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Naval Warfare By James R. (James Richard) Thursfield
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Naval warfare is combat in and on the sea, the ocean, or any other major body of water such as a large lake or wide river.Mankind has fought battles on the sea for more than 3,000 years. Even in the... More > interior of large landmasses, transportation before the advent of extensive railroads was largely dependent upon rivers, canals, and other navigable waterways.The latter were crucial in the development of the modern world in the United Kingdom, the Low Countries and northern Germany, for they enabled the bulk movement of goods and raw materials without which the Industrial Revolution would not have occurred. Prior to 1750, materials largely moved by river barge or sea vessels. Excerpt from: Hint: You can preview this book by clicking on "Preview" which is located under the cover of this book.< Less
Electronic Warfare & Radar Systems Engineering Handbook By Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division
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CONTENTS Mathematical Notation . Frequency Spectrum. Decibel (dB). Duty Cycle . Doppler Shift . Electronic Formulas . Missile and Electronic Equipment Designations. Radar Horizon / Line of Sight .... More > Propagation Time / Resolution . Modulation. Transforms / Wavelets. ANTENNAS- Antenna Introduction / Basics . Polarization. Radiation Patterns. Frequency / Phase Effects of Antennas . Antenna Near Field. Radiation Hazards. Active Electronically Scanned Arrays (AESA) . RADAR EQUATIONS Field Intensity and Power Density. Power Density . One-Way Radar Equation / RF Propagation. Two-Way Radar Equation (Monostatic) . Alternate Two-Way Radar Equation . Two-Way Radar Equation (Bistatic) . Jamming to Signal (J/S) Ratio - Constant Power [Saturated] Jamming. Burn-Through / Crossover Range. Support Jamming . Jamming to Signal (J/S) Ratio - Constant Gain [Linear] Jamming . Radar Cross Section (RCS) . Emission Control (EMCON) . EW Jamming Techniques . RADAR AND RECEIVER CHARACTERISTICS & TEST- RF Atmospheric Absorption...< Less
Vietnam: Naval and Riverine Weapons By Philip Gutzman
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This book contains descriptions of all of the naval and riverine weapons used by both sides during the Vietnam War. It also includes the dates that most major weapons were involved.
Sea Warfare By Rudyard Kipling
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[Softcover] Rudyard Kipling, author of the Jungle Books, also wrote this exciting account of two years at sea during World War I. “The main principles of sea-warfare,” he begins,... More > “hold good throughout all ages… For matters of detail the Navy, to whom all days are alike, has simply returned to the practice and resurrected the spirit of old days.” This theme—that the march of time does not change the old spirit—is the leitmotif of Kipling’s narrative, balanced upon the strange threshold of modern war, wherein cavalry detachments gallop toward the beach to exchange fire with submarines and wounded destroyers ram steel battleships as their crews leap into the sea, cheering for King and country. This tale only Kipling could tell, with numerous moments of suspense and fear illustrating the true face of warfare, yet with ironic glimpses of humor including old 19th-century naval songs set to new words that make this book also a wry commentary on a warfare that changes but yet remains the same.< Less
Naval Aviation News By Defense Dept Navy Naval Historical Center
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Welcome to Naval Aviation News The third oldest military periodical and the oldest Navy periodical, Naval Aviation News traces its origin to the Weekly Bulletin published in letter format by the... More > Chief of Naval Operations (Aviation), the first issue of which appeared on 15 December 1917. The mission of Naval Aviation News has not changed during its more than 90 years in print: to disseminate information of an official nature to meet the ongoing professional needs of Naval Aviation in a way more meaningful than through routine channels. Virtual Becoming a Reality: The U.S. Navy is a decade into development of a revolutionary training concept known as Live, Virtual and Constructive (LVC), which blends the environments of live flight and flight simulation while incorporating computerized, constructive units to create modern warfare training scenarios.< Less
A Naval Life on The CSS Sumter and CSS Alabama By Richard Lee Fulgham
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First of all, this book was authored by John MacIntosh Kell, Executive Officer of both the "CSS Sumter" and the "CSS Alabama" I apologize for the mistake. Written by Confederate... More > naval officer who was there, who was the man -- who lived the history which can not be changed by the secular humanist now trying to revise American History. No where is the egalantry and nobility of the Confederate Nation shown more pointedly than in this account of warfare on the open seas. EXCITING READ!< Less
Donald Featherstone’s Naval War Games wargaming with model ships By John Curry, Donald Featherstone
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This book gives potential admirals advice on how to fight their table-top naval battles. No space is too small, nor area too large to accomodate a naval wargame with two contestants or twenty. This... More > book contains rules that allow every sea battle in history to be refought with some of the classic rules of naval wargaming. It includes rules by Fletcher Pratt, Fred Jane, Tony Bath, Jack Scruby etc... This edition includes a new set of rules about Coastal Warfare 1939-45 by David Manley of the Naval Wargames Society< Less
Phil Dunn's Sea Battle Games Naval Wargaming 1650-1945 By John Curry, Phil Dunn
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'Sea Battles was a marvelously detailed book on recreating naval warfare. ' Donald Featherstone – author of over 40 books on wargaming and military history This book covers all aspects of naval... More > wargaming with a detailed examination of the key factors affecting gunnery and damage. Chapters include: Napoleonic period rules Ironclad rules Pre-dreadnought rules World War I and II rules Map campaigns This revised edition includes new chapters, illustrations and a Sink the Bismarck game based on Dunn’s concepts by the well-known military historian Paddy Griffith. The History of Wargaming Project is edited by John Curry. It aims to present the very best wargaming books and rules to a modern audience. Further details can be found at< Less
Navy Damage Controlman - NAVEDTRA 14057 (Nonresident Training Course) By Naval Education and Training Center
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COURSE OVERVIEW: Damage Controlman, NAVEDTRA 14057, consists of chapters on the Damage Controlman Rating; Damage Control Organization, Communication, and Information; Ship Compartmentation and... More > Watertight Integrity; Fire-Fighting Fundamentals; Portable Fire-Fighting and Dewatering Equipment; Fire-Fighting Systems; Fire-Fighting Tactics; Battle Damage Repair; Chemical and Biological Warfare Defense; Radiological Effects; Radiological Defense and Recovery; Ship Stability and Buoyancy; and Shipboard Damage Control Training.< Less
The Minutemen of VP-92: The Story of New England's Naval Air Reserve Patrol Squadron By Marc Frattasio
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This is the story of VP-92, a Naval Air Reserve Patrol Squadron that flew Lockheed P-2 Neptunes and P-3 Orion aircraft on maritime patrol, anti-submarine warfare, and counter-narcotics missions as... More > well as for search-and-rescue and other purposes. VP-92 was originally based at NAS South Weymouth, MA between 1970 and 1996. In 1996, due to the impending closure of NAS South Weymouth, the squadron was relocated to NAS Brunswick, ME. VP-92 operated from NAS Brunswick until it was disestablished in November 2007. The book also presents the history of NAS South Weymouth and NAS Brunswick, discusses VP-92's Second World War namesake VP-92/VPB-92, and its predecessor Naval Air Reserve patrol squadrons at NAS Squantum and South Weymouth (VP-919, VP-ML-69, VP-911, VP-912, VP-913, VP-914, VP-915, VP-916, and VP-917), and also discusses the circumstances that led to the establishment of VP-92 in 1970. This expanded hardback second edition features 303 pages and 451 illustrations.< Less