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Muhammad By Collection salwa hsan
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My love for Prophet Muhammad Brief words of the Messenger of Allah Peace be upon him
Muhammad By Yasin T Al-Jibouri
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A full-length biography of the life of the Prophet Muhammad, including a chapter on his ancestors, the settings of Hijaz at that time, and the events surrounding his birth. This well-researched text... More > covers all important features of the Prophet's life and provides detailed reference where necessary.< Less
Muhammad By Yasin T Al-Jibouri
eBook (ePub): $4.99
We are pleased to present this book to its readers world-wide and solicit their comments and suggestions not only about this book but about other books by this author. The first book by this author... More > was titled Fast of the Month of Ramadan: Philsophy and Ahkam. It was followed by Allah: The Concept of God by Islam then by Kerbala and Beyond. The author has also translated a good number of books some of which have already been published while others are waiting for their turn to be published. The reader is advised to surf the Internet to see an extensive list of the books, works and translations, by this author.< Less
Muhammad By ss ff
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A great book Because it is talking about the greatest biography 've Ever seen Do not let him miss
Who Is Muhammad? By Jafar Subhani
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This book is being published in response to a recent showing of an insulting movie on the Internet against the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings of God be upon him. In spite of his humble... More > circumstances as a poor orphan, Muhammad was sent by God as His final Messenger to humanity. His prophetic career of little more than two decades changed the face of world history. He called the peoples of the world to the worship of the One God, “Lord of all beings.” He laid the foundations of the richest and most universal civilization in human history. Islamic civilization grew out of the Prophet Muhammad's universal call to the faith in the One God (tawhid), and the brotherhood of all believers in Him. The Prophet of Islam perfected the same message which was preached by earlier prophets of God, such as Abraham, the spiritual ancestor of all monotheists and physical father of Muslims and Jews, and Moses and Jesus, on whom may there be peace.< Less
Muhammad Ali By Justin Tully
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Muhammad Ali UFO is the dramatized short story of what happened to the former world heavyweight boxing champion, as he was jogging around Central Park in New York City. It's long gone down as one of... More > the classic celebrity sightings, but with this story I take it to a different place with Ali being abducted by the aliens and having to fight his way out of the spaceship. Will he be knocked out or will he be standing proud over his defeated opponents?< Less
Understanding Muhammad By Greatest Kafir
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If you think Islamic terrorism is a new phenomenon, think again. Islam owes its success to terrorism. Since the day Muhammad set foot in Medina, he started his campaign of terror. His followers have... More > been doing the same since. Muslims are intolerant, supremacist, bullies, and violent. They are inflammable and can explode if contradicted or they are not treated preferentially and with respect. At the same time, they abuse others and violate the rights of people of other faiths. Islam is incompatible with democracy. It is a warring creed that uses democracy to destroy it and to establish itself as a world wide dictatorship. The only way to avert the clash between this barbarity and civilization, and a world disaster, is to expose the fallacy of Islam and demystify it. Muslims must be weaned from Islam for humanity to live in peace.< Less
Muhammad's Revenge By Keith G. Laufenberg
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Muhammad's Revenge is a collection of short stories that literally forces the reader to bring the realities of life on this earth, along with such terrible things as war, into sharp focus and to... More > concentrate on why things happen as they do—when they do—and what happens to the soul when this life on earth is over. In the title story, “Muhammad's Revenge,” we see how the war experiences of a single human being can bring an apocalypse to the entire world. In “Peace on Earth” the realities of the horrors of World War I become starkly vivid and real but so does the humanity of mankind when the Germans and the English armies call a one-day truce, a historic event, that actually did happen. In “Big Sugar,” as in all these stories, we see the personal as well as private lives of many of the characters, in their darkest moments and how one life's circumstances which end in a tragic death can alter history for all the others involved for the better.< Less
Muhammad the Greatest By Ahmed Deedat
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"And most certainly, thou (O Muhammad) are of most sublime and exalted character." (The Holy Qur’ân, 68:4) How the Topic Arose About ten years ago, a distant cousin of mine -... More > Mr. Mohamed Mehtar Farooki gave me a typed quotation by the French historian, Lamartine. The quotation [A detailed exposition of the quotation will be found on page 38 ] purported to prove that Muhammad (pbuh), the prophet of Islam, was the greatest man that ever lived. Mr. Mehtar was in the habit of passing information on to me, believing that I might put the same to some good use at the proper time and place. Before this he had presented me with "The Call of the Minaret," an expensive book written by (Bishop Kenneth Cragg). By analysing this book I discovered the masterful deceit of the Christian Orientalists. Lamartine's tribute to our prophet inspired me and I had a great desire to share his thoughts about our Nabee with my Muslim brethren. The opportunity to do so was not long in coming.< Less
JESUS or MUHAMMAD By D. Philipp Kaiser
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A comparative look into the lives of JESUS and MUHAMMAD as recorded in the Bible, Qur’an, and other religious records, and as it plainly shows, there are glaring differences in their lives.... More > Both chose to repudiate the accepted way of life in their time, and both suffered for repudiating it. I leave the level of suffering each suffered to you, though it is obvious to me that they did not suffer the same. How you take this information, what you do with it or how you feel about it is also up to you. Doubt it is true? So do your own research… and try to prove me wrong. More at< Less

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