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Il codice Ueshiba By Giancarlo Giuriati
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Attraverso l'Aikido, ed il Budo in generale,si possono raggiungere alti livelli di equilibrio sul piano fisico, mentale e spirituale. Aikido significa 'Via dell'armonizzazione dell'energia'. Morihei... More > Ueshiba ha creato questo sistema per raggiungere questa armonizzazione con il tutto, attraverso una pratica atta a comprendere e padroneggiare le energie. Per arrivare a questa alta capacità bisogna però decifrarne il codice.< Less
Aikido Memoirs Rev 2 By Alan Ruddock
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One Irishman's lifetime search for the answer to the mystery of Morihei Ueshiba's Aikido
Aikido Basic Training By Sensei Guillermo Gomez
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Aikido Basic Training is a detail technical manual for Aikido and other martial art practitioners, demonstrating basic concepts, principles and techniques for daily training.
Aikido for Beginners By Brianna Lindbloom
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If you are exploring Japanese martial arts, try to learn something about Aikido. This unique martial art is founded and developed by Morihei Ueshiba or commonly known as O-Sensei by the Aikido... More > practitioner. The manner how Aikido is practiced might not show that it is a deadly art. However, if the Aikido's techniques are applied without care or in a combative manner, it could seriously damage or even kill someone. There are no definite form or style in practicing Aikido. Due to the dynamics of Aikido's techniques, this Japanese martial art is a great self-defence tools for the women. Most of Aikido's techniques are used to immobilize or diverting the force of the attacker. This book covers several aspects of Aikido such as: - Aikido dojo - Aikido combat - Aikido moves - Aikido principles - Aikido secrets - Aikido techniques - Aikido training and so much more! Scroll up... and click on "Buy Now" to deliver almost instantly to your iPad or other reading device.< Less
Gymnastique régénératrice: Genkikaï By Eric Graf
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Les objectifs de cette gymnastique sont la décontraction, la respiration et la méditation. Le Genkikaï est une compilation que l’on doit à Maître Masatomi Ikeda.... More > Maître Ikeda, élève de Hiroshi Tada, a lui-même connu et côtoyé les plus grands maîtres: O’Sensei Morihei Ueshiba (fondateur de l’Aïkido), Haruchika Noguchi Sensei, fondateur du Seitaï, Maître Nakamura Tempu, fondateur du Shin shin toitsu do et Maître Katsuzo Nishi, fondateur du système de santé Nishi-shiki. L’auteur du présent ouvrage étudie quotidiennement et avec passion les trois arts (Aïkido, Genkikaï et Hojo) que lui a transmis son Maître depuis 15 ans. L’auteur est également l’éditeur du San Shin Kaï Letter, un journal international sur l’Aïkido, le Hojo et le Genkikaï. Il enseigne dans son Dojo à Neuchâtel (Suisse), suit et dispense des stages dans ces trois arts en Suisse et à l’étranger.< Less