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The Division Bell By Andy Evans
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Warning - Contains adult themes Bogdan is a simple man whose essence is enveloped within the love of his family. A simple but happy man whose life is shattered and forever changed in one horrifying... More > night of murder and brutality he will carry with him for the rest of his days. Age old scars of indifference and hatred are opened yet again with the violent act of Nazi occupation of Yugoslavia. These deep divisions will find Bogdan plunged into a life of never ending bitterness and a deep rooted desire to seek out revenge and retribution against the neighbours who have soaked the mountain landscapes with blood and loathing. Family man to fighting man, Bogdan will now take the fight to the very epicentre of man's inhumanity to his fellow man. A new band of brothers set out to embark on a journey which will inevitably lead them to a horrifying crossroad of despair and never ending sacrifice. For King and Fatherland, Freedom or Death will herald a dawn of no return of what they always loved and lost.< Less
Belle de Mai By Robert Vangi
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A 19 ans, Robert Vangi n'a pas voulu laisser plus longtemps son cher pays de montagnes et de vallées aux mains de la barbarie. Prendre un fusil, se cacher, tuer l'ennemi, éviter les... More > balles et la Milice, donner sa jeune énergie pour une idée simple : la liberté. Il ne fut ni un héros, ni un lâche ; il fut un homme avant que les années ne le grandissent. Il témoigne de la camaraderie, de la peur et des petites joies ; de la vie et de la mort. Il s'adresse aux jeunes générations, celles qui devront rester vigilantes à leur liberté, celles qui devront trouver le courage de résister quand il le faudra.< Less
DANUSIA: The Story of a Child Survivor By Dana Szeflan Bell
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This is an incredible tale of a child’s survival during World War II. At age two, she was brutally shipped off in a cattle car to remote Northern Russia surviving kidnapping, abuse, and hunger.... More > It is a story of a little known aspect of the war-the cruel deportation of hundreds of thousands of men, women and children to slave labour camps in the far reaches of the Soviet Union… to a world of deprivation and death. It is, too, a compelling memoir of family and love and pride and courage, blending to defy the odds.< Less
The German UFOs, Extraterrestrials Messages and the Supernatural By Maximillien De Lafayette
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1.Summary of the German UFOs’ projects. 2.From Nazi Germany captured secret files. 3.The American OSS initial report on German rockets, The US Government secret files on the German UFOs, and... More > the voluminous 1945-1947 British Secret Service (MI6) files on German technology and UFOs. 4. UFOs and secret German esoteric societies. 5.The Ladies of the Vril. 6.German mediums receive messages from the extraterrestrials on how to build UFOs. 7.Germany’s first Bell-UFOs. 8.The German RFZ 7 UFO, armed with nuclear heads to attack New York. 9.Haunebu UFOs. 10.The Andromedia UFO mothership. 11.The THULE Society. 12. The German UFO Horten. 13. UFOs Gallery: Fact or Fake? Comments on German UFOs reported by independent media, ufologists, and posted on the Internet. 14.Sketches of all the German UFOs.< Less
Garces By Aline d'Arbrant
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Cinquième et dernier volume des Oeuvres complètes d'Aline d'Arbrant, celui-ci comporte huit récits dont les plus connus sont : - "Le Journal d'une Garce", histoire... More > d'une employée d'assurances tombant amoureuse de la femme de son patron. - "Le Professeur asservi", dont une belle élève cultivée et lesbienne fera de lui son jouet. - "Prisonniers des Grechens", récit horrible et tragique d'un camp de concentration dirigée exclusivement par des femmes nazies. Les cinq autres étant des nouvelles dont deux inédites.< Less
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