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So You Want to Move to Tulum, Mexico? By Manny Serrato
eBook (ePub): $4.99
Are you ready for a major lifestyle change? In this Expat Fever! series book you will learn all about Tulum, a bohemian beach town in the heart of the Riviera Maya. This book is meant to give you an... More > idea of what living in Tulum is really like. In this guide, you’ll read first-hand comments from expats who have already moved there. This book provide important information about moving, sending your children to school, driving, obtaining legal residency, and much more. Finally, you will learn about popular restaurants, language schools, and information about healthcare and legal services. We have compiled all of the most vital information about Tulum from locals, expats, and our own travels there. If you are thinking about moving, but don’t know where to start, this book is a great resource! Only you can know if you are truly ready to expatriate, but this book can get you started on your journey. Read more about our series and sign up for alerts at:< Less
The Lure of Mexico By Salena Brown
eBook (ePub): $4.99
(1 Ratings)
Set in Mexico during the Mexican Revolution, two young adventuresome American couples united by kinship move to a remote sugar hacienda in southern Mexico lured by cheap land, leisure and the... More > prospect of untold wealth. In addition to family discord, fate throws them more than one cruel twist; a locust plague, immovable squatters, malaria and the ever-encroaching factions of war. The plot thickens when the family leader, Jerome Mahoney, abandons his family in their dangerous surroundings by contacting and selling guns to the very revolutionary factions that threaten their lives. The family must decide to wait for his return or escape the tyranny without him. This fictionalized story is based on one hundred letters sent home to the family matriarch in Haverhill, Massachusetts where they were saved and passed down to the next generation of readers. Once the letters divulged the lure of Mexico from the yellowed envelopes with broken seals, the story begged to be told.< Less
Down Mexico Way By Ian Middleton
eBook (PDF): $11.83
Dusty pueblos adorned with adobe houses, each with a man sitting against a wall, a large sombrero tipped over his face, heavy snoring sounds emitting from underneath that hat; barefoot Indian women... More > and children walking through the dusty, cobbled streets. These were the first images that came to mind when Ian Middleton thought of Mexico. But was it really like that? He had read James A Michener's historical novel on Mexico, and it had portrayed a country of rich cultural diversity. These are the things that had ignited in Ian a burning desire to see this country for himself. As a novice traveller this was an extremely daring move. Especially as he would be travelling alone. Ian knew nobody in Mexico. Although he’d travelled the year before for the first time in Australia, he’d had the advantage of knowing people there. This would his first real trip in a foreign land completely alone.< Less
Texans Always Move Them: By Jeffrey Dixon Murrah
Paperback: $28.92
Prints in 3-5 business days
A history of Texas filled with colorful anecdotes and quotes from famous Texans. It includes expanded coverage of topics most frequently searched for from pre-history through the 21st century noting... More > important Texans and their accomplishments. Besides covering political and military events, this volume also covers Texas art, religion, music and writers. The comprehensive inclusion of these varied disciplines makes this a history book that covers just about every major aspect of how Texans and their State have influenced the world. This volume is sure to provide hours of enjoyable reading and thought provoking conversation.< Less
Living La Vida Loca: When the Dream of a Life in Mexico Becomes Reality By Vic Kirby
eBook (PDF): $13.99
(2 Ratings)
This book is for anyone who has ever thought, even fleetingly, of making a life as a “snowbird”, or even as a full-time resident, in the warm climes of Mexico. Just what is it like to... More > make that dramatic step? What is the reality of the dream? What should I know before I take steps to make it real, or decide it’s just not for me? There are several books that cover the physical mechanics and issues of living in Mexico. The more interesting and critical issues are those of being able to align yourself psychologically with the demands and opportunities of life in Mexico. So this book is about the internal experience of life as a foreign resident in Mexico. It looks at what drives people to come here, what surprises they found, how they cope with and grow from the experience, how reality compares to their expectations, and what they would do differently knowing what they do now. 79 pages, 13 photos< Less
Environmental governance on the Mexico-U.S. Border: Current and future challenges By Ricardo V. Santes-Álvarez
Paperback: $10.94
Prints in 3-5 business days
This book addresses the issue of governing the environment on the Mexico-United States Border. It examines the criterion of co-responsibility, the performance of governance institutions, and seek for... More > a design to attain good governance. Following an introduction, Chapter 2 presents theoretic elaborations around environmental governance. Chapter 3 offers an overview of the Border. Chapter 4 focuses on the evolution of environmental institutions; it examines main aspects of bureaucratic arrangements and regulatory moves that Mexico and United States governments have implemented to oversee the environment, overall after the signing of NAFTA. Chapter 5 assesses environmental governance and examines two subjects of great concern: hazardous waste and atmospheric air pollution. Chapter 6 examines co-responsibility in environmental governance. Chapter 7 concludes with the relevant findings and describes topics for future work. A bibliography and an alphabetical index complement the book.< Less
Interview With an Expat: Tulum, Mexico: Learn About the Mayan Riviera from Real Expats! Expatriate and Escape the Rat Race! By Manny Serrato
eBook (ePub): $1.99
Are you ready for a major lifestyle change? The Expat Fever! series is designed to give readers a detailed and candid picture of what it's like to live as an expat overseas. In this particular... More > book, we focus on life in the beautiful eco-tourism town of Tulum, which is located on the Riviera Maya. The Expat Fever! series is designed to give readers a detailed and candid picture of what it's like to live as an expat overseas. The Riviera Maya is one is a major tourism district in Mexico and one of the most beautiful places on earth. The atmosphere there is laid-back, casual, and friendly. The area also has the added benefit of being affordable--living there is kind of like living in Hawaii, but WITHOUT the million-dollar price tag. If you want to get a better idea of why so many people are choosing to move to Tulum and to better understand what it's like to live there, then the Expat Fever! series is a great place to start.< Less
The Remarkable T.L. Reber; Soda Bottles and Bottling in the Black Range and Silver City, New Mexico By Bill Lockhart
Paperback: $30.00
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This book is divided into three sections. First is the Story of T.L. Reber, a unique salesman who opened soda bottling plants in the Southwest, sold the entire business, then moved on. Reber, and... More > his wife, Rebecca, opened as many as 50 bottling works, mostly in New Mexico and Arizona. Part 2 is the soda bottling history of the Black Range (New Mexico), the site of two of Reber's early plants. It follows the subsequent bottlers in this well-known mining district. The final section traces the development of another of Reber's early businesses, this time in Silver City, New Mexico. It begins with Reber's plant in 1880 and the sequence of bottlers who followed. The book includes short sections on the breweries in the two locations.< Less
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