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Theresa Susanne Hoy Ysiano By Judy Hoy
Paperback: $40.95
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You have let your faith and trust in God carry you through the hard times and always put your family first. You join Nicco in addressing the challenges of parenting. While balancing the role of wife,... More > mother and homemaker you have supplemented the family income by undertaking all the responsibilities involved in running The Gymnastic Academy. Recognizing Katryana’s gymnastic abilities, you have encouraged and supported her in developing her talent to the fullest. You set goals for yourself and are your own taskmaster in seeing that they are met.< Less
Mother's and Daughter's Cookbook By Theresa Oliver
Hardcover: $43.60
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This is a Louisiana cookbook with recipes handed down from Great Grandparents
In Destiny's Hands: Five Tragic Rulers, Children of Maria Theresa By Justin Vovk
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Justin Vovk's IN DESTINY'S HANDS is the heartbreaking story of five children of Austria's iconic empress, Maria Theresa, who watched as their royal worlds were ripped apart by tragedy and epic... More > misfortunes. These are the stories of Joseph, whose disastrous reign forced Austria to the brink of civil war; Amalia, the brazen and scandalous duchess who married a boy-prince and died exiled and forgotten; Leopold, Maria Theresa's unassuming second son, who was the envy of Europe until his tumultuous reign was cut tragically short; Maria Carolina, the very Austrian queen of Naples, who ended her days fighting Napoleon with her dying breath; and Marie Antoinette, the legendary teenage bride, who was hated and reviled as Queen of France and met her ultimate fate on the guillotine, a testimony to her mother's vain ambition. Painstakingly researched and masterfully crafted, IN DESTINY'S HANDS brings to vivid life the world of eighteenth century like never before.< Less
Chupilica Perrita: Little Dog of Lima By Theresa Biagiarelli
Hardcover: $25.00
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This is a story of a little boy growing up in Lima, Peru and caring for his dog. The story teaches us a hard lesson about appreciating those who care for us, while still maintaining up upbeat and... More > child-friendly ending.< Less
Cinderella Got There In A Pumpkin! By Theresa Hartman
Paperback: $19.97
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Start where you are to create the life you desire! No money, education or investment required! Just a willingness to use what you are now to build the hero you will become. Cinderella used ten... More > distinct strategies to take herself from a pauper to a princess, and you can, too! Read this book if you're serious about success!< Less
The Box: A Daughter's Discovery By Theresa Kreider
Paperback: $6.00
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The Box: A Daughter's Discovery is the account of a woman's discovery of a small metal box that contains significant pieces of her mother's life. The book offers the daughter's perspective of losing... More > her mother, and it contains articles found in the box.< Less
Chased By The Dawn By Theresa Calnan
eBook (PDF): $1.97
Ella Loxley's curiosity is set alight when a stranger knocks at the door and shows her a photo of her mother with a man Ella has never seen before. To her amazement she is soon to discover that her... More > mother has not always been a sensible, suit wearing schoolteacher! As she joins her mother on a nostalgic journey down the decades, however, from travelling across the Atlantic as a young, naive GI bride on the Queen Mary, to travelling across the United States as a hippy on a Harley; Ella soon realises that these memories are not consigned to the past afterall but still very much shaping the present.< Less
Merrick the Crow By Rilla Theresa
Paperback: $14.50
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Merrick is an average twelve year-old boy whose mother is decidedly not average. When she decides they must move from the small east coast community where Merrick has always lived and travel across... More > the country to live with his uncle in San Francisco, Merrick is certain he will never be able to understand her. In San Francisco, Merrick makes new friends who show him that the amazing things described in his mother's oft-told stories are not so unbelievable as he might have imagined. Together, he and his mother, with the help of his new friends, find themselves pitted against a very real threat that is determined to steal Merrick from his mother forever.< Less
Jordan Christopher, Boy Detective ~ The Case of the Sweet Tooth Kidnapper By Theresa Thompson
eBook (PDF): $3.49
For nine-year-old Jordan Christopher, his ordinary life would change so drastically after his mother gave him a new set of books. Danger lurking just around the corner, thievery in the neighborhood,... More > animals wounded and vanishing. All this cannot be a fluke. Jordan Christopher Boy Detective ~ The Case of the Sweet Tooth Kidnapper.< Less
We Change By Theresa Houghton
Paperback: $14.84
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This is the story of a young woman named Avis, whose father's actions ruined her mother's life. This is also the story of a young man named Darshan, who left his home planet at the age of fifteen to... More > escape his manipulative, controlling parents. And this is the story of the Space Exploration League, an organization that promotes fast ships, skilled pilots, and a total lack of actual space exploration. All of this comes together for Avis after she meets Darshan and agrees to give him a ride to his home planet. But, despite their similar pasts, neither of them is prepared for what they find when they arrive. Written from Avis's point of view, We Change is a tale of two young people learning to trust and forgive after years of turning their backs on the pasts they couldn't change.< Less