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Native Americans: Discover the History and Cultures of the First Americans with 15 Projects By Kim Klavin
eBook (PDF): $8.99
Explore how the first Americans, faced with varying climates in a vast land hundreds and thousands of years ago, developed everything we take for granted today: food supplies, shelter, clothing,... More > religion, games, jewelry, transportation, communication, and more. Native Americans: Discover the History and Cultures of the First Americans uses hands-on activities to illuminate how the Native Americans survived and thrived by creating tools, culture, and a society based on their immediate environment. Entertaining illustrations and fascinating sidebars bring the topic to life, while Words to Know highlighted and defined within the text reinforce new vocabulary. Projects include building an archaic toolkit, creating Algonquian art, experimenting with irrigation systems, inventing hieroglyphics, and playing the Inuit game of nugluktaq. Kids ages 9–12 will gain an appreciation for the diversity of people and culture native to America, and learn to problem solve in a way that respects the environment.< Less
The American By Henry James
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The American is Henry James' comic novel about an uncultured but well-meaning young businessman from the USA, who travels to Europe and is amazed by what he finds. An illustrative example of humor... More > in the later part of the 19th century, The American is a character-driven story about a man of commerce named Christopher Newman. Tired of the stresses and strains native to business in the USA, Newman decides to travel to Europe to seek adventure. On arrival, the beauties and sins of the Old World are both a shock and a thrill to the traveller, who despite a mixed reception from the peoples of the European continent remains nevertheless optimistic and driven to discovery. The novel is generally lighthearted in portraying the naivete and optimism of Newman for comic effect. However, Henry James more serious undertone was to illustrate that Americans - despite their lack of refined mannerisms - are essentially an optimistic, honest and driven people with much to offer the wider world.< Less
Native Indian Healing Practices By D Johnson
eBook (ePub): $1.99
History suggests that every tribe would have one or more elders who were trained in the healing arts. These people would serve as herbalists, healers, and spirit communicators. The responsibilities... More > and types of healing arts and spiritual ceremonials performed would by nature vary from tribe to tribe.< Less
Native Peoples of North America By Susan Stebbins
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Native Peoples of North America is intended to be an introductory text about the Native peoples of North America (primarily the United States and Canada) presented from an anthropological... More > perspective. As such, the text is organized around anthropological concepts such as language, kinship, marriage and family life, political and economic organization, food getting, spiritual and religious practices, and the arts. Prehistoric, historic and contemporary information is presented. Each chapter begins with an example from the oral tradition that reflects the theme of the chapter. The text includes suggested readings, videos, and classroom activities.< Less
Learn To Play the Native Flute By Joseph A. Yeatman
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A total beginners guide to learning the Native American flute. Ground-up instruction designed to get you to the point where you can learn on your own. Start with how to hold the flute, then on to... More > proper breath control, and playing your first notes. Next, you focus on the basic scale, adding note articulation, embellishments, and playing from the heart (Heart Song). By the time you finish this book, you should be playing independently and confident enough to seek out a local Flute Circle for more playing and camaraderie.< Less
little native indian girl By Keith Lee Stone Junior
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Poetry Book is about North American Native Indian Struggles. And Real Native Indian things that went on in the USA
Quick Guide: Native Son By College Guide World
eBook (ePub): $1.25
Native Son is a novel by American author Richard Wright. The novel tells the story of 20-year-old Bigger Thomas, an African American living in utter poverty. Bigger lived in Chicago's South Side... More > ghetto in the 1930s. The novel's treatment of Bigger and his motivations conforms to the conventions of literary naturalism. While not apologizing for Bigger's crimes, Wright is sympathetic to the systemic inevitability behind them. As Bigger's lawyer points out, there is no escape from this destiny for his client or any other black American, since they are the necessary product of the society that formed them and told them since birth who exactly they were supposed to be. "No American Negro exists," James Baldwin once wrote, "who does not have his private Bigger Thomas living in his skull."< Less
"Native Son" Summarized and Analyzed By Teacher Forum
eBook (ePub): $2.99
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The story revolves around a young back American named Bigger Thomas. He is 20 years old. The story is set in the 1930s. Thomas lives in extreme poverty in a poor area on Chicago’s South... More > Side. It is a highly revealing story that describes the real story of the lives of the black youths who had to face problems first because of their background and second because the white people saw them as different. Now the book is frequently discussed among literary circles and it has found its place in several academic institutions around the world. "Native Son" Summarized and Analyzed Copyright Chapter One: Introduction Chapter Two: Plot Overview Chapter Three: Major Characters Chapter Four: Complete Summary Book One Book Two Book Three Chapter Five: Critical Analysis< Less
Native Americans in the Movies Portrayals From Silent Films to the Present By Alda Machado
eBook (PDF): $203.48
An incident from John Ford’s Cheyenne Autumn (1964) dramatizes the two prevailing images of fictional Native Americans in narrative movies. A newspaper editor repeats the typical headlines... More > about the Cheyenne in all the major papers, “Bloodthirsty Savages on the Loose, Burning, Killing, Violating Beautiful White Women” and concludes, “It’s not news anymore.” He then says, “We’re going to take a different tack. We’re going to ‘Grieve of the Noble Red Man.’ We’ll sell more newspapers that way.” With a disregard for historical accuracy similar to that of the editor, directors of westerns have used the images of the Savage or the Noble Red Man to show the superiority of their heroes, or to comment on political, social, and moral issues of their day< Less
US Native Americans (Indians) Tribal Leaders Directory - Strategic Information and Contacts By iBP, Inc.
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US Native American (Indian) Tribal Leaders Directory: 561 US officially recognized native American tribal government leaders contacts

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