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The Gifts and Calling of God By David Benjamin Haddad
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An insightful and comprehensive survey of the spiritual gifts of the Holy Spirit, natural human attributes, their interplay and eventual manifestation in a believer's devotion to Jesus Christ. Dr.... More > Dave convincingly shows how spiritual gifts and divine calling may be joyfully accomplished in the individual for the benefit of the Christian community and beyond.< Less
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Although fundamentaly an "awakening" story, the narrative is well ahead of its time in that it aspires to show life as it was lived by a very uncommon young man in a lower-middle-class... More > society of America. Such realism was never fasionable in any literature that I've come across. A novel about little known chapters of California history and local stories of the Author’s hometown Sedalia, Missouri, where innocence prevails and nature is the source of life and it symbolizes the obstacles of man’s passage in life and there is the test in which youth must triumph over the impossible.< Less
Elders as Divine Gifts By Gaylon West
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Jesus ascended into Heaven but left gifts to the church. Those gifts are equivalent to the gifts of the Spirit, extraordinary powers initially and ordinary powers today. The ideal congregation is... More > described as sheep who follow Spirit-led shepherds that are trained as gifts of Christ. These Christ-led leaders supervise a consensus of the local church into decisions and actions that are authorized by the Chief Shepherd. These Scriptural leaders are designated and assessed by their work. This book explores the history of elders and the pattern left by the Holy Spirit for their successful service for Jesus. The nature of the leadership, their limited power, their role and responsibilities are examined by the Holy Scriptures. A knowledge of their specific qualifications, their number, the means of selection, evaluation, and time of service should give the reader confidence in becoming an elder himself or in serving under and with elders.< Less
A Gift from Shamash By Pete Nash
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On the edge of the solar system, among the far-flung debris of the Kuiper Belt, the UNCC Nergal is sent to intercept the DVC Fukunusubi, a reclamation vessel that has stopped responding to... More > communications and is on a collision trajectory with Earth. The crew of the Nergal have less than 90 hours to change the Fukunusubi’s course while, at the same time, discovering the nature of the catastrophe the ship has suffered. No one prepared them for this. No one prepared them for a gift from Shamash. And no one can save them. A Gift From Shamash is a complete scenario for Mythras Imperative and Mythras. Compatible with supplements such as Luther Arkwright and M-Space, the adventure includes background history, deckplans, campaign expansion guidance, regenerated characters and marine creation notes for the United Nations Solar Navy marine characters. For a free PDF, email, quote 'Shamash Lulu' and attach your Lulu receipt.< Less
Gifted: The Story of a Young Genius By Nishad Cote
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Jack Jones is an exceptionally intelligent fourteen year old who suffers from boredom and isolation at his public school. After a letter of acceptance comes from the prestigious Highborn Academy,... More > Jack encounters a new world where he develops his talents for both academics and comedy, while growing emotionally through facing the challenges that naturally accompany friendship, love, family, and being part of a community. Suddenly, Jack is amongst his intellectual equals, studying subjects that interest him. He’s got a roommate who wants to befriend him, a scholastic competition to study for, and even a girl he can’t stop thinking about—but he’s convinced that none of them will like him for himself. Jack changes his entire life and personality around in an effort to make himself more likable and “cool.” Jack’s social life gradually takes a turn for the better, but he’s about to learn that if he can’t accept himself for who he is, neither will anyone else.< Less
The Beauty of Nature in Florida By Hélène Lavallée
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A photo book of Florida's birds and nature; the author shares her love of nature with this compilation of beautiful pictures. A great souvenir or a wonderful gift.
The 2 Keys For You to Succeed in Business and Personal Life Using Your Natural Psychic Gifts By Chris DeSerio
Paperback: $9.99
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A healthy sampler without being too imposing depth-wise as to better understanding that you have psychic abilities and how they do and can help you in everyday life.
Super Natural Christianity By Kelly Barnes
Paperback: $18.00
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Christianity has three major movements: Protestant, Roman Catholic and Orthodox. Of these three, Protestants have several sects - primarily consisting of Charismatic and Conservative believers. As... More > for miraculous gifts of the Holy Spirit, along with signs, wonders and supernatural experiences, many Christians believe they are no longer valid today. This book sheds light on the real issue - how should a believer respond to the current state of the church and where do the supernatural gifts and experiences belong? Should a believer make room or embrace these gifts in their faith? And has God withdrawn the supernatural gifts and experiences from today's church? This book, by use of the Scriptures in a dialogue format, seeks to clear misconceptions, false teachings and ignorance concerning these questions. It goes past the religious ideals and “churchianity” that has kept believers from discovering and walking out their inheritance, birthright and destiny in Christ.< Less
My Gifts and Anointings from God By Jacob Jackson
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I will build this short text first on the most familiar ideas - that is, natural talents & abilities, then work my way up through gifts of the Father, then gifts of the Spirit, and finally gifts... More > (callings, or anointings) of Jesus. Next I will work through some questions to be addressed in the operation of the gifts. Then I will invite you to look at a few examples of all of these working together cohesively, and an opportunity for a laboratory session to help you discover your gifts and callings, and finally turn the entire book upside down and begin with your calling, flowing through the gifts of the Spirit, through the gifts of the Father, and finally through your natural talents & abilities and out into the world around you.< Less
Breastfeeding and Natural Child Spacing: The Ecology of Natural Mothering By Sheila Kippley
eBook (ePub): $4.99
This is the updated classic 1974 Harper&Row edition. The research and information differs from The Seven Standards of Ecological Breastfeeding, the latest version of natural child spacing. Both... More > books together would make an excellent gift for a new mother.< Less