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Seneca on Providence, Moderation, and Constancy of Mind By Keith Seddon & Roger L'Estrange
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THE SECOND OF THREE SLIM VOLUMES Roger L'Estrange, staunch royalist, author and pamphleteer, one-time inmate of Newgate Prison, one-time exile, one-time Member of Parliament, takes up the teaching... More > of the Roman Stoic philosopher Seneca, rearranging and paraphrasing the original Latin to shape a unique and engaging work of his own. Although it is not in our power to prevent fortune from sending us perils and trials, we may yet meet them with courage, free of perturbation, and bear them as unkind seasons, neither frightened of terrors nor grieving for lost pleasures. This slim volume is the second of three parts of Roger L'Estrange's Seneca of a Happy Life, being itself an extract of a much larger whole, Seneca's Morals, first published in 1678.< Less
The Morality Plays VIII: Glutton for Moderation By Amanda Hall
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The Morality Plays VIII: Glutton for Moderation In the eighth of ten Classical Dialogues, Moderation and Gluttony create a commedia dell’arte scene at a banquet for film-star award winners. In... More > envelope-rhymed and blank verse, the Virtue and Vice seek to encourage balance or clowning: Should an actress struggling financially give in to the lowbrow productions that would pay, yet violate her conscious aestheticism? The Chorus of Graces presents the Question at Issue and Judgment, in Strophe, Antistrophe and Epode.< Less
We must change the world with moderation By Laurent Claude Mekongo Mengue
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Humanity has made remarkable progress in science and technology of any kind. But in terms of moral progress, and spiritual kindly, but, they are stagnant and asleep by pious thoughts of antiquity.... More > The human spirit needs to evolve towards a fundamental understanding of things, in the heart of life in the truth of the facts that are eternal, not just opinions, fabrications or human perceptions. So in life, if the destiny exist, I would say that each of us has a destiny, but it is the one who given us that life which has hidden this fate because life and our future is a mystery to all; that said, do not expect the change coming to us from a third party, we must change for our personal needs. Gradually, in the day, we are witnessing the largest replacement of natural intelligence, "by artificial intelligence" functional robotic in the world. " . The human being becomes more and more the thing of the object he has himself created, "technology"...< Less
Fix Xbox 360 Strict or Moderate NAT By Mike McGlugritch
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A Strict or Moderate NAT type will keep you from playing all kinds of online games. Probably the most known problem is for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 and Call of Duty Black Ops. There is a pretty... More > simple fix for this, Open your NAT settings. The problem is, only a hand full of people know how to actually make it work and even fewer are willing to share that information with you.In this short eBook I'm going to show you how to do just that. I’ve had years of hands on experience in the Network and IT field and I’m here to help you fix this problem NOW! Within a few minutes I will have you well on your way to calling in Airstrikes and racking up XP.< Less
Epidemiology and Prognostic Factors of Moderate Head Injury By José Manuel Ortega Zufiría & Guillermo del Piñal Álvarez de Buergo
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Epidemiology, Prognostic Factors and Clinical Considerations of Moderate Head Injury
Campaign Moderator's Companion (Full Color Edition) By Tyrel Lohr
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The Conflict Continues The Campaign Moderator's Companion contains advanced rules for use in your Victory by Any Means (VBAM) campaigns. Where the VBAM Campaign Guide introduced you to the core... More > campaign system, the Companion takes you one step closer to galactic domination! Included in this book are advanced rules for Detailed Star System Generation, Exploration, Sector-Based Movement, Retreating, Ramming, Campaign Ground Combat Resolution, Non-Player Entities, Underworld Empires, Terraforming, Elite Officers and Crews, and much, much more! As with any VBAM product, all of the rules found in the Campaign Moderator's Companion are modular. You can use the rules you want, and ignore the rest! It is this design hallmark that allows you, the Campaign Moderator, to create the most rewarding campaign experience possible.< Less
Breathe Deeply, Live Moderately, & Eat Lightly By Tyler Davis
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The idea behind “Breathe Deeply, Live Moderately & Eat Lightly,” is to ensure good health. By making meals packed with fruits and vegetables, you are guaranteed a moderately healthy... More > lifestyle! Eating the right amount of fruits and vegetables as part of a low fat, low sodium, high fiber diet may lower your risk of serious chronic conditions, such as obesity, heart disease and type 2 diabetes. But, don’t forget to be active! Yes, breathe deeply! Being physically active gives you more energy, which in return helps lowers stress factors. It also helps you maintain a healthy body weight–your body needs at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity, whether walking, dancing, yoga, bike-riding, yard work, etc. These recipe instructions were designed to help build your drive and keep you well-off along the greatest health path.< Less
The Battle of Wingen-sur-Moder: Operation Nordwind By Wallace Cheves
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Merriam Press World War 2 History Series. Wingen-sur-Moder was an important village in France leading to the Alsatian Plain. If German forces had captured it during Operation Nordwind in January... More > 1945, and had been able to release their reserve Panzer divisions into the plain, the war might have been lengthened. Cheves commanded the U.S. forces involved: 2nd Battalion, 274th Regiment, along with troops from the 276th and supporting elements, defeated two battalions of the 6th SS Mountain Division (Nord). 15 photos, 5 illustrations, 6 maps, 2 tables, footnotes.< Less
MILD TO MODERATE HEAD INJURY By José Manuel Ortega Zufiría
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El traumatismo craneoencefálico (TCE) es un fenómeno muy frecuente, asociado a altas tasas de morbilidad. El objetivo de este estudio ha sido describir una serie amplia de pacientes... More > adultos, mayores de 14 años, que sufren TCE leve, atendidos en el Hospital Universitario de Getafe, entre los años 2010 y 2015 (n = 2480), estudiar el perfil epidemiológico y analizar el diagnóstico y el tratamiento efectuados, así como establecer los principales factores pronósticos que influyen en el resultado final. Se ha realizado un estudio retrospectivo, de revisión de historias clínicas. El TCE leve es más frecuente en varones, y el mecanismo causante más común en nuestro medio es el accidente de tráfico. Se propone un modelo de clasificación de pacientes según grupos de riesgo, que los subdivide en riesgo bajo, intermedio o alto, que se correlaciona bien con la probabilidad de desarrollar complicación intracraneal, y, consecuentemente, con el resultado final.< Less
Vår moder Isis By Knut Evjen
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«Vår moder Isis» er en erkjennelsesreise i fem deler. Den dveler ved søkenen etter kunnskap, og tar utgangspunkt i egyptisk mytologi. Dog er mangelen på en utfyllende... More > antropogoni påfallende, og derfor presenteres her en nyskrivning av den såkalte Osirismyten med en egenkomponert fortsettelse. I dette arbeidet er det brukt en gnostisk ramme, samt lånt materiale fra greske myter og kristne tekster.< Less

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