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Mill Creek By Joanne S. Scott
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Poems and paintings about 30 years living on a mill creek in Maryland
Chadderton Mill By Roger Holden
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Chadderton Mill, built 1884-85, was one of the many cotton spinning mills in Oldham, Lancashire. When it closed in 2000 it was one of the last mills in Oldham to be used by the textile industry,... More > latterly for winding and doubling. Still standing, it is listed grade 2 because it is considered to be a good example of a spinning mill of its period. This well illustrated book places the mill in the context of the Lancashire cotton industry, looking at the origins and financing of the mill together with subsequent changes in ownership. The original construction, layout of machinery and workforce of the mill are described as are later extensions including change of use in the 1930s. Many of the illustrations were taken by the author before the mill closed in 2000.< Less
The Mill on the Floss By George Eliot
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The novel details the lives of Tom and Maggie Tulliver, a brother and sister growing up on the river Floss near the village of St. Oggs, evidently in the 1820’s, after the Napoleonic Wars but... More > prior to the first Reform Bill (1832). The novel spans a period of 10-15 years, from Tom and Maggie’s childhood up until their deaths in a flood on the Floss. The book is fictional autobiography in part, reflecting the disgrace that George Eliot (Mary Ann Evans) herself had while in a lengthy relationship with a married man, George Henry Lewes. Maggie Tulliver holds the central role in the book, as both her relationship with her older brother Tom, and her romantic relationships with Philip Wakem, a hunchbacked, but sensitive and intellectual, friend, and with Stephen Guest, a vivacious young socialite in St. Oggs and fiance of Maggie’s cousin Lucy Deane, constitute the most significant narrative threads.< Less
The Red Mill By Victor Herbert & Henry Blossom
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Victor Herbert's popular 1906 operetta The Red Mill in a new performing edition complete with all the dialog, edited and revised from the original prompt book.
Ron Mills By Frank Coppins
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A brief description of the time Leading Stoker Ronald W Mills spent on board the ill-fated Submarine HMS Trooper, lost in the Mediterranean October 1943.
Victoria Mill By Denis Montgomery
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A book of fine photographs illustrating one of the last great traditional cotton mills of Lancashire. Victoria Mill in Horwich was founded in 1904 by W.T.Taylor and finally closed at the beginning of... More > the 21st century. Today, it has disappeared to be replaced by a housing estate. This book depicts the workings of the mill and its people in 1981 when it was still producing to full capacity. These images are a rare historical record, and a nostalgic glimpse of times long gone.< Less
The Mill On the Floss By George Eliot
eBook (ePub): $1.99
The Mill on the Floss tells the devastating story of young Maggie Tulliver, and how her struggles against the constraints of her community nearly destroy her relationship with her beloved brother... More > Tom. The novel spans a period of 10 to 15 years and details the lives of the two siblings growing up at Dorlcote Mill on the River Floss at its junction with the more minor River Ripple near the English village of St. Ogg's in Lincolnshire. Like other novels by George Eliot, 'The Mill on the Floss' articulates the tension between circumstances and the spiritual energies of individual characters struggling against those circumstances.< Less
Maggie of the Mill By John Robertson
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Maggie of the Mill is a story about immigrants from northern Europe, rich and poor, legal and illegal, arriving during the 20th century. It describes their family’s struggle to integrate... More > themselves into the America that we know. The story is told through the daughter of an illegal immigrant who arrives in 1906 and settles in a Massachusetts mill town. It is a romantic tale of the successes and tragedies that befall old Jock and Maggie the fiddle player, their rejection and then acceptance by the society in which they live.< Less
Lord of the Mill By Henry Harvey
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A strange man clanks and clatters in the alleyways at 4am, picking up the relics and trash from the town of Potter's Mill. Among the children, it's said that he's the Lord of the Mill, Potter's... More > Mill, which is an abandoned ruin that squats in the O'Hanley River. He talks to the fireflies and has a snapping turtle for his watchdog. But his kingdom is troubled. A woman, perhaps a witch, is intruding into his domain. The sign on her Model A truck says: The Cake Lady, and she delivers her cakes door-to-door... But the children know that her pastries change people...forever. So far, she's changed half the lawyers in Potter's Mill into snapping turtles. Two boys, Charlie and Bobby, must weigh the danger between confiding in the Lord of the Mill, and being turned into turtles by the witch. Harvey spins a modern day classic. Magic is magic, whether in the minds of children or grownups. This is a scary, funny, charming book for kids from five to ninety-five. Beautifully illustrated.< Less
The Mill on the Floss By GEORGE ELIOT
eBook (ePub): $2.99
The Mill on the Floss In "The Mill on the Floss," published in 1860, George Eliot went to her own early life for the chief characters in the story, and in the relations of Tom and Maggie... More > Tulliver we get a picture of the youth of Mary Ann Evans and her brother Isaac. Lord Lytton objected that Maggie was too passive in the scene at Red Deeps, and that the tragedy of the flood was not adequately prepared. To this criticism George Eliot answered, "Now that the defect is suggested to me, if the book were still in manuscript I should alter, or rather expand, that scene at Red Deeps." She also admitted that there was "a want of proportionate fulness" in the conclusion. But, with all its faults, "The Mill on the Floss" deserves the reputation it has won. The reception of the story at first was disappointing, and we find the authoress telling her publisher that "she does not want to see any newspaper articles." But the book made its way, and prepared an ever-growing public for "Silas Marner."< Less

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