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Native Title Act 1993 By CourtRules
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Native Title Act 1993 (Cth) - Version 18 July 2011
The Preponderance of an Invasion By Jim White
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The Preponderance of an Invasion is the first of a two book set, second title - Provenance of LYE – both books are necessary essential tools for people that are attempting to prove Native... More > American ancestry when or if suspected. Included are Immigrants beginning before establishment of Jamestown May 7, 1607. The Forerunner title published – Historical Snapshot – also necessary to provide some background information not included in the latter two. Please review all three books. Preponderance includes very early genealogy of two Mariner Primary Explorer families heavily involved in Establishing the North America Fur Trade – first is Carpenter documented to 1422, and Chartier documented to 1462. The Records used are the Original Set of Books maintained in France, The Netherlands, and Canada. The combined set of Records is comprised of 29 Volumes – I own the Originals, and the English Translation – Canada owns the French Translation. Several families proved to modern families via DNA-Y test< Less
An Intersection of Justice By Henry Willoughby
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(An) Intersection of Justice, examines (the functional-performance of) the legal framework of Native Title in relation to (giving tangibly beneficial and just outcomes to) key stakeholders –... More > Australian indigenous peoples, Native Title anthropologists and legal professionals and workers (working in an anthropology-and-law ‘cooperative context’) within this (legal) framework, and to Australian society at large; it is a legal framework because it was spawned by The Native Title Act (at the federal level), and numerous other Native Title legislation(s) passed by state parliaments< Less
Four Miracle Plays By Christopher Mark Piper
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1. The Little Doctor of Lima Peru is a short one-act play written entirely in blank-verse. Its history was drawn from a book by Mary Fabyan Windeatt of the same title. 2. My Don Camillo Christmas... More > showcases several tales from the immensely popular writings of Giovanino Guareshi of Italy. 3. The Pompallier play is drawn from a diary by the man himself, and largely concerns the history of his Mission in the Wallis Islands of Uvea and Futuna. 4. The Nativity play presents long and short versions, adapted especially for very small children. It contains a very beautiful Te Reo Maori Carol "Po Marie" which is sung to the tune of "Silent Night" along with other beautiful Christmas-Carols centred around the Birth of Christ-Jesus the True-Saviour of Mankind...< Less
Lord Jim and Heart of Darkness By Joseph Conrad
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In Lord Jim, first mate Jim, joins his captain and crew in abandoning the Patna. Later, they are picked up by a British ship. However, the Patna and its passengers are also saved, and the actions of... More > the crew are exposed. Everyone evades the judicial court of inquiry except Jim. The court strips him of his navigation command certificate. Jim is angry with himself. Jim tries to return to the sea but whenever the Patna incident catches up with him, he abandons his place and moves further east. Jim eventually finds a place on a remote inland settlement where his past can remain hidden. While living on the island he acquires the title 'Tuan' ('Lord'). Heart of Darkness tells of Charles Marlow, a river-boat captain in Africa. The story exposes the dark side of European colonization while exploring the darkness of the Congo wilderness, the darkness of the Europeans' cruel treatment of the African natives, and the darkness within human beings for committing heinous acts of evil.< Less

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Our World Our World By Deleah Payne
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