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When you need to find the right SQL keyword or MySQL client command-line option right away, turn to this convenient reference, known for the same speed and flexibility as the system it covers so... More > thoroughly< Less
Pro MySQL By Andrew Carter
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Data, in all varieties, continues to be the cornerstone from which modern organizations and businesses derive their information capital. Whether putting items in an online shopping cart for checkout... More > or tracking terabytes of purchase history to find shopping trends, having a database to store and retrieve data has become a necessity. From the individual to the small nonprofit organization, the small business to the large corporation, retrieving stored information at the right time and in the right format is helping people make more informed business decisions. The demand for larger amounts of data, stored in more user-friendly formats and using faster database tools, continues to grow.< Less
MySQL in a Nutshell By AnneMie Mathiassen
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Now, writing a foreword for a book is even harder than reviewing a book for me. Not only do I have to read the book, but I know that I am so late in the review process that I can’t point out... More > factual errors. Let’s start right here by giving some credit to the authors of this book. Pointing out any errors in this book would just be me being nitpicky. This book covers the 5.0 release of the MySQL Server, and getting a book right on 5.0 is pretty hard, since we are at a code freeze for release right now; 5.0 is done and we are getting ready to ship. Software being what it is, that doesn’t mean a few changes don’t occur. Getting a book this close is an incredible feat, and nothing you read here will lead you astray.< Less
Beginning PHP and MySQL By W. Jason Gilmore
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Beginning PHP and MySQL
PHP_AND_MYSQL By Sagar Sawant
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PHP and MySQL Introduction & Installation,Fundamentals of PHP,Arrays ,Object oriented concepts ,String handling ,File handling ,HTML basics and CSS, Super global variables & Date... More > Functions,Accepting and Validating input ,MySql Administration ,Database handling ,Developing Application,Hosting Website using WAMP Simple language, Practical oriented< Less
MySQL 5 Essentials By Neil Smyth
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This book is intended to teach the basics of using the MySQL relational database management system (RDBMS) to create and manage databases and is ideal for those unfamiliar with both databases in... More > general and MySQL in particular. Topics covered include the basics of relational databases, database architecture, an overview of the MySQL administration tools, database security implementation and detailed tutorials on using SQL to create, manage and retrieve data from MySQL based databases.< Less
30 MySQL Problems By Jasenko Krejić
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These are some common problems I encountered when doing the preparation for my Oracle's Mysql Administration exams. They can be used for assessing the students as well as for studying. The system... More > used is Centos 6.2,and MySQL version is 5.1.6.< Less
Mysql Interview Question And Answer By DAMYANTI PATHAK
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Useful book for people preparing for mysql Interviews.Good for freshers and experienced professionals.This book is best for INTERVIEW.usefull book for all mysql users.try this.
Php & Mysql on Windows XP By shahaban kormath
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Here is the book shows how the php and mysql install and simple to configure it and also it represents all each steps in them. i think it is better and more helpful for us
MySQL Practice Workbook By Jeremias Esperanza
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MySQL Practice workbook is a compilation of laboratory activities designed for Information Technology Students. The workbook tackles the basic SQL Commands from creating a database, creating a... More > table, setting up of primary keys on base tables. SELECT statement is used on querying one tables and joining it on other tables. Stored procedure is also discussed in executing multiple SQL statements in one call. Use of Query Browser is introduced as graphical user interface to see the immediate results of statements enterered. Exercises are provided at the end of each laboratory activity to check understanding.< Less

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