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Mutiny By Bob Adams
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All through my Christian life I've heard this term “The Good Old Gospel Ship.” It was used as a song, a skit in Sunday School and my personal favorite, a term to describe the church. This... More > “Good Old Gospel Ship” has been sailing for a LONG time and it became evident to me last year while speaking at Cornerstone Festival (a former hard rock Christian music festival) that many of these “ships” are stuck on a one-way course. It is as if the steering wheel is broken and the captain has lost interest and is simply sailing. In talking with this group, I've discovered there is a cadre of people that want to see change and simply do not know how to turn this ship around. It is my desire to see more and more churches “get it” and begin to make the necessary changes.< Less
The Mutiny of the Elsinore By Jack London
eBook (ePub): $1.54
Published in 1914 by MacMillan, The Mutiny of the Elsinore is a full length novel describing towards its close, the promised event following the death of the Captain and a split in the crew between... More > the two first mates. London uses the novel to examine class and race as related issues, presenting the Captain and his officers as a ruling class defined by racial stereotypes. As such, given the author's stilted approach, the prose can make difficult reading even if he does deliver the proscribed adventure.< Less
Justifiable Mutiny By Howard Stoler Orloff
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Two absolute strangers, Andoni a young Spaniard and Howard an aging American join forces to cross the Atlantic on a 34-foot sloop. All they have in common is love of the sea. Language, customs,... More > habits, traditions and ethics all influence the final understanding of what may be a request, an instruction or an order. Determining the difference between them depends on the context, the circumstances and who is on either end of the communications link. When is it correct for a crewmember to disobey an order from his Skipper? How far does the Captain's authority reach and who is ultimately responsible if blind obedience to an order that is poorly phrased, incomplete or just plain wrong were to place the ship in danger? The mutiny aboard the USS Caine is fiction but what happened aboard HMS Bounty is sadly true. How this ocean passage began, what occurred during the 46 days at sea and how it ends makes for an interesting tale.< Less
A Narrative on the Mutiny By William Bligh
eBook (ePub): $1.94
William Bligh FRS RN (9 September 1754 – 7 December 1817) was an officer of the British Royal Navy. Subject to a mutiny whilst commanding the HMS Bounty in 1789; Although most people know... More > about the mutiny less well known is the remarkable voyage to Timor, Bligh and his loyal men made after being set adrift in the Bounty's launch by the mutineers. This short book in Bligh's own words charts these amazing events. Kean Guides (Travel) have developed to take advantage of new reading media and to appeal to the modern reader. Specially formatted to improve the reading experience. We aim to offer a library of Travel Books that have been selected to illustrate the best of the writer without the need to plough through tomes and tomes of writing to find the pieces you really want to read. We are committed to provide the greatest writers to readers at a reasonable price< Less
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This book is a compilation of poems written by a teenager in mutiny against society and authoritative figures
Mutiny in the Baltic By Peter John Smith
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Mutiny in the Baltic is the second book in the series of Werner Toniges adventures in World War II. There is a mutiny in the Kriegsmarine and Toniges is ordered to recapture or sink the new super... More > cruiser to prevent it falling into the hands of the Russians< Less
Mutiny in the Baltic By Peter John Smith
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Mutiny in the Baltic is the second book in the series of Werner Toniges adventures in World War II. There is a mutiny in the Kriegsmarine and Toniges is ordered to recapture or sink the new super... More > cruiser to prevent it falling into the hands of the Russians< Less
On the Face of the Waters: A Tale of the Mutiny By Flora Annie Steel
eBook (ePub): $2.99
On the Face of the Waters: A Tale of the Mutiny was published in 1897 by Flora Annie Steel. She was an English writer. She was the daughter of George Webster. In 1867 she married Henry William... More > Steel, a member of the Indian civil service, and for the next twenty-two years lived in India, chiefly in the Punjab, with which most of her books are connected. This book has 6 books in one< Less
The Mutiny - The Actions of Captain Zannuck By Scott C. Anderson
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Written for all ages. Captain Tim Zannuck and Lt. Tee Binnet will break away from the brutal Colar homeworld. There search for a better, longer life, will take them to worlds they never imagined. ... More > During this journey they will meet four people from earth who will teach them what it means to be human. This isn’t an easy transition as a parasitic alien race will try to enslave the new population. And, the Colar were not overlooked as their own people will try to make an example of the treacherous officers and crew. Earth does not escape this journey, as a former secret service agent and his wife will aid the freedom seeking Colar. Together they will create a new world with freedoms unknown to the ship workers of the lone Colar battle cruiser. Suitable for all ages, this is a story of adventure and discovery, as freedom is never free.< Less
The Mutiny on the Bounty & Pandora's Box By David G Williams
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This is a new version of the whole story of the Bounty, it covers everything, from its disastrous crew selection, the Mutiny, incitement of Polynesian wars, trials, executions, pardons, kidnaps,... More > rapes, enslavement to the brutal island murders. Make no mistake; it may have been the beginning of the Romantic Age but there was nothing romantic about the mutiny on the Bounty, why did Fletcher Christian choose oblivion over common sense on that hot sunny morning so long ago? Was it because far from freeing the crew from oppression he was actually mentally unstable? Where exactly was Peter Heywood and why did half the crew choose certain death in an open boat rather than sail away with the mutineers? Just some of the questions answered in this book, for the first time the whole story, the complete story, including the Pandora's hunt for the mutineers and the Admiralty's revenge, and the true price of Peter Heywood's freedom.< Less

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