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Chief Petty Officer 365 Development Guide (2011 - 2012 Edition) By Department of the Navy
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INTRODUCTION - 1. OFFICIAL GUIDANCE. This guide is designed to prepare and train First Class Petty Officers (FCPO) for their future leadership roles and to maintain continued focus and development... More > once selected to the rank of Chief Petty Officer. As enlisted leaders, FCPOs play a vital role in the development and mentorship of junior Sailors. Training and guidance to strengthen their leadership skills are important to ensure their success by building a foundation that will ensure mission readiness. Becoming a Chief carries even greater responsibility as these leaders are charged and accountable for the professional development and guidance of Sailors and junior officers across the Fleet. Maintaining technical proficiency, as well as enhancing skills as leaders, is paramount to the success of the men and women who serve and to the mission of the Navy.< Less
Leading Chief Petty Officer Leadership Course Student Guide By Department of the Navy
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This publication has been prepared for your use during the Leading Chief Petty Officer Leadership Course. It is arranged in accordance with the topics taught and is in sequence with those topics. By... More > using the table of contents, you should be able to easily locate the lesson topics. The enclosed course schedule will allow you to follow the course of instruction in a logical manner. Under each topic there may be the following instruction sheets: OUTLINE SHEETS (OS): Provide a listing of major teaching points. The outline is consistent with the outline of the discussion points contained in the instructor guide. It allows you to follow the progress of lesson topics, to take notes as desired, and to retain topic information for future reference. INFORMATION SHEETS (IS): Amplify supplemental information from the reference materials for the course and are included in your reading assignments in preparation for the lessons they support< Less
Navy Blues By Angel Ramirez
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Navy Blues is based on a true story of a young Jersey boy who struggles and as a teen makes one of the best life changing decisions with no regrets by Joining the U.S. Navy. Share the story with... More > Angel as he explains how the average person from New Jersey moves to Puerto Rico, struggles side by side with his father and siblings then learns how a small decision would lead him to spend 20 years of unforgettable moments in the United States Navy, then how an unsolicited decision made a turn in his life and career. Many events are funny and other stories are heart wrenching. If you believe you are struggling to make a decision in life and are ready to risk it all to make a difference, then this book may give you a perspective that at times you may need to make life changing decisions on your own.< Less
Navy Military Requirements for Chief Petty Officer - NAVEDTRA 14144 - (Nonresident Training Course) By Naval Education & Training Center
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TABLE OF CONTENTS - 1. Naval Tradition 2. Military Conduct and Justice 3. Leadership 4. Management Information 5. Career Information and Training 6. Programs and Policies 7. Military Requirements 8.... More > Safety and Damage Control 9. Security< Less
Advancement Manual for the Enlisted Personnel of the U.S. Navy and U.S. Navy Reserve By Department of the Navy
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1. Purpose. To provide procedures for administering the advancement in rate system for enlisted members serving on active duty in the U.S. Navy, U.S. Navy Reserve, and inactive U.S. Navy Reserve.... More > This instruction is a complete revision and should be reviewed in its entirety. 2. Cancellation. BUPERSINST 1430.16E, BUPERSINST 1430.17F, and BUPERSINST 1401.2. 3. Background. This instruction supports advancement policy of Chief of Naval Personnel (CHNAVPERS). It provides instructions for determining eligibility requirements for advancement, preparing necessary forms and messages and effecting advancements and changes in rating. It also contains procedures for ordering, maintaining, and disposing Navy-wide examinations for advancement.< Less
Enlisted To Officer Commissioning Programs: Application Administrative Manual By Department of the Navy
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CHAPTER TITLE 1 Introduction 2 Officer Programs Application Instructions 3 U.S. Naval Academy (USNA) and Naval Academy Preparatory School (NAPS) Programs 4 Officer Candidate School (OCS) Program 5... More > Medical Enlisted Commissioning Program (MECP) 6 Medical Service Corps In-service Procurement Program (MSC IPP) 7 Limited Duty Officer (LDO) and Chief Warrant Officer (CWO) Programs 8 Seaman to Admiral-21 (STA-21) Program< Less
Navy Instructional Theory - NAVEDTRA 14300A By U.S. Navy
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The primary purpose of the United States Navy’s training establishment is to provide operational forces with trained personnel who can maintain a high degree of Fleet readiness. Several offices... More > coordinate with each other to plan for training and to determine the purposes of training within various commands. These offices are: Chief of Naval Operations (CNO); Commander, U.S. Fleet Forces Command (CUSFF); System Commands (SYSCOMS); Navy Enterprises (Type Commander; Marine Corps Combat Development Command (MCCDC); Naval Education and Training Command (NETC); and Commander, Navy Reserve Forces Command (COMNAVRESFOR).< Less
Navy Postal Clerk 1 & C - NAVEDTRA 12602 - (Nonresident Training Course) By Naval Education & Training Center
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This training manual (TRAMAN), Postal Clerk 1 & C, NAVEDTRA 12602, presents and defines the scope of management and technical roles usually required of First Class and Chief Postal Clerks and... More > will enable Senior Postal Clerks to fulfill the requirements for advancement. Senior Postal Clerks must be able to perform as well as manage a variety of duties in the rating and be able to perform the specific tasks defined by the Navy Postal Clerks’ occupational standards (OCCSTDs). The Postal Clerk OCCSTDs are specifically developed, revised, and maintained by the Bureau of Naval Personnel Detachment, Navy Occupational Development and Analysis Center (NODAC), for the Postal Clerk rating. The TRAMAN is written, rewritten, or revised while using the OCCSTDs as specific guidelines. This TRAMAN is designed for individual study and not formal classroom instruction, and it provides subject matter that relates directly to the specific OCCSTDs of the Postal Clerk rate.< Less
Hull Maintenance Technician - NAVEDTRA 14119 By U.S. Navy
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All individuals have the responsibility to understand and observe safety standards and regulations that are established for the prevention of injury to themselves and other people and damage to... More > property and equipment. As an individual, you have a responsibility to yourself and to your shipmates to do your part in preventing mishaps. As a petty officer or chief petty officer, you have the responsibility of setting a good example; you cannot ignore safety regulations and expect others to follow them. Personnel should always observe the following safety practices: Observe all posted operating instructions and safety precautions. Report any unsafe condition or any equipment or material deficiency you think might be unsafe. Warn others of hazards and the consequences of their failing to observe safety precautions. Wear or use approved protective clothing or protective equipment. Report any injury or evidence of impaired health that occurs during your work or duty to your supervisor.< Less
Operations Specialist: Volume 1 - NAVEDTRA 14308A By U.S. Navy
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In late 1942, ships equipped with radar had a space set aside and designated as the “combat operations center” (COC). As functions in the COC became more complex, the Chief of Naval... More > Operations re-designated COC as the “combat information center” (CIC), which is its present title. Today, almost every ship in the fleet has a space designated as CIC. However, no two CICs are exactly alike. As newer equipment and methods of using information obtained from this equipment are developed, the physical designs of CICs change. In each new ship, the size and layout of CIC is based on both the mission of the ship and the CIC equipment installed. The CIC is predominantly manned by Operations Specialists (OSs). The skills of OSs enable the ship to detect and, subsequently, to engage the enemy. As an OS, you are in an ever-changing and challenging rating.< Less

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Our World Our World By Deleah Payne
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