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The Monadology By Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz
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The Monadology The monad, the word and the idea, belongs to the western philosophical tradition and has been used by various authors. Leibniz, who was exceptionally well read, could not have ignored... More > this, but he did not use it himself until mid-1696 when he was sending for print his New System. Apparently he found with it a convenient way to expose his own philosophy as it was elaborated in this period. What he proposed can be seen as a modification of occasionalism developed by latter-day Cartesians. Leibniz surmised that there are indefinitely many substances individually 'programmed' to act in a predetermined way, each program being coordinated with all the others. This is the pre-established harmony which solved the mind body problem at the cost of declaring any interaction between substances a mere appearance, something which Leibniz accepted. Indeed it was space itself which became an appearance as in his system there was no need for distinguishing inside from outside.< Less
Syntactic Analyses 6: The Monadology, (Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz) By Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz
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The Science of Monads By Mike Hockney
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Scientific materialism isn’t the only type of science. Leibniz, the great German genius, was a champion of scientific idealism. The atoms in his system weren’t physical, but mental, and... More > he named them monads. A present-day Leibniz might say, “All things are made from mental atoms, which are simple mathematical substances from which all compounds are mathematically derived via the laws of ontological mathematics. Monads are expressed through constant motion, and that mental motion is what we call thinking. Pure thinking takes place in an immaterial, mathematical frequency domain outside space and time. By virtue of Fourier mathematics, frequency functions can be represented in a spacetime domain, and this domain is what is known as the physical world of matter. It is just a certain mode of mental functionality. There is no such thing as scientific matter. There is only mind. A mind is a monad, and monads are all there are. Everything is an expression of monadic, mental mathematics.”< Less
The Noosphere By Mike Hockney
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The Noosphere is a "thinking atmosphere" that has been evolving on Earth since the dawn of humanity. The internet is a physical manifestation of it: a worldwide linked network. What comes... More > next? Does mind detach itself from bodies? Can the collective consciousness of humanity leave Earth and enter the heavens? Is the Noosphere a Soul Sphere, composed of the souls of all good people and leaving behind the evil? Imagine the Soul Sphere merging with God. Is that the ultimate destiny of higher humanity? The Noosphere will not be powered by faith, prayers or superstition. Ontological mathematics and hyperreason will be its engines. This is the story of the highest human thought, how it's leaving behind materialism and realizing the truth of existence - that we inhabit an immortal, indestructible mental Singularity outside space and time and that the illusion of materialism is produced by holography. The universe is a self-generating, intelligent, living hologram, comprised of infinite souls.< Less
The Works of Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz By Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz
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This collection has all of the following works: The Monadology Theodicy: Essays On the Goodness of God the Freedom of Man and the Origin of Evil The work of Leibniz anticipated modern logic and... More > analytic philosophy, but his philosophy also looks back to the scholastic tradition, in which conclusions are produced by applying reason to first principles or prior definitions rather than to empirical evidence. Leibniz made major contributions to physics and technology, and anticipated notions that surfaced much later in philosophy, probability theory, biology, medicine, geology, psychology, linguistics, and information science.< Less
The Holographic Soul By Mike Hockney
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Where is your mind located? How does it interact with your body? When your body dies, does your mind die too, or does it have an afterlife? That’s the mystery of existence. If humanity cannot... More > answer these questions once and for all then it has no understanding of reality. Holography is what allows scientific materialism to be replaced by mathematical idealism. Holography allows the soul, rather than matter, to be considered the source of reality. Over 300 years ago, Leibniz, with his Monadology, adopted a holographic model of reality, whereby dimensionless monads created the illusion of the dimensional material world. The answer to existence has always been right in front of humanity – in the shape of mathematics. The spacetime universe of matter is nothing but an ontological hologram that comes inbuilt with mathematical forcefields that lend it the illusion of being solid. It’s all in the math. Everything starts with unextended minds = dimensionless Fourier singularities = mathematical souls.< Less
The God Equation By Mike Hockney
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Euler’s Formula is the most beautiful equation in mathematics. Yet it’s much more. It the governs the universe and defines the soul! Euler’s Formula perfectly complements... More > Leibniz’s Monadology. They form the most powerful intellectual combination ever, capable of establishing a true grand unified theory of everything, including religion. It provides a rational explanation of near-death and out-of-body experiences, and homeopathy. It overturns Einstein’s principle of relativity, providing the same results via an absolute framework that restores the reality principle. In this groundbreaking book, we provide the solution to the Cartesian mind-body problem via the Fourier transform – which has the Euler Formula as its engine. We present the Riemann sphere, which works in perfect harmony with the Euler Formula, as the ideal working model of the human soul. And we give the first ever technical explanation of the process of reincarnation. The Euler equation is everything you thought – and more. It’s divine.< Less
The Polyphonic Cosmos: Essays and Short Stories By Abir Igamberdiev
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This book contains the essays on academic music, literature and philosophy written in 1985-2015 and short stories written in 1980-1984. It continues the philosophical traditions of Pythagoreism,... More > Monadology and Russian Cosmism. The short stories raise the eternal values of life, being, time, and eternity.< Less