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German agent Tania Iris was assigned to assassinate British agent James Williams. Her only compliance with him was that he was stocky, lucid, romantic, and compelling person. What does she find... More > when she discovers the Nazis had killed her parents? When she finds out, who who does she turn to and meets the man of her dreams. She and James Williams team up and discover themselves what they are against. Since joining the British Intelligence, she and James Williams are assigned to kill a double German agent--Kirk von Helm. Find out and see.< Less
Nazi Germany Bk 5 By peter dancey
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Hitler soon set about firmly making his mark and strengthening the Nazi Party within the Chancellory and soon his hencemen occupied all the important post in the German parliament. He was already... More > planning his military actions to create his empire and Goring was strenghtening the Luftwaffe although his policies as we now no were totally inadequate it failed to realise that the air arm needed a constant supply of new air crews flying training was totally inadequate and with only medium range bomber it was doomed to fail and in the end he could not even defend the homeland from the concerted Allied bombing< Less
Love and Hate: In Nazi Germany By Ryan Armstrong
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World War II: A young Nazi guard stationed in a ghetto in Regensburg, Germany finds himself in a time and place that he hates. He has never directly participated in the bloodletting but has done... More > nothing to stop it. He wonders if his soul can be saved. He saves a Jewish girl’s life when ordered to murder her. He refuses despite the consequences. Perhaps the girl he saved can save him? Maybe she can be the key to his redemption and a light for his soul, to guide the way home.< Less
Excalibur and the Nazi Invasion Plot By Rob Robinson
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The time is 1942- Hitler is planning an invasion of Great Britain, the only thing holding him back is Excalibur, King Arthur’s sword. Its power alone has kept back the evil forces. Hitler has... More > sent six picked agents, all with evil powers, to get the sword and bring it to him. With it in his possession, the invasion cannot fail.< Less
Panzerfaust - The Fall of Nazi Germany By John-Philip Penny
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May, 1945. The last days of Hitler's war. Berlin is surrounded by the Red Army, and the Third Reich's fate seems sealed. And yet, amidst the rubble of their bombed city, a few Germans still fight on... More > to the death. One such fighter is Wolf Winter, a member of the Hitler Youth, and he is determined not to let his homeland fall into the hands of the enemy. See one of history's most epic battles through the eyes of a boy, and move with him through the danger zone, as he struggles with his sense of honour, while facing down fearsome tanks armed only with his Panzerfaust rocket-launcher!< Less
Nazi Germany Bk 2 By peter dancey
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In the 1920' The Worker Party Members found themselves in the courts tried with treason found guilty and imprisoned. Hitler lost favor and for a while decided to 'give politics a break'... Then came... More > release from goal< Less
Nazi Germany Bk 7 By peter dancey
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By 1938 Hitler had given up any idea of forming an Alliance with Great Britain and enraged on hearing that Mr Atlee had announced in the British Parliament that Britain would stand by Poland began to... More > instrument his provacation campaign against Poland to give him the excuse he needed to attack Poland.< Less
Nazi Germany Bk 9 By peter dancey
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In 1943 it realised that his plans were all awry and he began to have doubts as to whether his derectives to his frontline commanders were carrying out his orders he appointed Albert Speer to oversee... More > the RL: and the Luftwaffe and also to develop the Super Weapons in a desperate attempt to restore some order in a rapidly deteriorating situation on both the policcal and military fronts< Less
Nazi Germany Bk 8 By peter dancey
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Following the capitulation of France nothing went right for the Great Military Leader although when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor momentarily he though his luck had changed for he better but this was... More > shortlived as the USA declared the Japanese attack was in fact driven by Germany and that now the United States was at war with Germany as well as her European Allies.< Less
Nazi Germany Bk X By peter dancey
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It is spring 1945 Hitler is 'holed up' in the chancellery in Berlin, briefly the news of US Presidents Einsenhower's death brings some hope, but soon it is doom and gloom againm but its not his fault... More > he did not start the war. Goring's communication enrages Hitler even more and he starts to make plans for the final countdown< Less

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