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Meat and Bone By Dan Rempala
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Meat and Bone tells the story of Clarice Torrance, a young soldier in the most powerful military force in the known universe. After losing her fiancé and her arm during the occupation of... More > Middes, Clarice volunteers for a suicide mission to eliminate the leader of the resistance. Dispatched to the barren surface with a group of killer cyborgs, Clarice marches them through the waste and into a world of danger and betrayal, where petty rivalries threaten to end the life of millions. Faced with a series of terrible choices, Clarice come to understand the arbitrary nature of justice and to find out, once and for all, what she stands for.< Less
Uncured, Natural, and Organic Processed Meat Products By Jeffrey Sindelar
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Uncured, Natural and Organic Processed Meat Products - a module in the Meat Processing Technology Series published by the American Meat Science Association. In this chapter, the unique processing... More > requirements for natural, uncured and organic product categories are explained.< Less
That Is Not Natural By GDBFAs T1.Fa2007
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Back cover: Graphic Designers eat too. Here we cut the fat and address a global issue which affects each of us locally. Whether we know it or not.
Natural and Organic Cured Meat Products: Regulatory, Manufacturing, Marketing, Quality and Safety Issues By Joseph Sebranek, James Bacus
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This White paper summarizes the current science behind "natural" and "organic" processed meat products and some of the technical challenges facing procesors who wish to enter this... More > expanding market.< Less
Taking On The New Nature By Brenice FireAngel
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This Project will give the Truth Seekers meat to chew and devour.
Taking On The New Nature By Brenice FireAngel
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This Project will give the Truth Seekers meat to chew and devour.
Traditionally Fermented Foods : A Flavorful Guide to Ferment Vegetables Grains Dairy Products Fruits Meats Drinks & Wine By Dana Beck
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Consuming TRADITIONALLY FERMENTED FOODS provide you a number of benefits like important nutrients, optimizing your immune system, detoxification, cost-effectiveness, Natural variety of micro flora... More > and most importantly taking your health to the next level. TRADITIONALLY FERMENTED FOODS are some of the best chelators available. The beneficial bacteria in these fermented foods are highly potent detoxifiers, capable of drawing out a wide range of toxins and heavy metals. Fermentation Foods means biological enrichment of food substrates with protein, essential amino acids, and vitamins. Fermented foods are chock-full of probiotics or good bacteria. A myriad of research has demonstrated how the ideal balance of good and bad bacteria in your gut forms the foundation for physical, mental, and emotional well being.< Less
Natural Feeding for Dogs and Cats: A Brief Introduction By Christopher Day
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FREE! This eBook is produced in order to introduce the subject of more natural feeding of dogs and cats, as a viable and (in the author's opinion) preferable alternative to manufactured pet food. It... More > is designed mainly with the beginner in mind. Seeking to mimic Nature as closely as possible and practical seems more logical, since dogs and cats have evolved with natural feeding over millions of years. Modern manufactured foods are the product of a profit-driven industry and have only been with us for just over half a century. Those who feed a fresh and species-appropriate diet that is close to Nature claim great health and welfare benefits for their animals.< Less
Quinoa Superfood By Nature : Delicious Weight Loss Recipes By Carol Morgan
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Quinoa is known as a super food. Quinoa is a complete protein, containing all eight of the essential amino acids. It's packed with dietary fibre, phosphorus, magnesium and iron, is gluten-free and... More > easy to digest. Not only that, it's delicious. Quinoa is free of cholesterol and trans fats making it a great part of a heart healthy diet. Quite simply, quinoa is one of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet! Vegans in particular should consider cooking quinoa, because it is a great way to get the amino acids that are missing in many other grains. It also has a higher protein content than any grain. Quinoa recipes are generally quite healthy and can be incorporated into any diet. Additionally, it is a good source of calcium, magnesium, potassium, riboflavin, B vitamins, B6, Niacin and Thiamine. The vegetable protein found in quinoa is much easier to digest than meat protein and the slow releasing carbohydrates help maintain blood sugar levels and keep you fuller longer.< Less
Reversing Disease Naturally: Natural Non-toxic Remedies and Forbidden Cures They Do Not Want You to Know About By Mike Cavalli
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Reversing Disease Naturally uncovers the labyrinth that governments and their agencies have created to protect primarily corporate interests. In this book you will discover the dirty little secrets... More > which cell phone companies want to keep from you, secrets that are making you sick. You will discover the food labelling laws that trick you into believing you are getting what it says on the label, where 'Natural' does not mean as nature intended and 'Meat' does not mean the flesh of an animal - two examples of how the health-conscious shopper is duped. This book will show you in simple terms why you are becoming sick and how you can reverse even the so-called terminal diseases both naturally and safely. For every problem presented in this book one or many exciting solutions will be on offer including forgotten or ‘forbidden’ cures not available to doctors and therapists but still perfectly legal and simple to self-administer at a fraction of the cost of more expensive treatments.< Less