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Company Analysis - Mittal Steel Company By RNCOS
eBook (PDF): $200.00
Mittal Steel Company is a global player in the Steel industry.This company analysis covers information on the business structure, and products & services offered by the company. The analysis is... More > based on extensive research using data from credible publications, trade journals, industry associations and the company sources. The analysis gives a comprehensive data of the company encompassing information on its M&As, financial data, and ratio analysis supplemented with tables & graphs for better understanding. The analysis covers the SWOT analysis & analyst view by our research expert to help you understand the business of the company. Business profile of the top competitors of the company has also been given to present its current picture in reference to the industry. < Less
Duskless Night By Nalin Mittal
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Aarav, Isha, Anvi, Sunaina and Manish are living normally in the bustling city of New Delhi until their path cross in the most unexpected of ways and their lives become inter-twined in two separate... More > love stories. Now they have to recognize their love and find it before its too late. Love is both a boon and bane and they realize it the hard way when something unexpected turns up, leaving some of them with a way in the darkness while others linger in the duskless night. The romantic journey set in the flavor of New Delhi, is sure to keep you riveted till the end through the twists and turns.< Less
Online - An explicit way to buy tyres By Mittal P
eBook (PDF): $8.99
Buying tyres from an online store can be tricky for people who do not have much knowledge about tyres. Buy Car Tyres Online In India – Attractive Discounts Available
memories By surya mittal
Hardcover: $23.16
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Effect of Natrium Fluoride on Growth and Physiology of Oryza sativa L. By Sunil Mittal & Anamika Das
Paperback: $14.96
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Fluorine has been reported as the thirteenth most abundant element present in the earth. Fluorine being the most chemically reactive and electronegative of all the elements and forms number of... More > compounds. Compounds containing fluorine anions are called fluorides. Fluorine exists as fluoride bounded to both organic and inorganic cations. Fluorides exist in nature in inert form such as calcium fluoride to highly reactive forms such as sulfur tetra fluoride. The main sources of fluoride in nature are weathering of rocks, emissions from volcanoes, seawater etc. The anthropogenic sources like mining of phosphate rocks, phosphate fertilizers in agricultural fields and fluoridation of drinking-water supplies also adds fluoride in soil and water. Fluorides are taken up by plants from soil and water.< Less
Rhyme Time By Jainil Ajmera and Prakhar Mittal
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This book contains lots of funny and exciting poems which depict the Folk Tales in a very funny manner. When Jack produced one lousy bean, His startled mother turned green. She was very unhappy and... More > annoyed, 'Only some beans in return of a cow! I am destroyed.' (Taken from Jack and The Beanstalk) The poems in it are - The Little Gingerbread Man The Red Riding Hood The Hare and The Turtle Cinderella The Pied Piper of Hamelin Goldilocks and the 3 Bears Snow White and The 7 Dwarfs Emperor's New Clothes Jack and The Beanstalk The And The Grasshopper The Elves and The Shoemaker The Horse and The Donkey The Ugly Duckling The Sleeping Beauty The Lion and The Rabbit The Lion and The Mouse The Boy Who Cried Wolf The Crow and The Fox The Fox and The Cow The Three Little Pigs Hansel and Gretel< Less
Florange : Chronique d'une mort annoncée By Florence Samson
Paperback: $7.80
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Florange est l’exemple criant du mal français, le manque d’anticipation. Notre pays compte pourtant des secteurs où le R&D est performant, (…) La France doit... More > opérer un changement de mentalité. Ce qui était l’avenir hier, ne l’est plus aujourd’hui et encore moins demain surtout dans une économie globalisée. L’Humain doit être remis au centre des préoccupations des politiques en lui permettant de progresser tout au long de sa vie professionnelle, en lui garantissant par la formation, la reconversion une sécurisation de son parcours professionnel qui est l’une des pierres angulaires du maintien à l’emploi.< Less