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Mitochondria ‘R’ us – or are they? By Graeme Holland
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Technologies enabling ‘mitochondrial transplantation’ have the potential to mitigate future suffering; to prevent the inheritance of mitochondrial diseases. When considering the use of... More > germ-line modification of the type I will consider there are some who claim such modifications do not avoid the ‘impersonal harm/benefits’ arguments; that depending on the timing of our actions genetic modification may affect numerical-identity, or perhaps even personal-identity (narrative-identity). The aim of this book is to contextualise the process of mitochondria germ-line modification within a detailed examination of our identity. I consider the potential of affecting identity in the context of both naturally occurring reproductive events and in respect of known identity-affecting events, in order to make the claim that the types of affects to either numerical-identity or personal-identity, resulting from mitochondria germ-line modification, should not in any sense be considered morally problematic.< Less
Heal Yourself: The 7 Steps To Innate Healing By Stephen Stokes
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These are the clinical notes from Dr. Stokes office, Advanced Pain Solutions. For over 10 years Dr.Stokes has treated chronic disease and degenerative conditions without drugs or invasive surgery.... More > Within these pages the reader will learn the 7 steps that Dr. Stokes developed to systematically help resolve many health problems. Regardless of your diagnosis these protocols will stimulate your body's natural ability to heal and regenerate.< Less
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Vitalis News Magaine - May 2014 By Mike Cavalli
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Some of the stories in this issue: Japan- Studies show forest walking boosts cancer fighting cells The secret behind the ancient art of oil pulling Vitamin D increases breast cancer survival... More > rates Aloe Vera found to stave of Alzheimer's and improve cognition A boy on 7 meds recovers in two months from ADHD simply by changing his diet. Tumeric - The spice that prevents fluoride from destroying your brain The Mitochondria - The silver bullet for good health Caramel in your soda - It's not a flavor, it's a color and extremely carcinogenic. How an increase in coffee consumption can may reduce type 2 diabetes.< Less
Quick Guide: A Wind In the Door By College Guide World
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Meg Murray is worried about her brother Charles Wallace, a 6-year-old genius who is bullied at school by the other children. The new principal of the elementary school is the former high school... More > principal, Mr. Jenkins, who often disciplined Meg, and who Meg is sure has a grudge against her whole family. Meg tries to enlist Jenkins's help in protecting her brother, but is unsuccessful. On top of this, Meg discovers that Charles Wallace has a progressive disease which is leaving him short of breath. Their mother, a microbiologist, suspects it may have something to do with his mitochondria and the (fictional) "farandolae" that live within them.< Less
The Most Fatal Distemper: Typhus in History By George Cowan
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Typhus fever is known as a historical scourge in times of war, famine and population upheaval, but this is only one of four types; the other three, each carried by a different insect, are still... More > important causes of human disease in many parts of the world. The history of each type is described, and the intriguing recent discovery that the responsible bacteria are close cousins of the mitochondria which provide energy inside every living cell on the planet is discussed. About the Author George Cowan is a retired British Army physician with interests in tropical medicine who has worked on four continents and often cared for local people. His inquiry into typhus fever was stimulated by military cases of ‘scrub typhus’ in Malaysia and Singapore in 1970 and has since embraced the history of all four varieties of typhus. In 2008 he received an honorary doctorate from his alma mater, the University of St Andrews, after graduating with an honours degree in Humanities from the Open University in 2007.< Less
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