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Our Moorish Voices of Islam By Moorish Moslems
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A Book of Moorish American Moslem Proverbs (Book 1)
Yes, I am a moslem. And so what? / Ja, jeg er muslim. Og hvad så? By MEMO
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"Yes, I am a moslem. And so what?" / "Ja, jeg er muslim. Og hvad så?" began as a video and text installation at Gallaeri Project, Copenhagen. This little collection... More > includes poems in Danish and English that was part of the exhibition and few photos. This exhibition took place one year before the terrible cartoon crisis in Denmark! If we keep our prejudices against each other cos of religion how will we ever be able to live in peace ... In Danish: Denne lille samling udspringer af udstillingen: "Jeg er muslim og hvad så?" Udstillingen foregreb lidt "krisen," der kom ... Desværre.< Less
A Thousand Years of Jewish History: “From the Days of Alexander the Great to the Moslem Conquest of Spain” By Maurice H. Harris
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The dual purpose of the revision of this work has been simplification and amplification. The language has been recast in parts and there have been added sub-titles within each chapter,... More > cross-references and an index. Ideas such as "Religion as law," the Logos of Philo and the development of Messianism have been made as simple as these subjects admit of. In seeking illustrations to vivify the narrative it is unfortunate that so little is available. Ah! if we had pictures of Hillel, of Akiba the Martyr, of Judah the Saint, of the Jamnia Academy, of the splendor of the Babylonian Exilarch. But this very absence of pictures is in itself a bit of Jewish history. This new edition contains quotations from the literature of the periods covered, from the Apocrypha, Philo, Josephus and the Mishna. Three chapters have been added, two on "Stories and Sayings of the Sages of the Talmud" and one on "Rabbi Judah and his times." This has also been introduced in the recently issued "Modern Jewish History."< Less
The “People Power” Love-Lust Superbook Book 2. Christian-Jewish-Moslem-Hindu-Sikh-Buddhist-New Age-Tantric-Spiritual-Psychedelic-Ecstatic Love & Sex By Tony Kelbrat
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By traditional family values, I don’t necessarily mean religious values even though this is where traditional values come from and the two often go hand in hand, especially with the right wing... More > political-religious climate in the heartland right now. There are plenty of Christian family books at around #240 to #260 at the library and books about other religions from #290 to #299. Pretty well every major religion has a code of conduct as to how a family should live together. There are some psychology-sociology books about the family at #306.850 or HQ535 at the library. The following are some basic tenets of traditional family values: Even though the family has traditionally been defined as a woman, man and children, nowadays, some liberals define it as any group of people where love is present on an ongoing, day by day basis so this is it, a family is defined by the amount of love there is in it. The man and woman are married in a church as opposed to a civil marriage or shacking up.< Less
The "People Power" Love/ Lust Superbook: Book 2. Religious Love & Sex Guide (Christian – Jewish – Moslem – Buddhist – Sikh - Hindu Customs Including the Kama Sutra & Tantra) By Tony Kelbrat
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Different cultures have different beliefs about love and sex. It's pretty crazy. Some cultures forbid gay sex but they redefine it to be a masculine thing they do because they work in the fields... More > away from women. Most societies push people to family and marriage. Some approve of polygamy. Customs are geared to control people. After all, every man is a deprived slut in the privacy of his mind by nature. They found loads of porn in Osama Bin Laden's bedroom. Society shapes your sex and love attitudes. I tried to be monogamous but I realized I get a sexual urge several times everyday I was raised Catholic but then I realized I'm naturally horny all the time. I have to purge that sexual energy. I can't be wasting it on one woman and kids. I'm entitled to the free pursuit of my life. I live by the nature that God gave me without breaking any laws. There is your individual purity and the customs you are brought up to believe in.< Less
Three Brother Knights By Tony C. Cutajar
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This could very well have been a love story between a Moslem Princess and a professed Knight of St. John of Jerusalem. But it is a love story between three brother knights, the Princess and a little... More > statue of Our Lady of Liesse. A great devotion that developed miraculously in an Egyptian dungeon, moved on mysteriously to France and the Holy Land and thence to Malta.< Less
Islam and the Koran - Described and Defended By Halim Ozkaptan
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The message of the Koran and Islam is described. The reasons for its appeal directly to the heart of Moslems without the need for intermediaries and other dogmas are explained. The information is... More > presented in the context of all religious experience and its relationship to other major religions. Mohammed’s life and his inspiration for the revelation of the Koran are presented. The nature and style of the Koran are discussed. The message of the Koran is abstracted and presented with illustrative quotes by subject matter. The reasons for the emergence of Islam are described. The book discusses Sharia Law. The religious, political and secular forces that distort the message of Islam are discussed. The reader will understand why Islam will soon become the predominant religion in the world. due to its message that appeals directly to the spirit of its adherents.< Less
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