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The Case of the Mysterious Moll TPB By Harry Stephen Keeler
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Trade paperback. A 1942 potboiler about a woman slated to die in the gas chamber who doesn't really care because of the drug given her by her jailer. But a local lawyer, who knows she's been set up,... More > does!< Less
Saved by the Moll By Bill Raetz
Paperback: $5.99
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Sometimes a dame can get you OUT of trouble! The call girl said huskily, “I must have the wrong room.” I said, “You’ve got the right place—and perfect... More > timing.” Bryce Attewelle is no stranger to tight spots—or getting out of them. When he goes after a notorious gun-runner, getting in isn’t the problem. Finding himself in need of an exit strategy, he grabs the first thing to come along...THE GIRL.< Less
Moll Flanders By Daniel Defoe
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Moll Flanders is a novel written by Daniel Defoe. Moll's mother is a convict in Newgate Prison in London who is given a reprieve by "pleading her belly", a reference to the custom of... More > staying the executions of pregnant criminals. Her mother is eventually transported to America, and Moll Flanders (not her birth name, she emphasizes, taking care not to reveal it) is raised until adolescence by a goodly foster mother, and then gets attached to a household as a servant where she is loved by both sons, the elder of whom convinces her to "act like they were married" in bed, yet eventually unwilling to marry her, he convinces her to marry his younger brother. She then is widowed, leaves her children in the care of in-laws, and begins honing the skill of passing herself off as a fortuned widow to attract a man who will marry her and provide her with security. The plot continues to twist and turn until the unexpected ending.< Less
The White Moll By Frank L. Packard
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“The White Moll” is an angel of mercy who spends her time helping the poor in the slums of New York City is drawn into the criminal world when she attempts to help Gypsy Nan, who is not... More > what she seems. Accused of a crime and on the run from the police, she must battle the most nefarious criminal gang in the New York underworld to prove her innocence. Populated by such characters as Pierre Dangler, the Pug, Pinkie Bonn, Skeeny, the Sparrow and above all “the Adventurer”, this story contains shoot-outs, car chases, adventure and enough suspense and deception to satisfy the most avid mystery lover.< Less
The Iron Ring TPB By Harry Stephen Keeler
Paperback: $15.97
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Trade paperback. This 1942 potboiler about a woman due to be executed is the longer version of THE CASE OF THE MYSTERIOUS MOLL. An incredible court case.
Let It Ride By Bill Raetz
Paperback: $7.99
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An anthology of Las Vegas pulp fiction, including the novellas: Strip Poker The Grifter's Girl Saved by the Moll
Experiment 2 By Clayton Moraga
Hardcover: $33.60
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Palimpsestual Persistification Techniques as Applied to Binary-Hexadecimal Encoded Digitized Analog Archives of Broadcast Dramatizations of Fictionalized Criminal Apprehension Methods Within the... More > Context of Mortality Imperative Accelerated Resolution< Less
Murder in the Dorm By Shahzad Rizvi
Paperback: $16.99
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When a Mafia princess is found dead in her dorm, her roommate Sabby, the daughter of Pakistani immigrants, is arrested for murder. Both girls were rivals for the love of the same handsome classmate.... More > And why is Sabby so fascinated with poisons? As the action moves from Pakistan to Sicily to Hollywood, international vendettas, double-crosses, and surprises abound, involving everyone from academics to Mafia molls to the President of the United States.< Less
Frank L. Packard, Collection By Frank L. Packard
eBook (PDF): $4.11
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Frank Lucius Packard (1877 - 1942) was a Canadian novelist. As a young man he worked as a civil engineer for the Canadian Pacific Railway. His experiences working on the railroad led to his writing a... More > series of mystery novels, the most famous of which featured a character called Jimmie Dale. In this ebook: The Adventures of Jimmie Dale The Further Adventures of Jimmie Dale Jimmie Dale and the Blue Envelope Murder Jimmie Dale and the Phantom Clue The White Moll The Belovéd Traitor Doors of the Night The Miracle Man The Night Operator The Four Stragglers The Red Ledger< Less
Ram Slade, Shamus By Jerry Pat Bolton
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Ram Slade, Shamus is set in the year 1944 and centers on Ram's secretary, Luv, who quits working for him after five years. Her faked suicide and eventual disappearance has Ram chasing into the... More > strange happenings. He follows leads where nothing it's supposed to be and no one's who they are supposed to be. Layne Fuentes, a homicide detective is also looking for Luv. Everything that makes a hard-boiled detective story workable is in Ram Slade, Shamus. Beautiful women, gun molls, street weasels and hoods of all kind. Each layer of evidence Ram uncovers only leads to more mystery and confusion. Bea, his new secretary makes for more turmoil within Ram's thoughts, plus Mandy, a gangster's wife who wants him to hide her from her husband. In desperation Ram turns to an influential ex-client of his who owes him a favor to find Luv. A page turner is Ram Slade, Shamus . . .< Less