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Studies in Christian–Muslim Relations VOLUME 4 By Jan H. Boer
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In this volume Christians and secularists are invited to seriously consider Muslim arguments against secularism. Though focused on the Nigerian situation, these arguments reach far beyond this one... More > country to encompass the entire world, wherever Western secular culture is seeking to impose itself. Though argued in a (post)colonial context, these arguments have direct implications for current relations between the Muslim world and the secular West. It is almost inconceivable that anyone who has carefully though through this Muslim perspective would consider secularism as the solution to the “Muslim problem” in the world. As a Christian, I invite you to ask yourself: Which is the greater problem for Christians—Islam or secularism.< Less
Studies in Christian–Muslim Relations VOLUME 7 By Jan H. Boer
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In this 8-volume series, volumes 6 and 7 deal with Muslim law or sharia. Vol. 6 explains the Nigerian Muslim demand for having sharia incorporated into the nation’s Constitution, while this... More > vol. 7 presents the Nigerian Christian negative reaction. Muslim pro-arguments in vol. 6 are mainly based on principles without excluding history and experience, while in vol. 7, Christians base most of their arguments on history and experience, but are short on principle. The only sharia they know and have experienced is the corrupt version that is imposed on them against their will. This book explains their rejection lucidly and in much detail. For a full and balanced understanding of vol. 7, you need also to read the Muslim voice in vol. 6.< Less
Studies in Christian–Muslim Relations VOLUME 5 By Jan H. Boer
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A basic challenge in the world as a whole as well as in Nigeria specifically is that of religion vs secularism. While Vol. 4 describes the Nigerian Muslim rejection of secularism, this volume covers... More > Christian ambivalence. Here we have two approaches: the ambivalent perspective of Nigerian Christians and the more wholistic view of current Neo-Calvinism. Both approaches were hammered out in the course of politico-religious struggles for freedom and survival. While the latter struggles against secular liberalism, the former seeks refuge in a half-hearted embrace of secular dualism. The latter is offered as a potential enrichment of the former.< Less
Studies in Christian–Muslim Relations VOLUME 6 By Jan H. Boer
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This volume explains why Nigerian Muslims want to revive Muslim Law or Sharia and have it replace colonially-imposed British Common Law. This desire is in line with their rejection of secularism. ... More > They are angry at how colonialism has consciously undermined their religion and torpedoed their Sharia legal system and replaced it with what they consider a cheap and unrealistic secularism. They were saddled with a Western legal system that does not speak to them and does not fit their culture. Secularism is seen as the cause for the disintegration of Western culture. So, why force it on others?< Less
Studies in Christian–Muslim Relations Christians: Why This Muslim Violence? VOLUME 3 By Jan H. Boer
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Why do Nigerian Christians and Muslims riot, kill and destroy? Why should religion bring Nigeria constantly to the brink? Who is blame for all this terror? Muslims? Christians? Both? Neither? What... More > are the causes for all this violence? Religious? Political? These are the questions this book answers from the Nigerian Christian point of view. The many quotations ensure that you hear the genuine voice of Nigerian Christians. Reading the Nigerian Muslim perspectives in vol. 2 also, will help you develop a balanced point of view.< Less
Studies in Christian-Muslim Relations: Why the Violence VOLUME 2 By Jan H. Boer
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This Volume 2 in the series extensively covers Muslim opinions and evaluations of Nigeria’s religious riots. An abundance of quotations allows Muslims to speak for themselves. This will be... More > counterbalanced by the Nigerian Christian interpretation in Volume 3. Subsequent riots can be studied from the author’s Companion CD-Rom. See author’s< Less
Jesus Is Muslim By Mohamad Abu Saed
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For a Christian, it may seem weird when he reads that title especially when it's well known that Jesus came 600 years before Islam. However, Muslims really believe that Jesus is a Muslim prophet.... More > This book shall discuss with evidence why Muslims really believe it that way. This book shall go through both Islamic and Christian sources showing the evidence for the authenticity of Islam and its relation with God and His prophets. On the other hand it shall discuss the Christian belief and verify its authenticity with respect to historical and from what Jesus said in the Bible.< Less
Studies in Christian–Muslim Relations VOLUME 8, PART 2: Parameters for Living Together By Jan H. Boer
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This is the eighth and final member of an 8-volume series that deals with major aspects of Christian-Muslim relations. The preceding volumes deal with violence, secularism, sharia (Muslim law) and... More > related subjects. The volumes alternate between Christian and Muslim perspectives. This final volume offers parameters for the two religious communities to live together, parameters based on the foregoing as well as on the worldview of the author that is amply described. At a superficial reading, some Christian readers may well be shocked at what they might perceive as a Christian "giving in" to Muslim demands. A more thoughtful read will show a balanced perspective that takes seriously the principles held by all, namely democracy and pluralism.< Less
Studies in Christian-Muslim Relations: Nigeria's Decades of Blood 1980-2002 By Jan H. Boer
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This volume describes the religious riots that have occurred in Nigeria from around 1977-2002. It is followed up by 7 more volumes that explain all the issues involved.
Islam: A Christian Approach By Marcus Braybrooke
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Hostility and Prejudice between Muslims and Christians is still a threat to peace. This book shows what Christians can learn from the Qur'an and from the Prophet Muhammad. It makes clear that... More > Muslims highly respect 'Isa' Jesus - but also tries to explain why Muslims have often misunderstood Christian teaching. On subjects such as wealth, poverty, and forgiveness. Muslims and Christians can lean from each other. Instead of a Clash of Civilizations, a 'Partnership of Faiths' is required to promote peace and justice, protection of human rights, an adequate standard of living for all people and care and respect for the natural world. Marcus Braybrooke is a retired Anglican priest and interfaith activist. He is President of the World Congress of Faiths and Co-Founder of the Three Faiths Forum. He is author of over forty books, including 'Beacons of the Light'and 'Widening Vision' and has edited the anthology '1,000 World Prayers.'< Less

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