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Mountain By William Baldwin
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Twice in recent years my wife Lil and I have stayed for a week at our friend Susan Hindman’s place on Becky Mountain near Brevard, N.C.. Also Lil and I traveled with photographer Bud Hill up... More > to Saluda, N.C. for a long weekend. And once Bud Hill and I got as far as Caesars Head on a photographing road trip. On each of these visits I wrote poetry that centered on the area. So I had both poems and hundreds of wonderful photographs to edit down from. My son Malcolm had just taken his family slightly farther into the mountains. More photos which were easy to attach to more poetry. Each photographer has a chapter of sorts for each with the click of a button represents a unique way of looking at the mountain. And a list of who took what and where they were is found at the end. Enjoy.< Less
The Mountain By J.R. deSylva
eBook (ePub): $8.99
Flying in his father’s plane, Samuel Bench crashes on a Colorado mountainside. After surviving the crash in which his father dies, the teenager is rescued wandering alone through a snowy forest... More > by a genuine, fur-outfitted man of the mountains, Roger Hayden. Saved but stranded at the man’s cabin through the winter, the boy learns from the old-timer virtue, integrity, truth, trust, and honor, traits the young man has been unfamiliar with. Enduring the hard rigors of winter survival, we see the two men emotionally grow with one another. The teenager leads a physical and mentally demanding subsistence living alongside the old man’s roughness. The youth learns hunting, trapping, and living through the harsh winter with the gruff, old mountain man. Surviving trials and tribulations, the young man matures to enjoy a humble life. Throughout the story, the youth learns how to live an atypical life under unusual circumstances in an extraordinary stranger’s mountain refuge.< Less
Cavanagh, Forest Ranger: A Romance of the Mountain West By Hamlin Garland
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Hint: You can preview this book by clicking on "Preview" which is located under the cover of this book. About the author: Hamlin Garland House is a site associated with the life of author... More > Hamlin Garland in West Salem, Wisconsin, United States.Hamlin Garland was born in West Salem in a log cabin in September 1860 on a farm his father bought a year earlier. When he was older, he moved away from Wisconsin and lived particularly in Massachusetts, Iowa, and Illinois. Even so, Garland fondly recalled the place of his birth. As he later recalled: "My Wisconsin birthplace has always been a source of deep satisfaction to me. That a lovely valley should form the first picture in my childhood memories is a priceless endowment... It will always remain a charming and mysterious place to me. Excerpt from:< Less
The Man of the Forest By Zane Grey
eBook (ePub): $1.99
Accidentally overhearing a plot to kidnap the niece of a prominent rancher as she arrives from the East, Milt Dale springs into action. He comes out of his splendid isolation to protect Helen and her... More > kid sister, Bo. Leading them away from manmade danger, exposing them to unaccustomed rigor on mountain trails, Dale imparts his rugged philosophy. Beyond the forest, Beasley and Snake Anson are still waiting to carry out their evil plot.< Less
The Forest of the Yetis By Mark Wignall
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For Mark and his friends the day started as planned, meet up early and go play paintball in the biggest paint-balling resort in the UK, a large rural area adjoining a forest and mountain range in... More > Wales. A simple plan until midway through the day comes a disappearance, then two mutilated bodies turn up. Large indigenous creatures wrapped in white fur with large claws and teeth begin to attack the gamers. An all out escape ensues till armed men appear and push the survivors into a game of cat and mouse between themselves and the forest yetis. Soon they stumble across a solitary farmer and the knowledge of an abandoned gold mine nearby. It turns out the armed men want the gold and the yetis want the armed men…dead but Mark and his friends are stuck in the middle. They must unravel the mystery, outsmart the enemy and most of all, most important of all…survive.< Less
Forest of Savages By Rookie Burwick
eBook (ePub): $5.99
When a man's body is found mangled and half-eaten outside his cabin, everything turns to hell in the small town of Wallace, Idaho. It's not the everyday bear attack. Something else is terrorizing the... More > countryside. Nick Gluteere is the man hired to take out the beast. He's the highest skilled in big game hunting. He and his men are experienced in hunting down large predators. Nick and his troops begin the hunt right away. They don't know what they're looking for, but they know it's dangerous. The terrible truth is, they're the ones being hunted. Soon, he and his men find that there's more than one beast on the loose. And these beasts are far from what they expected. An entire army of angry Bigfoot are rising to the top of the food chain. Leaving a path of destruction in their wake, these deadly apes make their way down the mountain, waiting to feast on the townspeople.< Less
The Light on the Mountain By Wendy Williams
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Little Billy Goat is afraid of the dark. Come along with Daddy Goat as he seeks an answer from his forest friends.
Sinister Mountains By Paul Lee
Paperback: $7.99
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Megan Rollins is lost in the Appalachian Mountains. After witnessing a brutal bear attack on her fiancé and spending the night hiding in a tree trunk, two men discover her and carry her to... More > their cabin, where a strange family lives. Something even stranger lurks behind the forbidden iron door...the entry to a dreary dungeon. Megan opens it, unveiling an ancient evil that will change humanity and Planet Earth forever. Megan struggles to survive, the terror intensifying as her journey progresses. She must escape the forest...but how? Sinister Mountains is a darkly crafted, adrenaline-rushing novella unique to the horror genre.< Less
Jamin Mountain By Ali Amkhani Samadi
eBook (PDF): $4.99
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Jamin Mountain is a long fantastic story that it has written for the teenage age group. This is a long story about the children born in the Cantalou village, who were born out of the sight of the... More > people living in that area and they have been combat to the oppression that has been committed by a bastard named Bapuk from a long time since their ancestors and they entered into his magical realm in a forest called Tino and the Jamin Mountains to revenge. One thing that is clear is the no return of a human being from the Bapuk realm, and nobody knows the fate of children and other people in Bapuk castle.< Less
A Mountain of a Man By Julieane Frost
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A love of nature brought Everett Needham to the newly-formed Wachusett Mountain Reservation in 1899. At the age of 21, he was hired as Assistant Superintendent and nine years later was named... More > Superintendent. For nearly four decades, Needham’s extraordinary vision and foresight shaped the beautiful, accessible recreation area we enjoy today. His stewardship included building the access roads, clearing hiking trails, digging fire ponds, constructing viewing platforms, planting and managing the forest, and protecting native plants and wildlife. A century after he began, Everett Needham’s enduring legacy of preserving the mountain’s natural beauty continues to delight visitors every day.< Less

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