limited choices along her path, but there is hope. Many adults were urging reforms in all aspects of life. We continue to feel the impact on our own lives more than 150 years later. Liza’s story is based on fact to illustrate how the reader can also open “gates“ to the past to discover their role to improve one’s personal life, as well as that of society as a whole. This book celebrates the power and responsibility each individual has, regardless of age, to make informed conscious decisions to shape their lives.< Less
The Silence of Sorrowful Hours By April Kutger
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The Silence of Sorrowful Hours tells the story of Ethan, a runaway slave, and Gideon, a man with a checkered past, of Angelise, a creole woman from Martinique, and Marabella, a beautiful actress.... More > They live together on Osborne Hoffmann's farm and fight the war as a group of "irregulars" - spying on and disrupting the Confederates, sometimes on very dangerous missions. When Osborne volunteers as a nurse for the Union Army after a devastating loss, they farm his land, growing crops to aid the Union Army and chopping down trees to make coffins for soldiers - both Union and Rebel troops - killed in the Battle of Gettysburg. Lost love, anger, grief, and exhaustion take their toll on everyone, and the end of the war doesn't mean the end of suffering.< Less

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