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How Online Counselling Can Help You By Lisa Laba Sarkis, Power of Mind
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Online Counseling is a relatively new concept and naturally there are many questions surrounding it. This eBook takes you through the advantages of online counselling, how an online counselor can... More > help you, myths surrounding online counselling, how to start counselling online and set up your first online session as well addressing issues such as the stigma attached and privacy concerns. Also included are client testimonials and a case study.< Less
Human Behavior Power By John Mind
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Human Behavior Power: Understanding the Power of Self Esteem, Mind Control, Manipulation, and Deception to Get What You Want! Ever wondered why some people always get what they want? Ever wonder... More > why someone you know seems to always figure out a way to convince others to do as they please? You have a friend or colleague at work that finds a way to keep climbing up the ladder at work, in life, or wherever they put their efforts? You want to know how to manipulate someone to get what you want? You want to know when your being manipulated? Deceived? How about just understanding the power of Mind Control? Need techniques to manipulate? Deceive? Control situations or people around you?< Less
Power of Mind By A C Sekhar
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Everything that is in action must necessarily work through definite laws. And as the mind is in constant action, alternating its actions at almost every turn of thought or feeling, it is evident that... More > a vast number of laws are employed by the mental process. To know how the mind works, therefore, we must know something about these laws.< Less
Power Mind By Timothy Reis
eBook (PDF): $1.53
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What does one accomplish when given the power of the mind. Robert unleashes the power and discovers a truth that we all seek to uncover.
Mind Power By W. W. Atkinson
eBook (ePub): $1.99
In this inspiring book, Atkinson reveals the secret of mental magic.
The Power of Mindfulness By BookLover
eBook (ePub): $3.99
Change the Way You Think and Get What You Want From Life There are the ways that your emotion can make you more powerful and more efficient. Did you know for instance, that you can increase muscle... More > fiber recruitment and potentially tap into superhuman strength by getting into the right mood? Did you know that the correct combination of neurochemistry can give you perfect recall? This book is going to show you how to tap into all those things and at the same time, it will show you how you can simply get some peace and quiet by calming your mind and taking a time out. Read on and get ready to change your life. Mindfulness is the key to unlocking the full potential of your body and mind. And when you can do that, all kinds of doors start to open up for you…< Less
MIND POWERS By Christian H. Godefroy
eBook (PDF): $13.75
"Doubting everything and believing everything are two equally convenient solutions, both of which stimulate thought."
Mind Power By William Walker Atkinson
eBook (ePub): $6.48
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"Mind Power" by William Walker Atkinson is a classic work of the new thought movement. Considered by some as his masterpiece, "Mind Power" is an encyclopedic exposition of the... More > philosophies of the new thought movement that Atkinson devoted his literary career to the dissemination of. The power of the mind through positive thinking to alter ones existence is central to the philosophy of the new thought movement and in this work the reader will find an excellent survey of this philosophy.< Less
Power of Mind By Alice Treaty
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Hidden in the mountains of Montana, Silvergates Academy is a school of magic and wonder, where no one is what they seem and the sky is the limit for what a person can achieve. For three children,... More > however, it is the start of a journey far more complicated than they could have ever prepared for, and they will learn secrets about themselves that they never could have imagined existed. They are orphans. They are powerful. Most importantly, they are connected.< Less
Power of Mind By Alice Treaty
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Hidden in the mountains of Montana, Silvergates Academy is a school of magic and wonder, where no one is what they seem and the sky is the limit for what a person can achieve. Freshmen Tyler, Alia... More > and Drake will be pushed to their limits as they search for the things they want most: power, answers, and a place to belong. Meanwhile, a danger lurks in the shadows, one that no one could predict and only The Three are prepared to fight. They are orphans. They are undaunted. They are connected.< Less