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No Ordinary Romance By Stephanie Jean Smith
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Constantina Jacobs (introduced in Shelter During the Storm), couldn't understand her attraction to her nemesis, the egotistical councilman Thomas Galvin. He made it his duty to prevent any moves she... More > made to expand the group homes of the Cabbage Patch Foundation. What did it matter that he was sexy as hell and had the most incredible green eyes? Thomas Greywolf Galvin was known for getting everything he wanted; this time he wanted Constantina Jacobs. Unlike the other women in his life, Constantina disliked him with a passion. He was determined to get into her bed even if it meant making a deal that would remove all obstacles hindering the Cabbage Patch Foundation's expansion plans. Was Constantina bold enough to make a deal with a man she professes to hate? (For adult audiences, sexually explicit, multicultural romance)< Less
No Hay Romance Ordinario By Stephanie Jean Smith
eBook (PDF): $2.99
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Constantina Jacobs (introducido en refugio durante la tormenta), no podía entender su atracción a su némesis, el concejal egoísta Thomas Galvin. Parecía que su... More > obligación de bloquear cualquier movimiento que se hizo para ampliar las viviendas de grupo de la Fundación de parche de col a las partes más ricas de la ciudad. ¿Qué es importante que era sexy como el infierno y tenía los ojos verdes más asombrosos? Thomas Greywolf Galvin era conocido para conseguir todo lo que quería; Esta vez quería Constantina Jacobs. A diferencia de las otras mujeres en su vida, Constantina le disgustaba con pasión. Estaba decidido a entrar en su cama, incluso si significaba hacer un trato eliminaría todos los obstáculos que entorpecen los planes de expansión de la Fundación Cabbage Patch. ¿Era Constantina atrevido a hacer un trato con un hombre que ella profesa a odiar? (Para el público adulto, sexualmente explícito, multicultural, romance)< Less
The Cellist By Capri Montgomery
eBook (PDF): $4.35
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In passion, with heart, with love. To the gates of hell and beyond. One cellist will sacrifice everything for love. Johannes is smart, talented, and a force of passionate furry when it comes to... More > demanding perfection from the orchestra he conducts. And until Yessenia came along that force had never been questioned, never shaken and never challenged. This sweet little cellist has a fire that he recognizes as the gateway to success. He has plans for her and he has started moving the musical notes in a direction that will take her straight to the top where he knows she belongs. But when circumstances arise, circumstances that threaten the future she could have and the freedom he now possesses, can Johan conduct the most important symphony of his life with perfection; or will Yessenia’s sacrifice cost her everything she has worked so hard to gain?< Less
In the lives of Powerful Men By Lori Turner
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Petra Gordon is determined to maintain balance in her busy life. This isn’t very easy due to her line of work. Encountering seductive men is a bit of a distraction as well as a tempting perk. ... More > This unavoidable appeal is a part of her job. As a Pubic Relations Representative for her father’s firm, she skillfully oversees the public images of influential men. While doing this, Petra is forced to confront her growing feelings for these clients. Seduced by the lures of her job; she is powerless to prevent the inevitable collision of her personal life and the role that she plays in the business world. Before her world implodes; Petra makes a difficult choice. She ends up falling in love but only one man’s touch has the power to give her all that she’s ever longed for.< Less
Everything is Everything By Pepper Pace
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In 1977 12-year old Vanessa White lives just out of reach of the projects that both scare and entice her. It is the year that she meets 14-year old Scotty Tremont, one of the few white boys to live... More > in the ghetto. Initially afraid that Scotty intends to beat her up because her cousin called him white trash, Vanessa soon learns that although Scotty is a ‘Trick Baby’ and will probably be a dope boy just like his brother, he also somehow manages to be compassionate. Scotty is learning something as well; that his path has not been laid out before him and that everything isn’t necessarily everything. This two part book series takes the reader back to the 70’s style urban lit stories of life in the ghetto. It begins in the 70s and moves throughout the decades following the lives of people whose stories have intertwined in a romantic, tragic, sometimes funny tale of street life. This story is for adult readers only and contains mature themes including language, sex, violence, drugs and racism.< Less
Write Me A Murder: Blood Justice By Capri Montgomery
Paperback: $9.00
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What would you do to track down a killer? Sloan Macleod has searched all over Scotland to find the man who viciously murdered his sister and when his search leads him to America, right to the door of... More > mystery writer Mackenzi Tate writing as Torran McGowan, he comes with the rage of a man wanting justice—blood justice.< Less
The Dream Stalker By Capri Montgomery
Paperback: $8.99
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What comes after the happy ending? Daya and Warren are about to find out in book two of the Gifted Liaisons series, The Dream Stalker. There’s another dream walker out there, one who is more... More > powerful than Warren. He kills without mercy, stalking the dreams of women and then killing them while they sleep. Five women have already died and the cops are baffled with the case. Warren, a dream walker himself, knows it’s the work of something sinister, something no officer is ready to face, let alone believe. When Warren’s nemesis sets out to take everything away from him, including the woman he loves, can Warren recapture his heritage in time to save her? Or will a powerful dream stalker destroy his family, piece by piece?< Less
Maid for Hire & Educating Australia By Capri Montgomery
Paperback: $8.25
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Maid for Hire: Nefertiti got more than she bargained for when she tried to escape the dangers of her home for the freedoms in America. When her employer tries to sell her to acquire a company... More > he’s coveted for years, border patrol agent Drake Masters steps in and rescues her. His attraction to this exotic woman is deeper than sexual. He wants long-term relationship, not just a one night affair. When tragedy strikes can he save her in time to discover the love they could share? Educating Australia: Kyle Donovan may be a master martial artist, but when it comes to Australia’s quick thinking he’s met his match. When an obsessed admirer stakes a claim on Australia can Kyle tame this beauty long enough to keep her safe?< Less
Explosive: Deadly Connections By Capri Montgomery
Paperback: $10.99
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One man’s heaven is another man’s hell. When a bomber targets Oahu, Hawaii can a skilled bomb tech stop the sequence before detonation? Percileo Dugan-Mishoto, a.k.a. Lucky Leo, is about... More > to find out that hell is not hot; it’s explosive. If he wants to save his city, and the woman of his heart, he’ll have to stop a deranged bomber first. When it comes down to one bomb after another, can Leo sever all the deadly connections; or will Lucky Leo’s luck run out?< Less
I'll Be Your Somebody By Savannah J. Frierson
Paperback: $7.50
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During her tenure as the unofficial official gatekeeper of the Femme Crew, Bevin Moore found love in TROLLING NIGHTS. Can her best friend Rosita do the same? As the self-coronated queen of Trolling... More > Nights, Rosita Velez has one edict: men are only good for one night, maybe two if she were feeling particularly benevolent. Yet somehow, her latest lover manages to stick around for one night...then two...then three...then four...and suddenly Rosita finds herself in the midst of a romantic coup, facing a decision that will change her life forever. Will Rosita abdicate her crown, or will she continue her reign of the one night stand?< Less

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