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Sparkle: God and the Science of a Compassionate Universe By Alvin Conway
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Our world is mired in chaos, disorder, and endless conflict. We have depleted the planet’s natural resources to a point of scarcity. Wars now threaten to erupt over Earth's last dwindling ... More > natural resources: fossil fuel, water, arable land, and rare-earth minerals. We have used the fear of mutual assured annihilation by destructive weapons to achieve a tenuous and shaky peace in the world. Our financial institutions are imploding, as nations sink beneath oceans of debt. It is becoming clear that the entire model human civilization was built upon is flawed and destined to soon catastrophically unravel. Is this humanity’s destiny or did we lose our way in a maze of material distractions? We needn’t languish in the shadows of despair, failure, and mediocrity. We can achieve greatness, and bring harmony back to the world by emulating the patterns God has woven into nature. Nature’s patterns are rooted in the science of compassion. We can triumph in life’s darkest and most trying hour. We, too, can sparkle.< Less

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